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  1. Bent72

    Fx5 Needs Parts

    i have to replace the seal on the impeller motor unfortunately i can't get the seal here until thursday at the earliest will my fish survive if i leave the bio in the tank with and air pump and some water changes???
  2. Bent72

    help sexing firemouths

    can anyone help me sex these i just want to know if i have a female or not i know the pics are horrible and i am sorry i never was good with a camera and thank you in advance
  3. Bent72

    new to the forum

    hi guys and gals!! new to the forum although i have been lurking around for quit some time as i read the firemouth section all the time. currently i am running a 125 gallon tank... a 55 gallon tank and 2 30 gallon tanks ( yes i have mts!! lol) and someday i hope to have an even bigger tank...

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