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    Can you divide a 10 gallon 4 times.

    So each betta will have 2.5 gallons could that work? I am just thinking about it not actually doing it right now and how much are dividers?
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    Are bubblers needed for betta fish?

    My grandmas betta fish aquarium that is a 3 gallon has a bubbler but it has a thing around it so it won't mess with our betta fish what is a bubbler really for? Just to make it look pretty or something?
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    betta has red lines behind her gills

    my female betta has red lines behind her gills is that the same as stress or do they have to be on her body?
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    My grandma got a new betta

    My grandma got a new betta fish named Berry he is blue and red mostly blue with some red. We got him because her old betta fish died named Bubbles. But Berry is so beatiful in a 3 gallon tank.
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    How to tell if its a female or a plakat male?

    I have a 10 gallon I put 4 females supposably one is very aggressive so i took her out i am not for sure if she is a male or female. So please help! He/she does not have the lines the others have when it gets stressed or wants to breed. I am thinking its a he(maybe)

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