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    fish tank odor

    how do i get rid of it ? i have had it fo a week and a half and goodness gracious my room smells bad now.i would really like to no.
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    Newest Fish Bought!

    Post your newest fish you have bought.try to keep this going and to not die out. It would be neat to have it stickied.
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    angelfish questions

    what is a good size tank for them? what are good fish mates for them? is it ok to start them off in a 5 gallon then upgrade them later? please answer these i ned to know thanks.
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    Is this a good buy for a 29 gallon?

    1st is a 30 gallon tank with lid ( some minor warping on the door of the lid ) needs a new bulb , has a bridge decoration ( 29.95 at petsmart beginning of fall ) gravel and a small plant ( fake ) the filter works great but you will need to replace the actual filters ( 6$ at walmart for 3 , you...
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    Which would you recommend?

    right now i have 5 gallon just got into the hobby.And my mom suggested to start ut small to see if i lie the fa i am lovin it learning more about species seeing more freshwater fish than i ever have seen.but my birthday is next month and im wanting to upgrade to a 29 gallon instead of...

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