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  1. LadyCarissa

    Comment by 'LadyCarissa' in media 'IMG_3914'

    Beautiful picture.
  2. Liberty


    My betta, Liberty! He is so beautiful and unique with his coloring and nearly transparent fins.
  3. LibertyTank


    This is my Betta, Liberty's tank. He has been pretty happy here exploring every little corner often.
  4. Liberty


    This is one of my Bettas Liberty absolutely love his coloring and the fact that his fins are nearly transparent.
  5. LadyCarissa

    Comment by 'LadyCarissa' in media 'Barrett von Gillyweed'

    Absolutely beautiful!!!
  6. LadyCarissa

    Betta Very Shy And Hides

    First, Thank you for the responses. I have to apologize for being MIA. My mother went into the hospital. Being with her took away a lot of my free time. To answer the tank mate question. I have 6 skirt tetras, 6 mollies, 3 corydoras & 2 angelfish. I know with this list the first thought is the...
  7. LadyCarissa

    Betta Very Shy And Hides

    I have a 46 gal bowfront. Amongst a few other types that have been compatible with my betta I have a very shy betta fish. He spend all of his time hiding in decor. Weather that is the fake plants or in side rock formations. I really have to search for him to see him. Sometimes he pokes out of...
  8. LadyCarissa

    My Oscar Bred With My Peacock Cichlid?

    Not sure it will ever truly be known what happened. But definitely want to follow this to see if any answers are found.
  9. LadyCarissa

    My 36 Bowfront

    A friend of mine suggested that as well.... I'm still looking for something appropriate. Here is a link on here to my 46g BowFront. It doesn't have the neon colors like yours. I found taller plants (not live) at Petco and Walmart. Got my background at PetSmart. You will find the perfect things...
  10. LadyCarissa

    What Would You Change?

    Looks great!! What type of fish are you putting in again?
  11. LadyCarissa

    My 36 Bowfront

    Looks good. Could use some taller plants in the back or sides. But otherwise looks great.
  12. LadyCarissa

    Help Identify Betta's Gender

    I agree he is male. Fins are long and flowing.
  13. LadyCarissa

    My Fluval Spec Iii W/ 3d-printed Led Light Extension

    I find it so interesting the color changes that take place as they get older and in a happier environment instead of a tiny cup (for bettas) or over stocked tank for other fish.
  14. LadyCarissa

    My Custom 145g Fw Tank

    Your tank look great. How much does a custom tank that size run?
  15. LadyCarissa

    Let's See Photos Of Your Fish Rooms!

    I don't think my husband would be happy if I got more tanks. Maybe in time!! Great photos each of you with multiple tanks in one room.
  16. LadyCarissa

    Some Shots To Look At.

    Beautiful photos.
  17. LadyCarissa

    My Corydoras Resting On Betta Leaf

    Very cool! I have a few Corydoras. One is a white and seems to be a runt as it doesn't grow like any of the others. He is pretty cute though. Well not sure of sex.
  18. LadyCarissa

    Betta Tank Photos

    I think this looks really cool. If I had tank space I would need to have a set up like that. Every time I walk into Petco I find a Betta I would like to buy but have no where to put him/her. Pretty sure husband is glad otherwise we would have 20 some odd (or more) bettas LOL.
  19. LadyCarissa

    Pregnant (dalmation) Mollie

    How fun to have babies. My dalmation molly is also pregnant. I hope she keeps them.
  20. LadyCarissa

    My Corydoras Resting On Betta Leaf

    So tiny, is it a baby? Almost looks like an Otocinclus in this photo.

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