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    poorly plec

    hi everyone sorry i have not been on here for weeks my laptop had a really bad virus and only just got it sorted, anyway we have a clown plec which we have had for a week now, last night he was lying on the bottom upside down but breathing, i took him out an gave him a salt dip he still lay...
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    big white growth on 2tetras

    hi one of our neons has had a white bubble like growth near its mouth for a month it goes big and small over time we treated with fungus remedy no change now another one has developed the same also on their bodies 3of them have round flat white lumps please help
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    platy babie is a lemon tetra !!!!!!!

    well the baby we put in the floating tank is defnitely no question a,lemon tetra lol cant believe it how on earth did that happen. 2platies still very fat and pregnant and this little lemon tetra just appeared so our adults must of had eggs at some point and one little cutie has survived lol
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    confused about pregnant or not pregnant platties

    my 2 females are quite plump but seem to have stayed the same size for a while now so im just not sure il try and get some pics but can anyone tell me the easy way to resize again please as iv forgot
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    mickey mouse platie pregnant

    well after the heartache of losing our 4 pandas again although our 3big pandas doing great,one of our female platies is very pregnant also on top of her head stretching to her back are the strangest black spots she looks very alien like, we have a very small plastic tank with a lid and a...
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    another death

    morning all well we discovered one of our new baby pandas dead this morning really upset we finally find someone that stocks them and lose one. For some reason all our fish shops in the area are struggling to get pandas and the ones they are getting they have put up the price and they really...
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    all done.

    well at last we are fully stocked, slightly over stocked in reality but cant believe how well all the fish get on and looks amazing now, 7 panda corys,8neons,4lemon tetras,5rummy nose tetras,3 micky mouse platys.the corys r active and funny again now they have plenty of friends, the platys...
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    missing panda baby

    hi everyone remember the baby panda who had no barbels well he is missing we have literally dismantled the tank and no joy were so upset and wonder where he could be or where his body is if he died ?? so down to 3pandas which were hard enough to aquire in the first place so will have to boost...
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    Everything going swimmingly

    Well not been on here for a while just an update, everything going so well, all water tests weekly are good amm 0,nitrite 0, nitrates 5 to 10. All fish get along and are healthy cannot believe its going so well even my plants are growing lol. Really wanted to add a couple more fish but do not...
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    Snails !!

    Ive got little snails just appearing in our tank im very confused where do they come from and should i be getting them out ??
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    New pump

    Ive put the new pump in our filter today so we have upgraded from a 400 to a 600 i did our 30 %water change and gravel clean at the same time,is it absolutely normal our water is dirty looking and cloudyish.? Its cleared a little bit but still not crystal clear and i did it 2hours ago.
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    Baby has no barbels ?

    On really close inspection of our baby panda who has been ill and now ok again, when we got the4 we noticed lots of things about him that are different his barbels have always looked very very small sompared to the other 3s. Also he is long and thin they are short and chunky, he also has a...
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    advice please

    We are having to rehome one of our dwarg g s today as one is being aggressive to the other so our stock will be as follows :8neon tetras, 4 panda corys, 4lemon tetra, and 1 dwarf gouramie, we have a 23 gal tank , could we add one more fish ?if so can anyone give me some ideas or advice. After...
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    Help sex my gouramis

    im in the same boat really confused we bought 2 gouramies on sat the tank labelled as red dwarf but they r orangey, the guy took ages as he said they were really hard to sex as far as were aware we have a male and female. One is pushing the other one about a bit tho, not all the time but...
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    6gal ideas

    Started cycling a little 6 gal tank i had in the loft but it looks so tiny, any ideas to what i could stock with ??
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    Fully stocked ?

    Just wondered if we needed any more fish for the cleaning up or will are corys take care of it all ? also are we full to capacity of stock now ? 8 neon tetras, 4 lemon tetras, 2 dwarf honey red gouramis...
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    On the mend

    Hi ppl just reporting about our baby panda who is now eating again and swimming all over as if nothings ever been wrong lol ! Maybe he was stressed with the molly trauma and the other new arrivals but thank goodness he is fighting fit now, we were so sure we were going to lose him.
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    Gravel question

    We are slightly concerned that the gravel we have is a bit sharp for our corys.Does it interfere with our cycled tank if we changed the gravel to more rounded smoother gravel.
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    help again please !!

    We have a problem with our smallest panda cory he is not happy at all he is hiding 80%of the time and not really eating or being his usual busy self, so scared as this is how it started with our schwartz corys. Could it be the stress of the molly incident or the introduction of our new...
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    Terrible start

    To fully stock our newly cycled tank and add to our 4 cory pandas,we purchased 3 sailfin mollys,what a disaster within seconds they were nipping at the other fish and our baby pandas hid in a corner it was awful,so we very quickly returned them to the shop, We have now added a pair of dwarf...

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