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  1. Akili

    Roadside Deal that will house Leopard Pigeon Discus

    On my way home today from grocery shopping with my wife came across a yard sale which had an aquarium for sale, the guy wanted $125 Canadian for the whole setup, I said to him what is the least he would take as one final price he said $80. My wife told the guy you have a deal mister. I was...
  2. Akili

    Wormer Plus

    I came across one of the website on the Wormer Plus Quote “It is recommended to treat any discus, or other aquarium fish, once a month every month for trouble-free fish keeping.” End of Quote. This question for serious discus keepers and I am looking for all opinions (Good bad or indifferent)...
  3. Akili

    Hello from Ontario Canada

    I have been fish-keeping on and off, both fresh and saltwater, for over 50 years. After a little sabbatical I’m back starting with a 90 Gal planted tank that will house some discus and then again who knows what is next perhaps a reef tank again. Hello to all here at the forum.

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