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  1. Cobaltshark


    My first ever nano, and my first ever dirted tank! image image
  2. Cobaltshark


    Looks like the Easter Bunny visited the tank! image
  3. Cobaltshark

    Well... That just happened

    I guess my three female angels aren't 3 female angels. Didn't expect this: image I'm also worried because they are being very mean to the 3rd one.
  4. Cobaltshark

    55 Gallon Tank Finally up and with life!

    After way too long planning, waiting, and researching, I finally got my 55 running! image image image image image image image image image image image image image image Whew!
  5. Cobaltshark

    LFS Bragging - The Wet Spot (Oregon)

    I just want to brag about my LFS, The Wet Spot. It's a fabulous independent freshwater only fish store with a staggering supply of chichlids and others. Portland is lucky to have such an amazing store! Here's a link to their stocklist. It's updated every Friday (but not yet today)...
  6. Cobaltshark

    10 Gallon Tank Moved the 6.5 to a ten!

    image image image After years with the 6.5 I decided to use my qt for a permanent home! Things went well amd the fish have adjusted well. I had an extra SunSun canister, so that's what's filtering. I made baffles out of water bottles so the vortex of doom that happened is gone. The water is...
  7. Cobaltshark

    Funny Kittens

    image I think Joe approves of the new 10 gallon!
  8. Cobaltshark

    Yay! Boo! Yay!

    Got my new Sun Sun canister filter today from Amazon! Yay! The glass lens that covers the uv light was shattered in shipping! Boo! Amazon is shipping a replacement that arrives Monday! Yay!
  9. Cobaltshark

    Mystery snail!

    Look at his cute little mouth! image
  10. Cobaltshark

    Feedback wanted on my DIY tank stand plans!

    Here are the plans for the frame I've made so far. Let me know what you think. It's designed to hold the 55 gallon display tank with the 20H sump underneath. I decided that having pullout drawers would be handy for maintenance. Haven't decided what to cover it with yet. There will also be an...
  11. Cobaltshark

    Driftwood question

    Possible amazing driftwood source! I'm going for a nature, rock and wood in my planted 55. I've been looking around and found this site. Anyone have experience with this type of wood? I'm intrigued because it looks cool and it's also a small businesses, which...
  12. Cobaltshark

    55 Gallon Tank Am I Totally Out Of Control??

    Hello everyone! I have been lurking around here for a bit, and I want to thank everyone on here for the information and advice I have found on this forum. This is a fabulous group of people! I am not new to fishkeeping, but this will be my first larger scale tank. I am going with a 55 gallon...

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