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  1. BlueMist

    Found a Snail Clutch ! ! !

    Mysterio ventured into my filter and has passed away Hope the clutch produces some baby Mysterios. RIP
  2. BlueMist

    I just rather liked this picture!

    Pretty pic. You should enter it into the fish of he month contest
  3. BlueMist


    So excited for you!!!
  4. BlueMist

    New Betta

    Saw a pink dumbo ear that looked like a ballerina. Had to do everything I could to keep from getting it. So I envy you because your blue one is extraordinary.
  5. BlueMist

    led background lighting

    Not sure and doesn't hurt to try but I think it would be like taking a picture of someone who has the sun behind them. Even with frosted glass, since the illumination is coming from bedind, it would not be easy to see the details since your eyes would be drawn to the silouettes more.
  6. BlueMist

    Fishlore BAN game :)

    Banned for trying to stifle creativity :anim_65:
  7. BlueMist

    Somebody needs to talk me out of this (a pair of Angels)

    Love the avatar pic - lol And asking people with MTS to talk you out of getting fish?
  8. BlueMist

    Funny sleeping position of my mystery snail

    And people think snails are boring. Seems like they have tons of personality and quirks that make each one fun to watch.
  9. BlueMist

    Funny sleeping position of my mystery snail

    Do snails typically close shop to sleep? Mine just looks like he wants to shut the light out of his eyes.
  10. BlueMist

    Found a Snail Clutch ! ! !

    I don't have a lid for the tank. I see the incubator as an option - is that something I can make somehow? Is there a way to tell if it is too dry? Should the clutch be soft or hard and is that a way to judge if I should get it wet?
  11. BlueMist

    Found a Snail Clutch ! ! !

    One white (either mystery or apple) snail named Bob and a Blueish Black mystery snail named Mysterio (although one of those names will need to change once I figure out who laid the eggs. Both in the 20gL planted tank. Have to update my info but dislike doing it on my smartphone. This is a...
  12. BlueMist

    Fishlore BAN game :)

    Banned for sticking your tongue out while being confused. The tongue should come out only if you are concentrating when playing a video game
  13. BlueMist

    Found a Snail Clutch ! ! !

    Found this gross alien looking thing and on a hunch, searched for a pic of a snail clutch and viola - there it was. Can someone tell me what to expect while expecting? Will I need to be running to the store at night to pick up ice cream and pickles for the next nine month?
  14. BlueMist

    Fishlore BAN game :)

    Banned for not realizing it's your fish!!! They are spies working for GuineaPigster and reporting your every move... Mwaahahahaha
  15. BlueMist

    Question New at Fishkeeping

    API Freshwater Test Kit is on sale now on Amazon if you have not picked one up yet.
  16. BlueMist

    Betta fever: help me decide

    Loved 3 till I saw 4. I would pick 4 because his fins look like feathers. Like a great Indian Chief or a splendid aquatic bird. I have never seen a fish who looked as though it had feathers before.
  17. BlueMist

    Fishlore BAN game :)

    Ban! Ban! Double bans for over banning! :
  18. BlueMist

    Fishlore Fish Association

    Ready for some fun? Here is how this goes... Each consecutive post must be related/associated to the post right before it. If someone posts before you, and your word does not relate to the post from the ninja, then you need to switch to the banning thread since you are officially out...
  19. BlueMist

    Searching For My Next Project Idea

    What have you always wanted in terms of decoration for your tank but never have been able to locate in a store that you think others would also like? Ex. Moss Christmas Trees or just Moss Trees
  20. BlueMist

    Ghost shrimp dying.

    Ghost shrimp do not handle ammonia well. Prime keeps the water safe for around 24 hours when it comes to ammonia and nitrites. Also, you rinsed your tank with a hose. There may be elements like copper that ended up in your tank. Copper is a no no for shrimp. I am inclined to believe it s the...

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