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  1. lopez18

    sun sun 302 filter noisy

    i had this problem before the intake had a piece of food that was left over and e.t.c until i washed it out
  2. lopez18

    Fish for pond except goldfish or koi

    Rosy red minnow are great pond fish too
  3. lopez18

    pest control for pond and new fish suggestions

    nice idea i can try that out!
  4. lopez18

    pest control for pond and new fish suggestions

    Well I had orandas before as well as fantails which one you think is better suited for pond life ? FYI I only had fancies in tanks
  5. lopez18

    "Finding Dory" - Trailer released

    me too !
  6. lopez18

    Newest editions!

    wow i wish i could keep some but already full on my stock
  7. lopez18

    pest control for pond and new fish suggestions

    lately i been planing the protection for the pond weather has warmed a little from 60 to 70 being the average now anyways mollies sound great since by the LA river i seen mollies,guppies,some cichlids and plecos so we should be good right any ways here is another idea breed fancy goldfish and...
  8. lopez18

    "Finding Dory" - Trailer released

    i have my cousins as an excuse lol !
  9. lopez18

    Red Claw Crab

    they can only live in FW for several weeks i have some in a brackish build
  10. lopez18

    pest control for pond and new fish suggestions

    turtles are weirdly not attracted to eating other fish the frogs i have are wild so they come and go ( it is a long story on the frogs ) there 4-5 in so the frogs don't eat the fish just pesky flies but yeah could african feather fin catfish work lately its been in the 64-72 zone there huge...
  11. lopez18

    pest control for pond and new fish suggestions

    i had plastic mesh that was a mistake any suggestion of more exotic pond species aliray
  12. lopez18

    Small frogs? Tree frogs?

    i would do a 20 gallon for a group of frogs and i possible you could fill the bottom of the tank with water and keep adfs friends have terrariums like this but one thing for sure more maintenance and money is needed
  13. lopez18

    pest control for pond and new fish suggestions

    I woke up in the morning with fish bodies scattered in my back yard all what was left my turtles,snails,frogs and a rosy red minnow i named hope ( you might get why the name ) i'm wondering what fish should i stock the pond with now ( check my profile for gallons in pond ) and how can i repel...
  14. lopez18

    65 gallon setup questions

    i cant tell you how beautiful a large school of neons in a planted tank look but i can help you with fish recommendations.Is there any fish you would like ?
  15. lopez18

    Can snails be good for pond??

    most wild snails venture out of the pond as you may see in lakes and ponds or rivers it also depends how big the snails get if small there goners
  16. lopez18

    Help what fish I should start with in out door pond

    I'm A fan of the rosy minnow idea There great fish in ponds
  17. lopez18

    switching to cichlid tank?

    there is a very absolutely small chance the danios may work cause a friend got lucky with his GBR but every fish is different a couple gallons more and keyhole chiclids would work if anything only GBR s would work but you could fit in a blood parrot too
  18. lopez18

    Black Ghost Knife tank size?

    well an 120 will do nice for the black ghost knife i would do a 150 with only 3 fish if i remember correctly blood parrots need 30 ga llons of water
  19. lopez18

    Pond/lake build

    well just your luck i have worked on projects like this your suggestions for fish are great and your filter e.t.c placement is fine put you could consider crayfish (i have freshwater crabs in my pond for my turtles ) i think i saw u wanted turtles right idk i'm skimming trough lol ! i am...
  20. lopez18

    Dadio's Waterpond Paradise Project

    hey Dadio i see your project is complete and wow your koi are absolutely stuning

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