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    Question How long does it take for a giant zebra danio to reach full size?

    Just wondering, how long does it take a GIANT ZEBRA danio to grow to full size? x
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    Is this fully stocked, overstocked, or could I add more fish?

    So I am upgrading my 10 gallon to a 20 gallon and I'm thinking about stocking ideas. Here is the one I like out of all of them and I think I'm going to do. 5 female bettas 5 zebra danios (possibly leopard or long fin) 4 panda corys Could I add any more corys or danios? Or should I take...
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    5 Gallon Tank Could I add anything more with my betta?

    I actually have a 5.5 gallon tank, with sand as substrate and one betta. I would like to add another fish, but if I can't have anymore fish I want some ghost shrimp. What fish could I have in there with him? It has a Hydor Mini Heater, A penn plax small world filter, and an aqueon 5-20 gallon...
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    15 Gallon Tank Would this be overtsocked? (New Stocking Idea)

    Okay, so I posted this before and people said that the fish I mentioned were hard to keep. So I have a new stocking idea, and was wondering what you guys think about it. 4 guppies 4 platys 5 or 6 neons 2 otos 4 ghost shrimp Would this be okay or would you suggest taking something out, adding...
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    15 Gallon Tank Would this be overstocked?

    So I have a 10 gallon tank. It has not had fish in it for about 3 days. I would like to upgrade it to a 15 gallon. Would this be overstocked in the 15 gallon? 10 neon tetras 1 dwarf gourami 3 cory cats 10 ghost shrimp The 15 gallon would be heated, filtered and airated. Would this be...
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    What kind of fish are these? (pic added)

    What kind of fish are these? They are beautiful and I would really love to know what kind they are and maybe I can get some. Thanks for the help

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