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  1. SilverMIssy

    Lighting For 60 Gallon

    Hello everyone. I currently have a 60 gallon (l:48" w:13" h:24") low tech tank with a 36" T5HO light fixture that was given to me. I have been using it for my valls, java fern and anubias. I know I need more light and was looking at getting this light fixture: My question is with my t5HO and...
  2. SilverMIssy

    Have Ich And About To Go On Vacation

    Hello, as always timings couldn't be better. My cardinal tetras have ich and I'm leaving for vacation in 10 days for a week. As I only noticed this last night I'm going to try to find ich meds without metheylene blue or malachite green because I don't want to stain my tank. I may be doing it the...
  3. SilverMIssy

    Enough Light For 60 Gallon

    Hello, I wasn't given a glo light that's too short for the width of the tank but I'm not sure that matters. My tank width is 48 inches and the light is 36. It came with a new t5 bulb 18,000 k. Do you think that's enough light for medium light plants? I feel like it's not bright enough.
  4. SilverMIssy

    Finally Can Use Driftwood

    Hey guys! A year ago I found this beautiful piece of driftwood washed up in a lake and have been holding onto it. I was living in a basement apartment so I only kept a 10 gallon so it was way too large for that small tank. Now I have my own place a just bought a 60 long I'm super stoked! I'm...
  5. SilverMIssy

    I'm at it again

    Holy smokes, people aren't joking that this hobby is addicting. I can't wait until I've moved into a house where I can have a nice large community tank this basement apparent really restricts me :'( ANYWAY! I'm setting up another tank, 5 gallons, for by betta because he's starting to get...
  6. SilverMIssy


    Omg, ok I'm having a serious algae problem. My betta tank has a hair algae problem and now my shrimp tank is developing black beard algae. It's not a lot but I still don't want it to spread. I'm not dosing fertilizers. There was only root tabs placed a month ago and I have no co2 injection. I've...
  7. SilverMIssy

    Green hair algae problem

    I need help as I made a few changes to my tank and can't pinpoint what may have cause the growing GHA problem in my betta tank. I started a shrimp tank and removed all the shrimps and put them in their own tank. In my 10 gallon betta tank I put higher lighting (13 watt bulb) as I put more...
  8. SilverMIssy

    Fin rot

    Looks like my betta has some fin rot. Weird because my water parameters are 0 nitrites and ammonia and 5ppm nitrates. Is api triple sulfa safe to use with plants? I have a store near my house that sells it. I can get Melafix but it's much farther away and I'd rather avoid the trip if I can...
  9. SilverMIssy

    Snail eggs?

    Just got a new plant and realized these white bubbles. Is it snail eggs?
  10. SilverMIssy

    Is this anubias?

    Got this in the discount section. It looks like a mutated anubias lol. The roots are coming out from the top of the stem too.
  11. SilverMIssy

    Cfl bulbs

    Will any compact fluorescent bulb grow plants or do I specifically need ones for aquariums? Most hardware store don't post what colour wave lengths they emit so I don't know if I should buy it. Right now I'm using coral life and zoomed but both are so expensive.
  12. SilverMIssy

    Red cherries twitching

    Got new shrimps yesterday and they've been twitching and one has already died. They fall in their backs and twitch in their sides. I checked water and there was no spikes. Weird thing is my ghosts and amano's are perfectly fine. It's just my cherries that are acting strange. Thoughts?
  13. SilverMIssy

    Tank stuck

    So I tried to move my tank I just set up a day ago forward a slight bit, but found it stuck to my dresser. I slowly wedged it free and I think the silicon on one side opened up and it started a slow leak. I've patched it up and now my tank is stuck again to the dresser. Has anyone else has...
  14. SilverMIssy

    New tank

    Ok so I'm starting a 10 gallon shrimp tank. We have the shrimp in with out betta right now. That tank is fully cycled. We were going to remove the old ammonia remover media and half of the bio ceramic stones and place it in the new tank for the cycle. So you think it would be okay to add the...
  15. SilverMIssy

    Amano shrimp found outside tank

    So I was doing a water change and it seems I didn't inspect my driftwood hard enough and didn't realize a shrimp on it. My question is how long can they stay out of water? It was about 15-20 minutes it was out of water and when I got it in the tank it was swimming around frantically. I'm a...
  16. SilverMIssy

    Nerite snail on side

    I bought a nerite today and when I put it in my tank it moved around a bit and then stopped. I assumed it was just getting used to the new tank and then 3 hours later I saw it on its side. Does that mean it's dead?
  17. SilverMIssy

    Breeding ghost shrimp

    Has anyone had luck with this? I was thinking of buying a small betta tank with a cheap filter to remove the female in there when she is ready to give birth. Would this work? And does anyone recommend liquid foods for the fry?
  18. SilverMIssy

    Water change and house plants

    So I've been using my aquarium water as a fertilizer for my house plants but I wanted to ask if anyone used their aquarium water all year round? I'm asking because technically you're not suppose to fertiliZe plants during the winter months. So during winter months do you stop?
  19. SilverMIssy

    Ghost shrimp with red egg

    I have a pregnant ghost shrimp and I don't expect the larvae to survive but there is one red egg amongst the green. Does anyone know what this is?
  20. SilverMIssy

    Betta choking on shrimp!!!!

    I've tried pulling it out of his mouth and can't get it out!!!! Gills wide open gasping for air!!!! I put on air pump to give him more oxygen. I dont Know what to do! Should I hold him in a net near the surface?

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