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  1. new shrimp tank

    new shrimp tank

    my 14th tank..2 more are waiting..all free stuff at that picture..only water need to pay..think how make free water?lol
  2. red rili

    red rili

    start with 5 beried female,take from aquarium studio,18/4/19..I can say that 1 month old fry..sure over 100!!!
  3. shrimp


    new hobby..bread them all
  4. guppynubis

    I Need Help Identifying This Fish

    at my place we cal him mentutu or ketutu..hey the adult price is sky roket for this fish..amd prefer as medicine fish
  5. guppynubis

    Need Help Identifying Worm never have experience like this..I only see small white worm in my shrimp small like 0.2cm..that on the video is really big..but I do read somewhere,if the worm is outside of the fish,then its mean safe..
  6. guppynubis

    First Brood Of Fry Help!!!

    you're doing good the way,you can change the crab cage to mineral water bottle..make a tiny hole at bottom,and all around..put suction cup and put it back at main tank
  7. guppynubis

    Help Betta Gender/tail Id Help

    types is I don't know..but gender is easy to know..if u buy that beta that put separately from the other,that mean male beta..because at LPS,they usually put many type female in one may 10 to 15 beta female in just one tank..happy beta there..
  8. guppynubis

    Fancy Guppy +dumbo Guppy+endler=?

    mostly fry will follow the mother pattern,gene..that 2 male sure give your female some new strain,but breader use female as reference..let say female is an endler,so the fry is mostly have endler strain and some of them have big tail follow the male guppy your case 1 female fancy...
  9. guppynubis

    Fattest Guppy I've Ever Seen

    guppy will gift birth 3 time with only one time match up with male..continuing get harash by the male will lead this problem..your female keep pregnant,..while the belly still carry the fry..tank with many fry/or other fish make your guppy feel bad to release the new fry,end up dying fry in the...
  10. guppynubis

    New Tank For Guppy Fry

    yeah..I will take out the water,..little bit of rock,substrate,and moss from where the fry is born.and don't forget the filter floss and a bit metdia..its really helpful.and more easy if you're combine the fry tank with breader tank..but this method need some work to starting guppy with...
  11. guppynubis

    Looking For Carpeting Plants

    if this is your first planted tank..I recommend java and nearly impossible to die..if your java moss die I assume they get you must do some job by tie them with small rock..each rock have one or two piece of them..if you tie them with thread,10 rock per a...
  12. guppynubis

    Question Plants Not Looking So Healthy

    if seachem fert,I only recommend for seachem advance..hard to get but all plant look good by the first root and new leave...or easy way is find water lily tablet,no shrimp and guppy die by using this using seachem advance for new plant..and water lily tablet per 2 week..don't...
  13. guppynubis

    Question Plants Not Looking So Healthy

    there is no problem with your you change your lighting?..from my experience,small leave plant need high light..big leave one need low light..plant itself need time to familiar with new change parameters..either lighting,temperature or fert..if not lighting problem,it may...
  14. guppynubis

    Co2 Tubing Help!

    you only need good high pressure tubing from co2 tank to regulator meter..if your co2 tank already coming with regulator,then feel free to use common air tubing..the leaking after regulator,mainly cause by tubing bend somewhere or diffuser getting clogged..
  15. guppynubis

    Angelfish Got Beat Up Now Fins Ripped

    first your fish is shock right now..guppy eat anything,your sick angle may getting worse if the fry keep crawling at fin or tail..aquarium salt and some destress medicine available in store..healthy tank will cure fish..
  16. guppynubis

    Sick Bristlenose Pleco?

    look at the scale properly..try to find defected or may cause by tankmate or get fungus infection due too water problem..pleco hard to move around when size getting bigger..hopefully the pleco not stuck at your driftwood for too long time period..struggling when try to turn around at...
  17. guppynubis

    Sealing Job

    yeah it the correct time to reseal your tank..first move to your new place..and happy migrate with worried baut need to reseal tank..see im cheering you..2nd..put at floor with form..90 gal its big tank..and make sure pipe line can reach where you're doing the job because we need test the...
  18. guppynubis

    Need Help...fin Rot Is Getting Worse Even With Medicine...and Has Trouble Eating...

    100% water change..that may the problem..if your fish start to fin rot before you're doing wc,clearly you need treat doing fully wc,I hope your tank is cycle before you add like new tank..prevent is better,now the problem is happen,and the fish already get the treatment,now we...
  19. guppynubis

    Orange Neolamprologus Leleupi Cichlid

    its no problem when cory and danios at 29 gal tank..and cichild need sand substrate too..a hiding place and sand when pack 2or3..cichild and cory need sand..but territorial fish like cichild won't tolerate with cory about sand..
  20. 190212_10inch


  21. 190215..8inch


  22. 190210some of final product

    190210some of final product

    I do sell 7inch driftwood small tree about 8,9 usd,..and I think this 3 ft driftwood ending just being people willing to buy
  23. 190203,dry it under the sun after 3hrs boiling

    190203,dry it under the sun after 3hrs boiling

    peel of the skin is the boring part..hehe
  24. 190203,wash it local river..

    190203,wash it local river..

    look at that sand,im using that sand in my tank..
  25. fresh from my hometown

    fresh from my hometown

  26. driftwood


    new addict..
  27. guppynubis

    Soil Questions

    that problem easy pizy to solve..all my tank use pot,use anything that can separate big stuff from the soil like,charcoal,coconut outer skin,rock or anything that can release them wel at bottom..1inch pot soil is good to go..2nd ,now cover it with roundded gravel make...
  28. guppynubis

    Need Help Guppy Tank

    u need to take out the infected one..that sick guppy may get sick since at pet store..we don't know the cause,but we can prevent the problem become serious..anyway,do water about 20% and add some fish salt..
  29. guppynubis

    Moneywort Planting

    tie the stern,bury the root,rock and a bit stern with thread..thread will desolve itself..remember you're tie stern type plant,it doesn't need much force when tying it,and just 2-3 round will make it good to hold it..I have a lazy way,if you're planning on plant it same way at top picture..take...
  30. guppynubis

    White Blister On Serpae Tetras

    look closely,find it make sure it not your tetra scale is torn out..if that is a around scale burst,probably poor handling during transportation..tetra scale so tini tiny,only you confirm it..if not scale problem..and its time to bane that petstore..they may sale bad stuff..anyway tap water give...
  31. guppynubis

    Moneywort Planting

    its mean your tank is good condition..the plant itself feel great and produce more oxygen..since its a new plant,the root is not going hold the substrate well..nah the solution is easy..tie them with small rock..bury the rock and root you can smile after go back home..anyway...
  32. guppynubis

    Help Guppy Injured Stomach

    check your water parameters..what your guppy teammate..the fry is missing a couple day..if there is no other fish than guppy in your tank..we go to killed by their own mother..or other famous fish silent killer,amonia spike..or other fish disease..what we can do is water change 20%,add fish...
  33. guppynubis

    Fake Marimo Moss?

    I don't have any morimos ball..but the original morimos don't have anything inside them..some hobbies use marble or rock from the start to make it look big and sinking to bottom..both way not wrong..petsmart sell loose stuff and try to sell anything I single day..the hobbies sell the best thing...
  34. guppynubis

    Comment by 'guppynubis' in media 'quarantine20190127'

    can anyone confirm it for me..pls zoom at the floor..can u see the plant like java fern..that is java fern or ordinary plant?
  35. quarantine20190127


    when im finish tie them all..then im consider as a master..master of tying stuff..
  36. next190125


    for sale at my local pet store..Aquarium Studio..
  37. guppynubis


    yeah..not just your pet and silicon not going cost us rm1200 just for glass and silicon at my place..I think I can make 55gal bullet proof tank...human manage the world and yet only human get the backlash..
  38. guppynubis


    its still gimme 290..we have 4.14 exchange rate today..Idn how exactly the whole price the whole new stuff..different place and different price..but all of them make by plastic and glass..this hobby sure need lot of money..heheh..and why u not interested in live plant?
  39. IMG_20190124_224137


    please state the price..
  40. new anubias

    new anubias

    tying at drift wood
  41. guppynubis


    that good looking tank..I love new take nearly 500 in my currency..when convert to usd,less than not going to spend that much in one tank..but I know at your place,that HOB and lighting is already over 150usd
  42. guppynubis

    Building Multiple Tank Stand

    that 'L' bar shape with hole for screwing,i get them from hardware stores..this is my diy rack..first planning its just 8x15 gal tank at midle and top rack..but it end up like that.u need a support every 2ft..and sory for the messy setup..hehe
  43. guppynubis

    Guppies Dying Before Giving Birth And One Female Has Started Turning White

    guppy is tough fish and can tolerate with high ph..but they don't like many times changing water..even they not respawn well when have power motor in the thank..that why hobbies like use only bubble sponge filter on them..for me,im not touch fry tank until the fry age about 2to3 week...dying...
  44. guppynubis

    Sick Betta Need Help

    if my fish suddenly change stay at bottom,don't eat,stay at top fliter,not moving well..look the water so clear,not other fish have same symptoms..and on that day im not do changing water..I just take the siffon tube and do water change about 20% and add fish salt refer the...
  45. guppynubis

    Plants Not Looking Good - Help

    that second picture look more about your lighting..
  46. guppynubis

    Fin Rot? Or Something Else?

    if the white spot getting bigger,that is fin rot..if white spot only in the end of fin or tail,that mean your guppy or endler is in good condition..that is new tissue for fin or tail..for the salt,there are fish salt not change a water ph sale at store..they have instruction there..for me,im...
  47. guppynubis

    Question 41 Mystery Snail In 4tank

    that 1gal tank..they getting bigger and now its bigger than all previous snail I have..they fast during moving..that 5/1 / the baby tropicall tiger lili plant lost their over haf right leaf..if u can see the mystery snail at right side,gliding below water surface and brown black...
  48. guppynubis

    Question 41 Mystery Snail In 4tank

    I give them lettuce and sinking algae pallet,2 time daily for pallet..2 snail at 1 gal tank,the rest is at 30 gal,40gal,and other 40 gal..
  49. guppynubis

    Question 41 Mystery Snail In 4tank

    oh basically they're hungry..its golden mystery snail..really nice yellowish colour..yeah I will reduce the Im sad about to release some of them..

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