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  1. lp89

    Stocking a 29g ideas?

    I'm not quite finished stocking my 29g. So far I have: -8 neon tetra -6 harlequin rasbora -4 peppered cory -1 platy I still want a dwarf gourami centerpiece and perhaps a few guppies with very unique colouring to add some different colour splashes to my tank. Here's a video of my tank if you...
  2. lp89

    The Age Thread!

    I think the batman avatar may have thrown me off, despite the fact that I'm a female batman fan myself! Jaysee, for you it must have been your kind willingness to help people! Nice rare trait in a male!
  3. lp89

    The Age Thread!

    Does anyone else's brain assign a voice (and even an accent) to other user's posts? I remember mentioning in another thread where a new user from the UK introduced themselves, and I read the post with a British accent.. Then I thought "OOoops, what if this guy is Scottish?" hahaa, I need help..
  4. lp89

    The Age Thread!

    23! I really can't pinpoint why it is so interesting to discover the gender and age of other posters.. I'm still fairly new to the forums and I remember being surprised to learn that Tigress Hill was female and Jaysee was male. I have NO idea why I assumed the opposite.. seems so funny now and...
  5. lp89

    Fun logic game!

    This is too fun! I think I know the King Arther one. It's funny how you can start answering other people's questions when you've figured it out yourself, haha! I'm still stuck on the shoes one... grr..
  6. lp89

    Neon tetra disease?

    sorry to hear, Viriam! I just had to euthanize one of my sick neons. The last line of your post indicates that the only way NTD can be spread is through ingestion of the dead fish. Is this true?
  7. lp89

    guppies and betta

    Keeping a betta with guppies is normally not advised, mainly due to the fact that the betta could mistake the guppy's colourful fins for those of another betta. However, with a large enough tank, lots of hiding spaces, and a docile betta, it can work. I love the tank in this youtube video...
  8. lp89

    pH problem?

    Thanks Matt! I just finished an ICH treatment where I was doing small water changes every other day for 2 weeks. I never aged the tap water.. Hope this didn't do my tank more harm than good!
  9. lp89

    pH problem?

    My tank's pH is at 6.8, which is slightly down from when I started the tank in November when it was 7.2. I decided to test my tap water and it showed a pH of 6.0. How will this difference affect my water changes?
  10. lp89

    Neon tetra disease?

    I also find it very hard to distinguish between 0 and .25 using the API test kits, so frustrating isn't it? I switched to the Nutrafin Master Test Kit and like it so much better. The colour chart for 0ppm ammonia/nitrite/nitrate is CLEAR, so there is no confusion whatsoever between 0 and .25...
  11. lp89

    Neon tetra disease?

    Hey Viriam, I'm also currently dealing with sick neons, and possibly NTD. Link to my current thread: It seems that our neons have very different symptoms, and unfortunately from what I've researched about the...
  12. lp89

    Trying to be ambitious! Please help

    Edit: erased this reply I found the link in your signature, thanks!
  13. lp89

    Trying to be ambitious! Please help

    Harpua, do you have any threads with pictures of your fishroom? It sounds like a dream! I don't mean to hijack John14's thread, but my guess would be he would be very interested in your threads too. Best of luck with your business, John! I would love to have a little hobby business some day...
  14. lp89

    I have a baby panda!

    Congratulations, that's so exciting! I'm curious, what is your tank's pH and water hardness?
  15. lp89

    Two Sick Neons!

    Gosh, doesn't that just drive you crazy!? haha I really need to start considering a quarantine tank, but I guess in your case a QT would be useless, eh? I've read that most people quarantine for 2-4 weeks but your mystery disease showed up 6 months later.. Did you pull the fish to treat with...
  16. lp89

    Two Sick Neons!

    thanks for the link, Megan! Your pics LOOK a lot more like NTD to me, but like you said, it's interesting that he doesn't have any other symptoms. From what I read, early symptoms of include the fish stops eating and schooling. Later symptoms include the white patches and from there it...
  17. lp89

    Two Sick Neons!

    My description really isn't very good for Neon One, I'm having no luck getting a good picture with my camera. I've seen dropsy before with a betta years ago and I don't think this is similar. The again, I've never seen it in a neon. The weirdest thing about these sick neons is they are acting...
  18. lp89

    Two Sick Neons!

    Unfortunately, I don't have a quarantine tank so I was unable to isolate them. I would say Neon One looks worse and Neon Two looks slightly better(not as skinny). Their symptoms are so different, I am positive they have two separate problems. Neon One is still proportionately swollen but I'm...
  19. lp89

    Two Sick Neons!

    Just looking for someone to comment on NTD, like you suggested above. If the thread is active it shows up in the side column where it might catch someone's attention.
  20. lp89

    Two Sick Neons!

    BUMP for more views!
  21. lp89

    URGENT: ID this disease please!

    Ohh no!! Poor little Bandicoot. Perhaps Cookie and Bandicoot's behaviour from the video you posted (where they were zooming around the tank), was actually a bad sign.. The new guy definitely looks much stronger, and you seem to be getting a great vibe from the Pet Store he came from. You...
  22. lp89

    Two Sick Neons!

    Please help! I've got two mysteriously "sick" neons, here they are in this video: Neon One (seen first in video): -seems bloated. You can tell he's almost twice the size of the other fish. -constant gulping (as though he is chewing something)...
  23. lp89

    New feesh! Again!

    Glad to see you're trying again! He/she is stunning, looking forward to a video. Is this angel as active as the tiny ones were?
  24. lp89

    So I Was Thinking... Fishlore Mansion?

    That's awesome, Jessi! Gotta ask, why did you choose Newfoundland, any connections here? Tourism video to get you excited: Found it hard to pick my fave video, so I chose one with my city. The rural Newfoundland ones are amazing too!
  25. lp89

    New feesh! So cute!!

    I'm laughing at how almost everything in that video was banned from my school - snap bracelets, yoyos, tamagotchis, pogs... I remember teachers having to settle "pog wars" after one kid wouldn't give back another kid's pogs. "But Miss, we were playing for keeps that time!!" haha
  26. lp89

    New feesh! So cute!!

    9 months for me too - My birthday is April 1st. Definitely have to milk this last "early 20s" year for everything it's worth. Your 90s memories are making me smile. Coincidentally, this video has been floating around my facebook tonight: You gotta...
  27. lp89

    So I Was Thinking... Fishlore Mansion?

    I'm in if the house can be in Ireland. My great grandfather was born there, and I dream of visiting some day. My province, Newfoundland, is supposedly very Irish influenced. Most of our population descends from Ireland, and visitors often compare our music, accents, and drinking habits. I've...
  28. lp89

    New feesh! So cute!!

    If it's any consolation Kinezumi, it might make you feel better to know that others are learning from your experience and mistakes. I've always wanted an angelfish and was heartbroken at the realization that one would be too large for my new 29g tank. I'll keep angels some day, but for now it's...
  29. lp89

    All the newbie mistakes in the book!

    Some great advice given here already. I have to second the recommendations to: go for the 20g over the 10g -the tank footprints are very close which means space shouldn't be an issue; move filter media from your old filter into the new tank's filter; move Mr. Betta to the 5.5g and get him a...
  30. lp89

    Ditch it or keep it?

    5.5g would be ideal for a betta. Yes, a betta would definitely appreciate a heater and filter.
  31. lp89

    ICK - Treating with Salt/Heat and Loaches are still covered after 6 days. HELP!

    I'm currently treating ICH naturally in my 29g with great success. Try raising your temperature to 86F and leave it there for 2 weeks. Do 20% water changes every other day. I had 1 rasbora with spots (out of 21 small fish), and his spots completely disappeared within first 3 days of heat...
  32. lp89

    Frustration with living in Canada

    I live in Canada and I've ordered from amazon.COM several times. As others have said, sellers can choose whether they want to ship internationally or not. You'll find out at checkout if the item can be shipped to Canada. I ordered this algae scraper from .COM and it arrived on Monday: It...
  33. lp89

    Work experience!

    "If you do what you love you'll never work a day in your life." Congrats on the new "job"!
  34. lp89

    Natural ICH treatment - no spots in 4 days

    Very true! I'm just a little anxious with the high temperatures, even though my fish are not acting any differently.
  35. lp89

    Natural ICH treatment - no spots in 4 days

    I am 11 days into natural heat treatment for ICH. I haven't seen spots in 4 days. Can I start lowering temperature back to normal, or should I wait another 3 days?
  36. lp89

    Favorite TV Shows?

    My three All-time favourites: 1. Game of Thrones 2. The Sopranos 3. Rome Guess I'm an HBO junkie... Real sucker for the rawness and edge. I finished Breaking Bad not too long ago, and I'm currently watching Sons of Anarchy. They're both really good, but can't be compared to my top three..
  37. lp89

    Need help!!

    You could also try grabbing them with a turkey baster.
  38. lp89

    Bump on harlequin rasbora

    UPDATE: The bump on this rasbora has completely disappeared. I can see a little scar tissue/discolouration where the bump used to be, but the skin is no longer raised. I'm thinking that this could be connected to the elevated tank temperature of 86F that I'm doing to treat ICH. Any thoughts?
  39. lp89

    HEATERS: (are they 100% necessary?)

    If I were you, I'd still install the heater. I'm dealing with ICH in my tank right now and the tank temperature is at 86F. Imagine having to heat your room that high...Definitely a reason to consider keeping the heater.
  40. lp89

    fungus help...

    My neons and platys do this too whenever my corys get algae wafers. I am always paranoid that they will nip their whiskers, but I'm pretty sure it has never happened. I would say it is highly unlikely that they are causing your issue. Sorry I can't be of any more help with your fungus problem...
  41. lp89

    Neon Tetra Info?

    I floated the bag in my tank for about 15 minutes to let the temperature adjust. Then, I just used a turkey baster to add small amounts of tank water to the bag every 20 mins for about 1.5 hours. I increased the amount of tank water added each time. If the bag gets too heavy, gently pour some of...
  42. lp89

    all guppie tank?

    Please share some pictures when you set up your tank. I think a heavily planted 10g would look beautiful with 8-9 male guppies. I love the look of the tank in this youtube video: This person keeps guppies with a betta (not usually recommended), but...
  43. lp89

    Neon Tetra Info?

    I just started keeping neons for the first time. They were my first "intermediate" fish too, haha! I have a school of 10 total (purchased 5 at a time on January 2nd and 6th). I must say, so far so good! I'm fascinated with their behaviour, and I'm really enjoying them so far. You'll probably...
  44. lp89

    Zombie's Endless Betta Collection

    I wanted to share (and get opinions) about the two major problems I experienced with my divided tank: 1. I believe I had bad luck with the two particular bettas I chose. They did not come from a pet store. I got them from a breeder who said their genetics stemmed from bettas she had originally...
  45. lp89

    Dog Photos

    My 10.5 year old golden retriever and best friend, Misty:
  46. lp89

    Zombie's Endless Betta Collection

    So sad to hear about your troubles with the 20g, I really admired that tank. What exactly do you think went wrong? I had a divided 10g years ago, and it was an epic failure.. Every time I see people talking about divided betta tanks I want to try again, but I'm still very hesitant. You...
  47. lp89

    Where are your tanks placed?

    Gosh, I'd love to see some pictures of your setup!
  48. lp89

    Where are your tanks placed?

    My 29g is in my bedroom where I can enjoy it the most. Love watching my fish before I go to sleep at night.
  49. lp89

    kinezumi89, what is the fish on your avatar?

    What kind of gourmai friends are you planning to get him? Other DGs? I was always under the impression that DGs were a "one per tank" fish, especially in smaller tanks like the 20g.
  50. lp89

    Dealing with ICH :(

    Just wanted to share my experience so far with the natural heat method. IT'S WORKING!! I only had 1 rasbora with spots (out of 21 fish), and at first he had a lot. I'm only a few days into the treatment and I can hardly see any spots... maybe one or two, but I'm thinking he may just be...

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