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    glancing/flicking/internal paracite

    So when it rains it poors I guess. Thought all was ok now with the cotton off. But shortly after one of the platies started glancing/flicking on a plant. Then shortly after the other did and so did a couple of the guppies, the angel then started glancing. **Went to the LFS...they suggested...
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    it's cotton--help get off

    It is cotton on the guppie. It is hanging on by a thread, but wont come off. But she is starting to get stressed because it is starting to loosen up and float around by her face, but won't come off. Any ideas on how to get it off. Dont want to freak her out anymore but she is starting to do...
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    good non-carbon filter

    I was wondering. Is there a good filter that does not have a carbon media. That does just as good at keeping your water clean and as quiet as a Whisper filter. Reason why--If you have to medicate and each time either remove or take out the carbon filter...cant that get a little expensive, and...
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    cotton or fungus

    Got 3 guppies yesterday. Watching them very closely to make sure that all was ok and it was when I went to bed. **Woke up, checked on guppies, one had a cotton on the corner of his mouth. **Now I use White, Cotton, Terry cloth Towels when whipping down the tank, any condensation on the hood, and...
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    getting a message to member?

    Is there a specific way to get a message or question to a specific member. There are a few times I have wanted to do so, but didn't have a clue. And is there a way to retrieve the answer to that question as well. Thanks, Sharon
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    New guppies...couldn't wait

    Thanks to all that have been helping me decide what I should put in with my "Star"(angel). Got two platies the other day, one sunset and one red. All went well, no fin nipping. I was going to wait for a week to get some guppies, but I got week. Went to my LFS, and there they were...ended up...
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    platy male or female

    Took the danios back to LFS and got two platies to go in with my angel. Who my little boy has dubbed "Big Guy" and the platies are batman and robin --Was Just wondering if there is anyway to tell male or female -- regarding the platies. Someone was saying that you can look on the stomach between...
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    substrate and gravel vacing?

    The other day, Gunnie was talking about a substrate, runs about 20.00 a bag, smaller than gravel, but larger than sand.  I have a few questions.  Anything that will help the plants grow I'm all for --What was the name of the substrate --Where do you purchase, mail order or local chain store...
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    Good tankmates for an Angel

    Have a 20gal tank and really love the angel in it. I would love to build the tank around the angel. I have 6 danios that are fin nippers, so I am not sure about keeping them. I like platies and swords, so I've been getting some info from all of you about the swords. But the one that I really...
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    betta food

    was reading the posts about how picky bettas are when it comes down to eating. I am by know means an expert. Just got mine two weeks ago. He would not eat anything I gave him. Tried HBH Betta Bites, Tetra Betta Min Flakes, and Tetra Freeze Dried Blood Worms. For three days, he would not eat...
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    are swordtails fin nippers

    Would like to put some swordatails into my tank. 20 gal. However, I have six danios and finding out that they are real fin nippers, also have a small angel. Don't want to get another fin nipper, and don't want him to get that pretty long tail nipped at either. don't know if I really hold on to...
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    new guppies not eating

    got two guppies yesterday. They don't seem to be interested in any flake food. Tested h2o at home and at store before purchasing, all #'s where ok. When I got them home they seemed a little shy and stressed so wated for a few hours and gave just a pinch of flakes. No bites, well bit and spit...
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    very interesting

    I know that I am a newbie, but i thought that some of you may be interested. Was at LFS today and was speaking with a woman who had a 50gal /55gal/ and 45gal. and has been a fish person for years. She said that since she has added real plants to her aquariums she has not had a fish die. Thought...
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    cycling a new tank

    I am a beginner!!!!!!!!  I have a 2.5 gallon freshwater tank w/ 2 small zebras and a small angel.  I have got the bug so i am now going to move up to a 20gal. I am ready for a H2O change and have several questions abouut changes and cycling. --I have heard that when doing an H2O change that you...

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