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    20 Gallon High Stocking Idea

    yep, that would be ideal.
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    20 Gallon High Stocking Idea

    You could probably up the honeys to two or three. They'd appreciate the company
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    Bloated Male Mollies

    Yeah as stated above I would just not feed for a few days. Fish can go several days without eating and in this case, they'll be better off.
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    First Tank Is There Any Suggestions On Improvements?

    Cherry shrimp and your betta will probably work fine. I had that pairing for a while with no problems and have read on other threads that it works for other people too. Cherries are also easy to keep in my experience. Almost too easy, started with 3, now have 20+
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    50 Gallon Tank Weird Slime Issue

    Does the water still look like that after a month or two of water changes? And do you know what the parameters are?
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    New Stocking Ideas

    I've got 3 honeys and 8 neon tetras in my 20 gallon. Temp is at 74. Everyone's been doing well for several months
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    Question Best Tank Size For A Beginner?

    As others have said, I think a 20-30 gallon is a good balance of stocking options, water stability and expense.
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    Fish Lice?

    Probably fin rot. Do daily water changes or at least 3-4 times a week and he should recover pretty fast. No meds needed.
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    New 20h Setup

    Honestly not too hard at all. My java fern and "temple plants" (that's what it was sold as not sure what exactly they are) grow almost too fast. I just add Seachem liquid C02 and fertilizer but i'm not sure if that's even necessary really.
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    New 20h Setup

    I personally don't like the look of fake decorations, but to each their own. I'd suggest some driftwood and some plants. In my tank I have a big piece of driftwood in the middle with java fern tied to it and tall plants in the background behind the driftwood. I've also seen some people put mason...
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    Kinda Exciting Kinda Scary - Molly Fry?

    This same thing happened to me a while back. I kinda had a similar philosophy: if any manage to make it, they're worth keeping. Unfortunately, none made it because the one that managed to get somewhat good sized was somehow lost in translation when I had to move the tank. And I do agree, I bet...
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    Why Did My Fish Die?

    If your tank is truly that small, you should rehome the goldfish you have now and maybe get a betta.
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    Help After Ich

    I'm going through the same exact thing and have just been doing frequent water changes in hopes of sucking up any of the ich "babies" in the gravel.
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    Neon Tetra Mystery

    Most likely died and was scavenged by the others
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    Is It Possible To Use Too Much Stress Coat + Or Api Quick Start?

    Haha yeah I've learned to generally not ask workers for help unless it's someone that I've talked to a lot and seems knowledgeable. I would like to hear her explanation as to why putting into a 1 gallon bucket is better than it being in a 10 gallon aquarium lol. And sorry, I misread your...
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    Is It Possible To Use Too Much Stress Coat + Or Api Quick Start?

    If you're tank is cycled you shouldn't have to use the quick start anymore. As for the stress coat, no I don't think you can overdose. Also the point of a water change, other than vacuuming the gravel, is to get old water out and put new water in to lower ammonia/nitrite/nitrate levels. So you...
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    20 Gallon Tall Stocking

    Hi all, My 20 gallon tall tank was recently stocked with a betta, 8 neon tetras, a clown pleco and 4 RCS. I recently had a nasty case of ich that wiped everything out except for 2 neons,the pleco, and the shrimp. I believe the ich is now under control and will obviously get a QT tank up and...
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    Question Very Active Betta

    I just put them in with the betta. From what I've seen it seems to work out for most people but be warned, every betta is different.
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    Question Very Active Betta

    I think it'd be worth a try. I had a male betta, who was also very active, with RCS, and other than the first 5 minutes of introducing them, he never seemed to pay them any attention.
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    Ick Not Getting Any Better

    Well I certainly believe it is ich. Looks like all the pictures I've ever seen of ich. I went to petsmart and got some API Super Ick cure or something along those lines. They didn't have anything you all recommended. I Have been doing half doses bc of the pleco and shrimp (and the bottle...
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    Should Plants Be Quarantined Also?

    When quarantining plants what exactly are you looking for though? There wouldn't be any outwards signs that it is hosting a harmful disease would there?
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    Do Bettas Play With Other Fish?

    Yeah I don't think the neons are really playing when they're chasing each other either. Probably more establishing the pecking order. But who knows really.
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    Ick Not Getting Any Better

    So I learned my lesson about setting up a quarantine tank in a big way recently. Long story short, bought a few neon tetras who apparently had ick and now around 75% of the fish in my 20 gallon are gone. The temperature has been bumped to 86 for around a week. In that time, I've done 3 gravel...
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    Question New Rescue Betta, Am I Missing Anything?

    Safe Start does not treat for chlorine. It is beneficial bacteria to help with your cycle. Use seachem prime or tetra aquasafe to treat for chlorine.
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    Betta Shredding His Tail

    Yeah I could be wrong. Someone else on here said that so I was taking their word for it
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    Betta Shredding His Tail

    I've read that this is normal for bettas; their fins will go through periods of growth, shedding, and regrowth. I probably wouldn't worry about it too much, just keep doing what you're doing.
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    Is This A Bite Injury Or Disease?

    Not sure if its a bite but definitely looks like a wound of some sort. It doesn't look too good though, you might want to consider euthanizing unless it turns around soon.
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    Question Neons Not Eating?

    I grind my flakes up really small and actually dip my fingers in the water when i release the flakes to get them to sink. My neons started eating after that. As stated above definitely add a few more to make them feel safer. Best of luck, neons are trickier to care for than i bargained for.
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    Lesson Learned - New Tank Fish Loss Expectation

    Honestly should probably plan on losing some because some fish are so frail and do not adjust well or are already weak when you bought them. Plus since you have a large tank, probably plan on losing some since out of the many fish that will be added some are bound to be weak. That being said, if...
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    Chili Rasboras Missing

    You may have let them sit in the bag for too long during acclimation before adding tank water but I'd probably chalk it up to weak fish. I think you're only supposed to let it float for 15 mins then add tank water. Not positive though because I usually just float the bag for 20 minutes to...
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    Chili Rasboras Missing

    I wouldn't give up on keeping fish at all if I were you. It sounds like you are doing everything right. As long as the parameters are safe fish should be able to acclimate. You likely just got weak, already stressed out fish. If anything, I would just avoid chili rasboras in the future if i was...
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    Mid-top Centerpiece

    I have neons and a betta together. The neons leave the betta alone, but every once in a while the betta will chase them with reckless abandon. Overall, no major issues though. More than anything I've noticed the neons picking on each other, kind of annoying.
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    Chili Rasboras Missing

    Very cool looking tank, I've been thinking of getting chili rasboras myself. My first guess is that they are so tiny and quick it's hard to count them. Next guess, are you positive your tank is cycled? You said ammonia levels are "low" but they are supposed to be 0. If it's not, they are...
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    Mid-top Centerpiece

    I would probably just round out the schools. At that point you might be too heavily stocked to add a centerpiece unless you're prepared to do frequent water changes.
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    What Fish Aren’t Captive Breed?

    I've read that most cardinal tetras are wild caught.
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    Neon Tetra Disease?

    Neon tetras are weak fish. I would not reccommend them to do a fish in cycle with because I doubt many, if any, will make it. I have a mature tank and still have trouble keeping newly purchased ones alive. The ones that do manage to survive seem to thrive for a long time though.
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    37 Gallon Stocking Ideas

    Read up a little more on discus, and looks like having em in a 37 probably isn't feasible. So I'd probably go with an angelfish and a bunch of harlequin rasboras.
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    37 Gallon Stocking Ideas

    Yeah that would be cool. I think I have read discus are schooling fish and usually need a 75+ but I feel like I have also seen them in pairs. Sorry, not much help haha
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    37 Gallon Stocking Ideas

    How bout an Angel as the centerpiece. Never had one myself but have always though they were cool.
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    Help Had Fish A Week Did 2 40% Waterchanges Since And Today I See This

    Idk man, still not seein it. Looks happy and healthy to me.
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    Help Had Fish A Week Did 2 40% Waterchanges Since And Today I See This

    He looks good to me. Honestly can't tell what I'm supposed to be seeing but I would guess it's poop.
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    Help Accidentally Fed Betta Pea Wrong!

    He is fine. Mine will pick at the bottom feeder wafers i feed my clown pleco like how yours was picking at the pea I'm guessing. Sounds like you're feeding him about right too
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    Is This Normal Behavior For Neon Tetras?

    Yeah I keep my temp at 77 because that seems like a middle ground for my neons and betta. But if they seem to be doing fine in 79, you don't necessarily have to change anything
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    Cardinal Tetra Fin Nipping

    My 20G tank is stocked as follows: 1 Half moon Betta 4x neon tetras 3x Cardinal tetras 1 Clown Pleco 1 Cherry shrimp Yes I realize the betta and neons are temp incompatible. Have had the current lot together for probably around 6 months with no problems though. I originally bought the...
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    New Red Pencilfish From Petco!

    Kinda looks like he has fin rot or something funky goin on
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    Good Fish For A Beginner?

    Regarding the "no electrical equipment" problem: I highly doubt someone would come into your room and make you unplug everything, knowing they are probably killing the fish. Plus they would really have no idea you have a tank in your room unless you told them? It seems like a general guideline...
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    New Guy Wanting To Do Things Correctly!

    Rinsing the filter cartridge in tank water is fine. Make sure not to change it unless it is literally falling apart, because it holds a good deal of beneficial bacteria. In general, it's up to you what you want to do with the tank. Set up the tank so that you the most enjoyment out of it. Test...
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    Red Gills On Neon Tetras And Corys?

    When they're spread out like that it means they are comfortable. When they school in a tight group, they are doing it to feel more secure because they feel nervous about something. Mine only school tightly when i approach the tank or make a sudden movement.
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    Why Won't My Betta Go Into His New Home

    Not trying to be rude, but I don't understand how the gravel vac could be messy. I use one and I think most people on here do too. I'd keep using it to get the rotting food and poop out of the gravel. Wouldn't necessarily take all the gravel out, because I personally think that would look a bit...
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    Why Won't My Betta Go Into His New Home

    Also, two water changes in a month is probably not enough. Should probably do at least weekly for a tank that small. Just a heads up

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