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  1. adsm08

    Sunsun 304-b Leaks

    I actually have the a few of the big tubes, that I use for everything. I'm a mechanic. But I have one that is unopened, so it has been into things like spark plug wires and brake calipers. I will still probably avoid using it in the tank. I am actually wondering if I might not have an...
  2. adsm08

    Fishlore Dating App

    Potholes. And, I'm told, scrapple.
  3. adsm08

    Sunsun 304-b Leaks

    Dielectric is frequently used for lubing o-ring seals in automotive applications. Despite the name it isn't particularly conductive, but it's very good at keeping water out of places it shouldn't be, like electrical connectors.
  4. adsm08

    Sunsun 304-b Leaks

    Any idea how that stacks up against silicone dielectric grease as far as safety? I have a few tubes of that.
  5. adsm08

    Sunsun 304-b Leaks

    Yeah, that's exactly what I'm doing, and have always done. I was thinking maybe the issue was the surface on the can, which is why I pulled out my spare and it does the same thing. At least it isn't the only filter on the tank. I have spare tanks, I'll set one up in the basement where the...
  6. adsm08

    Sunsun 304-b Leaks

    Yes, that's the one. I think that's the exact one I bought too.
  7. adsm08

    Sunsun 304-b Leaks

    I am hoping someone has run across this issue and found a fix already. One of my Sunsun HW-304B filters has developed a leak where the pump head goes onto the can. It has leaked once or twice in the last two years, but reseating the top always fixed. Now it leaks from the seam after 5 to10...
  8. adsm08

    Heater Ideas

    So this isn't exactly a fish tank, but this is probably the best group I know of to chime in on this scenario. So I have a 20 gallon parts washer in my detached garage/workshop. I use water-based solvents (for now), namely PurplePower, which seems to start freezing between 10* and 20*F. I have...
  9. adsm08

    My Lfs Owner Has Some Very Strong & Interesting Opinions On Fishkeeping & I Don't Know What To Think

    This was my thought as well. This guy probably started in the 70s or earlier. I'd like to address each of his points from my own experience or knowledge. Fishless cycling with ammonia doesn't work. It's successful 1 in 100 times, if that. The kind of bacteria produced by ammonia are...
  10. adsm08

    Tiny Black Worm-like Insect Found In Frozen Shrimp Cube...

    Agreed, pics would be helpful. It sounds like something I find in my blood worms from time to time, which I just feed with the rest and have not had issues.
  11. adsm08

    Fish Suggestions

    Cichlids love to dig and rearrange things. Doing sand and cichlids results in a constantly changing tank.
  12. adsm08

    Fat Shaming

    Unfreeze them first. I do this every couple weeks. Anytime I cook a dish that uses peas I pull some out for the fish and the next morning the bottom of the tank is covered in green poo.
  13. adsm08

    Water Repair Write-up

    I am what I like to refer to as 'A skilled redneck with lots of tools and certifications'. I try stuff like this when I am pretty sure there is nothing I can do to make things worse. The way I look at it is that if it is damaged beyond repair the worst I can do is fix it.
  14. adsm08

    Can A Fish Die From Loneliness

    A betta certainly won't die from being lonely. Most of them prefer to be alone. They aren't exactly what you would call "social fish". Being in the dark all the time may stress them, and that could cause death. My betta doesn't exactly live in what I would call high lighting, but the room his...
  15. adsm08

    Black Mould Inside Water Syphon?

    Your average house has less airborne mold than your average outdoors, so I would not worry too much about human health risks, especially if no one in your house has a particular respiratory issue. As long as water isn't being put into the tank with this hose I wouldn't worry about the fish...
  16. adsm08

    Water Repair Write-up

    So today I received the two new Beamswork 6-foot LED strips for my bigger tanks, complete with the day/night timers. I was excited to get at least one installed and play with it a bit. So of course the first thing I do after spending 5 minutes cutting tape to get one out was drop the little...
  17. adsm08

    Help Me Stock This Tank.

    Yes, this tank will certainly not be used to house anything large, or active. I want the main feature of the tank to actually be the plants, rather than the fish, as it will be in a room that is out of the way and low traffic. That's one of the reasons my mind went to a betta, since they seem ok...
  18. adsm08

    Cory Eggs?

    Neons lay eggs, mostly on plant leafs. I have never successfully bred neons either, but their eggs look different than cory eggs. With that many eggs in the tank I would leave them be. You might loose some to predation, but probably not all. Just make sure there are some places for the fry to...
  19. adsm08

    Help Me Stock This Tank.

    That's consistent. The guy I got it from couldn't remember the rated volume but thought it was between 45 and 55G.
  20. adsm08

    Cory Eggs?

    They will hatch in the tank. I have had much better luck that way than trying to move them. The biggest danger to them in the main tank is if something eats them, and if all you have in there now are snails they should be pretty safe.
  21. adsm08

    Cory Eggs?

    Yup. Cory eggs.
  22. adsm08

    Help Me Stock This Tank.

    25" deep. Red line is 22.25" Orange line is 9.5" Yellow line is 12.75 Green is 13.25". I would be open to a Gourami as well, if I found the right one. If temperment would be the only potential compatibility issue with a betta I might try him in there first, since I already have the fish...
  23. adsm08

    Help Me Stock This Tank.

    Ok, so I like to try and keep tanks stocked by region. I am getting ready to set up my last tank, and wanted some input. I am looking to do a South East Asian theme this time. I was reading a thread on here the other day, that I cannot find anymore that suggested kuhili loaches, cherry barbs...
  24. adsm08

    Personal Responsibility

    The first picture is of my 1 year old daughter. She inherited her cichlid, who she has named "Fisss" because he couldn't get along with the others in his tank. First he lived in a 20G in her room while I rebuilt that 55. She freaked out when I took her old tank and jumped and happy-screamed when...
  25. adsm08

    Possible 125 Gallon

    I 125 is less work than a 20, that's for sure, but it can be space intensive. I have a 185, a 125, and I just replaced my 20 with a 55 like 10 minutes ago, so I def know what is involved in all of them. A 125 should have more water changed per water change than a 20 (I probably do 20G a week on...
  26. adsm08

    Can Kuhli Loach And Assassin Snail Coexist?

    I had a Kuhili in a tank with an assassin for 6 months. Assassin is still alive (I think, haven't seen it for a few days). Found the loach dead on the sand last night, but it was a few years old. Not sure why it died (wasn't old enough to be age-related), but it had been listed as "missing...
  27. adsm08

    Thinking Of Getting A Russian Tortoise

    Is it a white Russian tortoise or a red Russian tortoise?
  28. adsm08

    Where To Find African Jewel

    Does anybody know of a reliable (both in quality and availability) source for Hemichromis lifalili? I used to have one and it was a cool fish, but I recently realized that while I used to see them regularly in my local stores I have not seen one for a long time. Normally it wouldn't bug me, but...
  29. adsm08

    Opinion On Culling?

    When I breed for sale, which isn't often, I will cull for any deformities. When I breed for population sustaining (meaning I don't have to actually buy more fish) I will not cull on purpose, but I will be selective with which fish I catch to keep in the box. If there is one that has a badly...
  30. adsm08

    Is The Poo?

    Yeah, It's pleco poo. I have never seen one like that before. I'm used to the long stringy ones. Last night at evening feeding there were literal piles of dark green poo outside his tree. He has been ignoring his pellets and eating algea off some of the new river rock. It is roughly the same...
  31. adsm08

    Is The Poo?

    So I am really not 100% sure what this is. It looks like poo, it hangs like poo, it just showed up here on the cave over night, but it is kinda big for anything that is in my tank. I have a couple young mbuna, a couple younger lace synodontis, and a largish pleco. As far as I know none are/were...
  32. adsm08

    Tank For My Son

    Yeah, this is like the second time I have seen you posting about putting a cichlid in a 10g tank. You gotta stop doing that. I have a juvenile in a 20G because it is too aggressive to keep with other fish, while I rebuild my 55.
  33. adsm08

    Chiclid Tank Sand?

    They would do fine with either, but 10G isn't really enough tank for either of those fish alone, let alone together,
  34. adsm08

    Help Me Find A New Hobby

    Have you considered politics? I find it to be a wonderfully entertaining spectator sport.
  35. adsm08

    Will My 2nd Story Floor Support A 36 Gallon Tank?

    Oh yeah, for 400ish pounds it will be fine, but I'm saying you have to be careful with the logic you used, because a lot of people translate the theory out a lot farther than it actually works.
  36. adsm08

    Ran Across This Today

    I used to like Cracked, but I stopped reading it altogether back in December after they moved from comedy to a far more "doom and gloom" sky-falling apocalyptic prophesy after election day.
  37. adsm08

    Will My 2nd Story Floor Support A 36 Gallon Tank?

    This is a logical fallacy that many people fall into when figuring how much a floor can hold. The idea that if a floor can hold 7 grown men, each weighing 200 lbs, if can hold a 1400 lb fish tank. Many floors can hold a weight well above their max rated capacity momentarily, or even for a few...
  38. adsm08

    Will My 2nd Story Floor Support A 36 Gallon Tank?

    People have been putting 100+ gallon water beds in second floor bedrooms for decades. They don't fall through the floor. Also, your tank weighs less than the average couch.
  39. adsm08

    Eheim Canister Making Weird Noises A Few Hours After Priming Properly

    I get this in my cans from time to time, usually after a water change when the seal gets broken, but sometimes it just happens. Take the lid off, reseat it, and put it back together, then if it has a priming button try pumping it a few times with the filter running. Sometimes the lid seals don't...
  40. adsm08

    What's Your Favorite Cichlid?

    I think that about covers it. Since I have the species name I can go look up the rest now. Thanks.
  41. adsm08

    What's Your Favorite Cichlid?

    Can I get some more info on this fish please? I prefer mbunas. My favorites are the Melanachromis species. I just love the color patterns, and if you get the right one they are funnier than all six of the stooges.
  42. adsm08

    Algae And Algae Eaters???

    I have used Algaefix to great success before. I know a lot of people don't like it because it is a chemical fix to a biological issue, but it does work, and I didn't see any ill effects to the fish. I had a 37 tall that was a new tank, and the only place to put it was in front of a...
  43. adsm08

    Fluval Cannister Filters!

    I dump the can every 3-4 months and rinse gently in luke-warm tap water. Using old tank water isn't really practical for me because of my water change setup.
  44. adsm08

    Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    One of my personal favorites is chipolte chicken tacos. Cook diced chicken in a frying pan. Then stir in a chipolte dressing of your choice. Take a glass pan and cover the bottom with a green tomato sauce of your choice. Wrap the cooked chicken in soft taco shells and place them in the pan...
  45. adsm08

    8 Gallon Stocking

    You could get quite a large school of these guys for a tank that size. I love those guys.
  46. adsm08

    Rainbow Shark Info

    I have had an experience very similar to grantm91. They seem to get along very well with plecos. When I had our shark in the big tank the pleco would chase almost anything else out of his tree, the shark he allowed.
  47. adsm08

    How Long Will A Tank Last?

    Well looking at the seals on these tanks I suspect the technique was not up to industry standards. I appears that he identified the likely place for the leak and then just ran a bead of new silicone over that spot for about an inch in either direction from where he thought it was. I am not...
  48. adsm08

    How Long Will A Tank Last?

    I have heard that you should expect a tank to need resealed or rebuilt about once every 10 years. I have also heard, from the same source, that the newer the tank the lower it's expected life span. That said, I expect that number to vary to brand, material, size, and luck. I have a 20-long...
  49. adsm08

    How Much Tank Is Too Much? Lol

    Too much tank is not enough tank.
  50. adsm08

    My Son's New Tank

    I got a piece of drift wood last night. I think it will look much better once it gets saturated enough to not float away without the rock. Tonight's project though it rock-scaping my big tank. Rocks are boiling now, pictures will follow.

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