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  1. livetowin

    Lockjaw or mouth rot on tiger barb

    Hey all For the past 6 months I've noticed one of my barbs has had its jaw open. It doesn't seem to affect eating or breathing but it seems like hes "outta it" and disoriented the bottom jaw is semi transparent now but no bleeding or it doesnt seem to be hurting him. If I need to post a...
  2. livetowin

    29 to 37 Gallon change over

    Pictures of my new 37 gallon I had to purchase because of a leak and here are some pictures of it so far. Running dual air pumps along with a Marinelan c-160 canister and a topfin 40 filter for added filtration.
  3. livetowin

    Best way to switch tanks

    Hey ya'll since There was no sub topic on actual tanks Ill put this on here. I recently discovered a possible leak on my tank. While I havent been able to locate it I believe it is on the bottem so its next to impossible to correctly fix. I am most likely going to purchase a new tank. The...
  4. livetowin

    Odd Behavior

    Up until just recently my Gourami has always been very peaceful. All of a sudden it started chasing my giant Zebra Danios. It is the only fish it chases. any idea or just playing?
  5. livetowin

    Dying Plants

    I have a white sand substrate and have been trying to keep plants alive for about 4 months and I have not been able to keep them alive and growing. I went to the LFS and they said that using CO2 booster and a plant food would keep them alive yeah its not working. Any ideas?
  6. livetowin

    Need some filter ideas

    Hey everyone my Tetra filter took a dump a week ago I have a top fin 30 running but its barely keeping up I would like to get a canister but i feel like it would be way over powered its a 29 gallon and i have an $120 budget thanks everyone! Kyle
  7. livetowin

    Do i need to recure

    I had a few pieces of store bought drift wood that I used in my tank for about 6th months. I Cured it and followed the directions. I took it out and it sat for about 1 and a half years now I want to readd it in my tank should i recure it or is it already safe to put back in right away... thanks...
  8. livetowin

    My redone 29 gallon

    Hey everyone, I recently did a complete overhaul on my 29 gallon tank it used to have a couple red bellied piranhas (big mistake and i have the scars to prove it ) anyway this is what my tank looks like now eventually when money allows, I am going to have plants and put my real driftwood in...
  9. livetowin

    Which one do more people prefer?

    Ever since I started keeping fish, I have loved that natural looking aquarium like your looking into a pond with the driftwood and plants. My question is do more people prefer the natural style aquascape or do more people like that fantasy style with for example: shipwrecks etc.
  10. livetowin

    just a quick question

    hello everyone, i have a quick question that has been really bugging me. i think i know the answer but i just want some other advice my tank is a 30 gal planted freshwater with an angel fish a barking catfish and 6 skirted tetras. I have really been wanting to switch over to a african...
  11. livetowin

    is this alge controlable

    hey everybody long time no talk a quick question? I have a piece of fake drift wood in my tank that has some really bad alge on it now I've tried scrubbing it but it doesn't come off the color of it is almost like a forest green and some is even white. I have an oto but he wants nothing to do...
  12. livetowin

    Loud grinding noise

    My filter is making a really loud noise almost like a grinding it a marineland bio wheel 200 help make it stop I can't sleep
  13. livetowin

    My crazy danios

    my new zebra danios are just chasing each other nonstop they also try to school with my neons plus their crazy behavior is making my skirts more active is this a good thing
  14. livetowin

    Did i get ripped off

    ok i went to my LFS because i had to trade my pleco because of its aggresivness and they only gave me 2 dollars in store credit and the girl that helped me said that they will sell him for 8 dollars did they rip me off??
  15. livetowin

    How do i clean

    Im sure a lot of people ask this question but how do i clean the sand in my tank
  16. livetowin

    That was stressful

    wow i changed the substrate in my 29 gal tank from gravel to silica sand, i love the change but it took me just over 4 hours to finish i had to keep all of my fish in a 5 gal. bucket for that long that was the most stressful part ill try to get some pics up
  17. livetowin

    How Do I How to Rinse new Silica sand

    i have some silica sand and it say it can be used for landscaping how would i clean this and would it be ok Btw idk if this matters but it says that it might have harmful dust would this hurt the fish please respond because im changing the substrate tomarrow
  18. livetowin

    Help Urgent Sick Bala

    I came from work to find my bala shark was upside down still alive but he has redness on his tail area and some peices of his tail were missing when i left he was perfectly fine somebody help
  19. livetowin

    Whats a Good sand for a substrate

    right now i have just normal looking gravel in my tank and now i want to change it to sand what is a good brand and would marine sand hurt the fish?
  20. livetowin

    Able to cut drift wood

    I was wondering if i could cut driftwood that has been soaking because i got an idea and the wood is to big what is the best way to cut it
  21. livetowin

    Best Way to Change Substrate

    Hey everyone i was wondering what is the best way to change my substrate over from like pebbles to sand because my plants are not growing or staying alive for that matter any comments are helpful
  22. livetowin

    My New 29 Gal.

    I Finally Figured out how to upload photos so tell me what you think
  23. livetowin

    Otos for a Pleco

    I will be having to get rid of my pleco (he is getting way to big) and i was wondering if i were to get some otos how many would i have to get for them to be comfortable and would my Striped Raphael Pick on them even though hes nocturnal?
  24. livetowin

    Special Wood

    What kind wood is drift wood made out of because it is NOT a cheap Decor.
  25. livetowin

    Angelfish Coloring Or Ich

    i have a white and yellow angelfish and there are white spots on its body and fins im not sure if its part of its color or Ich i dont think the spots are raised
  26. livetowin

    Aggression towards one another

    My two gold gouramis have been going at it all day and i don't if its aggresion. They have been chasing each other and trying to bite each others fin. is this common? P.S. its a 29 gal. tank
  27. livetowin

    Let's Try this again

    Recently my fish tank had ich and i lost about half of my fish. Now the ich is gone and i am much more cautious with my fish. But i got some new ones. I got 2 gold gouramis and a white angel to go along with my 6 black and white skirts my pleco and my striped catfish is this a good combo....
  28. livetowin

    How long does ICK usually last

    This past week i found out that my fish had gotton ich and i started treating it. First i started to turn the temp of the water up and started to add a med. called ridICH. i have been doing water changes everyother day and it just doesnt seem to get better it will be going on the second week...
  29. livetowin

    Question is Two better then one

    I have a Marineland 200 filter and i also have a Topfin 30 (came with the kit) would be a good idea to put the Topfin30 in as a another filter or keep the Marineland by itself
  30. livetowin

    Help How to put a Vid on your profile

    How do i put a video on to my fishlore profile
  31. livetowin

    Which is a better Tester

    I need new Nitrate, ammonia , etc. testing equipment and i was wondering what would be better. I used to have the Test Strips, there were a lot of strips but most of them did not give an accurate reading, so i was looking at either getting a different brand or getting the drop tests which is...
  32. livetowin

    Question Good Flouresent Light for plants

    Whats a Good Flouresent light for a 29 gal planted aquarium that won't make the tank look Purple
  33. livetowin

    Best way to level my tank

    I am doing a water change on my tank and i saw that my either my tank or my stand is not level there is about 20% or so out of the tank and its a 29 gal. i have heard that using shims works but i dont know what to put them under the tank or the stand
  34. livetowin

    Fish type

    I was wondering if these were a good group to have. My 29 Gallon tank has 3 black skirt and 3 white skirt tetras, 3 black neon tetras, 3 sunburts platys, 1 micky mouse platy, 1 pleco, and 1 raphael cat fish. is this a good combo and if not what will work.
  35. livetowin

    Help Possibly Sick Gourami

    I bought a Blue Dwarf Gourami and i put him in a Quarintine Tank just to see how he would react to the water, that night i looked and he was doing good well today he made a complete 180 and he isn't really swiming and not really breathing well i dont know what's wrong because i have never kept...
  36. livetowin

    Stocking Question

    Hi I have a 29 gallon tank with 3 black and white skirt tetras, 1 Male Guppy, 1 Male Mickey mouse Platy, 1 Dwarf Gourami, 1 Pleco, and 1 Barking Catfish. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for new fish that would bring more color to my tank

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