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  1. Fishitryhard

    Any Reason Not To Get A Polar Aurora Canister?

    If it's basically a Sun Sun, I've heard that Marineland, AquaTop and Sun Sun are one company. I have an AquaTop CF500UV that urns over 525 gallons an hour. Works great so far, but I usually don't keep the UV on. Even then, the trays are quite cheap anyways.
  2. Fishitryhard

    Goldfish In Small Tanks Myths

    My opinion is that Goldfish can be happy in large tanks. Keeping one in a bowl or a size too small is like keeping a human in a closet. That would not be a good life.
  3. Fishitryhard

    Goldfish In A 75 Gallon

    I keep a ryukin with 3 orandas and a black moor just fine in a 60 gallon.
  4. Fishitryhard

    Help Oranda Possible Fin Rot

    I did a 50% water change today to be safe
  5. Fishitryhard

    Help Oranda Possible Fin Rot

    It is the most visible on my black moor so here you go. The others have them too, just less.
  6. Fishitryhard

    Help Oranda Possible Fin Rot

    This might be unrelated, but two or three of my orandas have one or two super small white spots. I have already dosed paraguard in case it's ich
  7. Fishitryhard

    Help Betta Fin Rot

    I picked up some API Fin & Body Cure today that I am going to treat him with.
  8. Fishitryhard

    Diy Air Pump (no Electricity/no Batteries)

    I know this is outdated, but what the heck was that music? It was too weird for me
  9. Fishitryhard

    Question How many fish tanks do you have?

    I have a 60, a 36, 2.5, 3, and a qt 10
  10. Fishitryhard

    Question Quick Question

    After being in this hobby for a while now, I've noticed some things. Do your friends and family tease you for being an aquarist? It's not like bullying, just teasing. Yesterday I found a Fluval Spec V for 5 bucks, everything included. Right now we have two bettas in a 2.5 gallon. I told my mom...
  11. Fishitryhard

    Help Betta Fin Rot

    It has been in for 6 days now
  12. Fishitryhard

    Help Oranda Possible Fin Rot

    Sharp? I don't think so. More like rough. I have an old dead rock coral that is kind of rough. I also have a coral ornament. The other fish in the tank are another oranda, a ryukin, a black telescope, and a much smaller red cap oranda. I also have a little rubber lip pleco in there. It is 60...
  13. Fishitryhard

    Help Betta Fin Rot

    I dosed him with Bettafix today
  14. Fishitryhard

    Help Oranda Possible Fin Rot

    Hey guys, I have a problem that I believe I caught early enough. My oranda Gil has a red spot on his tail. It looks like someone took a narrow bite out of his tail and it is bloody around the perimeter. I can also see some faint streaks of red leading back to a reddish spot right where his tail...
  15. Fishitryhard

    Help Betta Fin Rot

    Hey Fishlore, I need some advice. My believe my betta has fin rot. I recently dosed by tank with aquarium salt, and I had tried ParaGuard before. It doesn't seem to be stopping. He still eats and swims fine though. You can't see in the photo, but there are small burgundy spots on the ends of...
  16. Fishitryhard

    10 Gallon Tank Some Fish ( Or Inverts ) That Eat Of The Bottom?

    Snails might work. Btw I have an old top fin power filter (Probably about seven years old) and mine still works good. The only problem I have w/ it is that if it has a lot of media in it, the water falls out the intake side.
  17. Fishitryhard

    Poll: Where Does The Majority Of The Beneficial Bacteria Reside?

    I agree. I think it resides in the filter, mainly. My reasoning is that all of the debris and fish stool gets trapped in the filter. As that matter decays directly on the media, the BB is directly fed ammonia. It's like a feeding ground! Along with increased oxygen flow, I think it's the filter.
  18. Fishitryhard

    Second Filter For Divided Tank?

    I'm not too sure, but I think you'd be safe if you put two smaller filters on each side. I have a 2.5 gallon with a divider and one filter, and I'm fine, but I don't know about larger sizes
  19. Fishitryhard

    80 Gallon Filtration

    I don't know if these are available in the UK, but I use an AquaTop CF500UV and a Penn Plax Cascade. They both work great. The AquaTop is more pricey, but not compared to Eheims. The Cascade is awesome. It is silent, effective, and not too pricey.
  20. Fishitryhard

    Best Type Of Filter Fresh Water 40g Long

    They don't all work the exact same, some have different shapes and what not, but yeah, they all push water down a tube and the pressure pushes the water through the media and the powerhead sucks it back to the tank.
  21. Fishitryhard

    Help Chronic Swim Bladder Disease

    Same thing happened to my oranda. I gave him an Epsom salt bath and he was cured for two months. Now every two months I have to give him an Epsom salt bath, but it works.
  22. Fishitryhard

    Help Betta Possible Fin Rot (need Help)

    I actually am treating my betta for fin rot simply by dosing the tank with aquarium salt. Can't really say much though, I only added it two days ago. Fun thing, we have the same name!
  23. Fishitryhard

    Your Bettas’ Personalities

    I have two bettas, one a pearl white (Opal), and one a beautiful iridescent black green and red (Shadow). When I first got them, shadow would stare through the divider holes at Opal and flare like crazy. Opal would just stare back calmly. Now though, Shadow doesn't do it anymore. Whenever I walk...
  24. Fishitryhard

    Best Type Of Filter Fresh Water 40g Long

    Just gonna reiterate, Penn-Plax makes some stellar canisters. I have a buddy who owns an aquarium store and he says he always uses the Cascade line.
  25. Fishitryhard

    Best Type Of Filter Fresh Water 40g Long

    If you don't want to spend a small fortune on an Eheim canister, you could also get a Penn Plax Cascade canister. Personally, I have an AquaTop CF-500UV on my 60 gallon
  26. Fishitryhard

    Aquarium "life Hacks"

    For my water changes in my 60 gallon I use a large siphon to suck the debris, and instead of making a mess trying to dump a giant bucket o water into the tank, I got a cheap 300gph pump and put it in the bottom of the bucket, took off the hard plastic tube and stuck the siphon on the other way...
  27. Fishitryhard

    Question Goldfish And Cockroaches

    I have a 60 gallon tank stocked with fancy goldfish. I also live in Las Vegas, and we have a lot of cockroaches. Lately I've been toying with the idea of feeding my fishes one. I don't know if it would be ok though. Is it safe?
  28. Fishitryhard

    Help! Someone Was Flushing These Fish Down A Toilet

    They will definitely need a better filter. Do you know how large the aquarium is? You should get a HOB filter for that tank and place the old filter cartridge in the new one while your new cartridge cycles. I recommend either Stress Coat or Prime as conditioners. The new filter should clean up...
  29. Fishitryhard

    Help! Someone Was Flushing These Fish Down A Toilet

    It's hard to say, the water is translucent. There are two Glofish Tetras, that betta you were talking about, there is one guppy, and its hard to say about the yellow and black ones. My best guess is that the yellow one is a gourami, and the black one could either be a gourami or Molly.
  30. Fishitryhard

    I Had To Kill My Betta And It Was Awful.

    I have never had to euthanize fish, but if I ever have to, I wouldn't be able to smack my precious orandas. Not that I don't think it would work, it probably would, but I couldn't do it. I would use clove oil as my second choice. What I would do is put my fish in a small container, and dump him...
  31. Fishitryhard

    Goldfish Bloat

    This is kind of old, but what happened to your fishy?
  32. Fishitryhard

    Help Neon Tetra - Pregnant Or Sick

    ...bad news... I came into the room today and saw my poor little tetra lifeless in the corner. I did a 30% water change and took out its body and flushed it. It's sad but he's in fishey heaven now!
  33. Fishitryhard

    Oranda Breeding Size

    It's not size, it is age. When you first buy them they are generally 4-6 weeks old, in my experience. They become sexually mature around 10-12 months.
  34. Fishitryhard

    Help Neon Tetra - Pregnant Or Sick

    The neon is acting fine, and he isn't getting bigger as far as I can see.
  35. Fishitryhard

    Help Neon Tetra - Pregnant Or Sick

    I don't want to stress my fish if it is pregnant though, and wouldn't it be stressed by not being with its school in the QT? I do 30% water changes every week. My gravel is plain black from the LFS. (And some specks of separate gold gravel that isn't gold anymore).
  36. Fishitryhard

    Help Neon Tetra - Pregnant Or Sick

    I have plain black gravel from my LFS. I also don't want to stress my fish with salts if she is pregnant. Wouldn't the tetra also get stressed not being with a school? I usually do a 30% water change every week.
  37. Fishitryhard

    Help Neon Tetra - Pregnant Or Sick

    I haven't been using Epsom salts as of yet. Should I? How do I get the ph down? Also, I have consistently high nitrates. I've tried more water changes, but it doesn't help much.
  38. Fishitryhard

    Help Neon Tetra - Pregnant Or Sick

    Hey everybody, I have a question. Is this tetra sick or pregnant My parameters are ammonia 0, nitrite 0, and nitrate 40. My ph is 8.2 What is happening? I have a quarantine tank equipped with 10 gallons, a Penguin 100B with an intake sponge, and a 100 watt heater. I also have paraguard and...
  39. Fishitryhard

    Question Used Emperor 400

    I think the bio wheels are effective in one way. They make a lot of nitrate which would be bad, but in heavily planted tanks, the nitrates are like food for them1
  40. Fishitryhard

    Aqua Clear 110 Vs. Marineland Emperor 400b

    Ok, I know this is a little outdated, but I'm going to voice my unpopular opinion in favour of the Emperor. In my experience, it is quieter, and it still has room for other media. I entirely don't use the cartridges. I buy filter floss, charcoal, and my bio rings in bulk. I pretty much fill it...
  41. Fishitryhard

    Funny The Sneaky Pleco

    Hey everybody! I just wanted to take a second and talk about my rubber lip pleco, Nugget. I got Nugget when he was a smol boy. I was so excited until he disappeared in the morning. I thought he was hiding, but he was missing for TWO WEEKS. I totally thought he was dead, but in the middle of the...
  42. Fishitryhard

    Hayden's Fishkeeping Journal

    Hey Fishlore! I'm starting a journal for my aquarium where I'll post pictures and videos (And any notable changes and parameters). If you guys see anything "fishy" (Sorry) let me know and feel free to throw me some tips. I'll also post my parameters and temperature. My 60 gallon tank is...
  43. Fishitryhard

    Radioactive Cucumbers?

    How do I blanch cucumber?
  44. Fishitryhard

    Radioactive Cucumbers?

    Yesterday, I wanted to put a chunk of cucumber in my aquarium for my fish to nibble at, so did. The cucumber was skinned, and cold because of the refrigerator. I put the chunk in, and my goldfish didn't take to it. I figured it was because the cucumber was too tough. I took the cucumber out of...
  45. Fishitryhard

    Treating Popeye

    If he is lethargic, hand feeding shouldn't be too difficult. You lather some stress coat onto your hands, and then grab him (Gently) and kind of lightly hold him and put some food in front of his mouth until he eats it. Kana plea should help, as it is powerful.
  46. Fishitryhard

    Epsom Salt And My Filter

    I need to do an epsom salt bath with my oranda, and I was planning on using my quarantine 10 gallon. The only problem is, is that my QT has a Penguin 100B on it, and I'm worried it will take out the epsom salt. The filter has filter floss and charcoal.
  47. Fishitryhard

    Treating Popeye

    I'd recommend Kanaplex. You should keep trying to feed him, as we don't want him starving. Worst case scenario, you might want lather some stress coat on your hands and hand feed him.
  48. Fishitryhard

    Carpeting An Established Tank?

    I would use java moss, but that is just my opinion. You could switch out the sand for gravel, and it would get rid of the risk of anaerobic dead zones. For carpeting, I'd get two sheets of aquarium safe mesh and put the moss in the middle. Eventually the moss will start growing through it and...
  49. Fishitryhard

    Top Fin Customer Service Email

    Hey fishlore, I need some help. I just need the email for Top Fin (PetSmart) customer service, as I bought a gravel siphon and the long piece that sucks the gravel broke. Thanks in advance!
  50. Fishitryhard

    Goldfish Bloat

    Oh my... I suggest you use the epsom salt baths, and strong anti bacterials like kanaplex. Also, I'm sorry to say, but you may want to consider euthanizing him. He is in really bad shape and pineconing is usually fatal.

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