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    What Type Of Algae Is This?

    This stuff just started growing out of no where, I have no idea where it came from. It all of a sudden showed up and started growing like crazy, I have already tried manual removal but it did little help. I think it’s a type of hair or string algae. Any idea on a sure fire way to get rid of it?
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    What Is My German Gold Ram Doing? Pregnant?

    I got my German gold ram 2 weeks ago from my LFS. She was housed with 1 or 2 other rams, which may have been males (dont really remember). A few days ago I noticed that she was getting a big round, I thought I was over feeding so I cut back a little. Today I noticed that she had dug a small...
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    Would This Be An Ok Stocking For A 20 Gallon?

    1 male GBR 1 male cockatoo apisto 6 cherry barbs 3 mollies
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    Finnex Fugeray Wattage??? Finnex Fugeray Planted+ Aquarium Led Light Plus Moonlights

    How many watts is the Finnex FugeRay Planted+ Aquarium LED Light Plus Moonlights 16 in? It says 11.9 watts in the description, but on the package when I got it, it said about 6 watts. So which is which? Also is this low, medium or high lighting for a 10 gallon tank? Thanks!
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    What Is This Plant????

    I got this plant from my LFS, it was a new arrival and they didn’t have a tag for it. I decided to get it anyways because it was cheap. Does anyone know what it is? Also, i have a 10 gallon tank with the Finnex planted light plus, it’s rated at 6W, is this a low, med, or high light?
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    55 Gal Stocking

    This is just a dream stocking you could say, I've just been putting together some fish I'd really like to have in a 55 gallon. I don't know if I will ever get a 55 gallon, but I'd like to see if these types of fish would work together. 2 angelfish (pair) 6-8 emperor tetras 2 pearl gouramis...
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    10g Stocking

    Am I over stocking a 10g if I put in 1 dwarf gourami, 4 guppies, and 3 male platys? If its too may fish what amount do you recommend of each fish for it to be suitable because I would really like these 3 types in my tank. Thanks!
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    Lid Ideas For A Rimless Rounded 10 Gal?

    I have a 10g glass rimless rounded tank (by rounded I mean the two front corners are rounded and the back two are regular 90 degrees). I don't know what kind of lid I can put on it because it doesnt fit a standard tank lid and it needs to accommodate a plant light that would stand atop of the...
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    Stocking A Dwarf Gourami And A Dwarf Cichlid Together?

    Can I put a pair of shell dwelling Lamprologus Brevis together in a 10 gallon tank with a flame dwarf gourami? If not what other tank mates will do best with a single male flame dwarf gourami?
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    Reasonably priced all in one Co2 kits

    Ive never had a planted tank so this will be my first one. Im going to have a planted 10 gallon with some low to medium level plants, possibly some high level plants once I get some more experience. The only thing is, Im very confused about the co2 requirements and what I need to have a...
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    Fin rot STILL not healing on betta...

    This is probably the 3rd or 4th post about this stupid fin rot! I dont know what keeps happening, when I think his tail is finally healing, nope, it somehow gets shredded again. I have my betta in a 5 gallon, the water is heated (78-80 degrees) I dont have a filter so I do 60-90% water changes...
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    Fin rot not getting better?

    My betta has had fin rot for about a month, the first 10-14 days i was treating him with aquarium salts and doing a 100% water change every other day. After I stopped with the salts I was just changing his water every other day. Ive been trying to keep his water around 75-80ish but since I dont...
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    Am I over stocking?

    I plan on getting a 10 gallon planted aquarium with a betta, 3-5 red cherry shrimp, and 1 African dwarf frog. Is this too much for the bio load? RCS are a pretty good clean up crew and the ADF don't produce much waste either.
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    Light for low to medium plants

    I have a 6.25 gallon tank and Im going to get low to medium level plants. If I did it correctly I think I would need a 12 watt light. This is my first time keeping live plants and trying to figure out the right lighting. Do you guys know of any LED lights that are 12 watts or are good for...
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    Do you really need CO2 for plants?

    I've never had a planted aquarium but I absolutely love the look of them. I have read lots of posts about how you need this and that and CO2 with this and a whole bunch of stuff I find confusing and expensive. I want a relatively small planted tank (5-10gal), and I know that plants that require...
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    Good 5-10 gallon glass aquariums with built in filters?

    Im looking for a glass aquarium that has a built in filter and a light between 5-10 gallons to house my betta and a couple of shrimp. Any suggestions will be great!

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