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  1. pitbull2299

    Betta Tank Mates

    I would be wary adding anything to the tank. Bettas, even the females, are best kept alone. If you want more fish, maybe try housing your betta in a smaller 5-gallon and using the larger tank for a community? Just a thought!
  2. pitbull2299

    Help! A Worm Thing!

    I would try and remove the bug from your tank if possible. Housing anything that you didn't put into the tank can't be good for it.
  3. pitbull2299

    Best Heater For A 2.5 G Snail Tank?

    Hello hello! I wanted to ask the community for any good, reliable heater brands for my 2.5 gallon snail tank. The tank is cycled, and has a mystery snail and ramshorn hatchling inside. I do not plan on keeping the two in the same tank when the ramshorn is full grown, but I still want a heater...
  4. pitbull2299

    Baby Ramshorn Hitchhiker??

    Well, I've only got one hatchling in my snail tank; the rest of them are still in my betta's tank. Knowing how ferocious Finn is, I imagine my betta will eat any leftover stragglers. I only plan on keeping the one I managed to save, and named him Ramsey (I figured I'd just assume he's male...
  5. pitbull2299

    Baby Ramshorn Hitchhiker??

    See I only have a single hatchling in my snail tank; the plant wehre I found Ramsey (the hatchling) is in my betta tank; I'm fairly confident my beta will eat any stragglers, if he hasn't already. My tank isn't heavily planted; I just have an amazon sword growing in there, so I don't think...
  6. pitbull2299

    Baby Ramshorn Hitchhiker??

    Hi, hey , hello! I have two fish tanks, a 5-gallon planted betta tank and a 2.5 gallon planted snail tank. I looked into my betta tank today and found a tiny, flat, swirled-looking baby snail. I was panicking at first, because I thought my male mystery snail was no male after all. After some...
  7. pitbull2299

    Does Anyone Know...?

    I keep them on about 10-12 hours a day in my anubias/betta tank; it's a really weak light, so I'm afraid my plant isn't getting what it needs. I keep the tank where it can get actual sunlight, but it is very dim. For the amazon, I usually keep it in the sun for about 6 hours, then leave an LED...
  8. pitbull2299

    How Many/what Fish Should I Put In My Aquarium?

    I would go for an anubias for the plants (they're incredibly easy to care for, and won't overpopulate your tank), maybe an amazon sword if you're confident your tank will be really well-lit. Marimo moss balls are also a great idea; even though they are algae they will do great if you decide to...
  9. pitbull2299

    My Silly Betta Boy

    So, I went to the pet store and saw some "betta" toys. I didn't think much of them, since most things advertised "for bettas" isn't good for a betta. But, I saw this: , and figured "oh, it looks nice, I'm sure my boy will tolerate this". My betta, Finn, absolutely adores this shell; he swims...
  10. pitbull2299

    Mystery Snail Care Sheet

    I don't think so; I keep my room at a steady 70-75 degrees F on the heat setting. (I keep several tropical plants in my room haha, so the temp has to be steady for them as well) I have only had him about a month, but by his size, I'd say he's getting older. When I first got Squoosh, he was...
  11. pitbull2299

    Does Anyone Know...?

    Okay, where can I find some good lights with those spectrums for a good price? Secondly, will the potassium harm my snail or fish?
  12. pitbull2299

    Lethargic Snail

    So I've had my snail for a little while and I've noticed he's become very lethargic. His water parameters are fine, but he won't eat any of the algae pellets I've left him or the cucumbers, and those are susually his favorite. He's still moving, but it's very slow and he spends most of his...
  13. pitbull2299

    Does Anyone Know...?

    ...the specifics on the LED lighting in my LED Aquarium Starter Kit 5 from Aqua culture? I have an Anubis in my tank, but the leaves are turning yellow and I don't know if it's the lighting or not. My betta really likes the anubis, so I want it to make it, but I don't know what's wrong. I...
  14. pitbull2299

    Bettas Scales Turning Black?

    Oh wow, I didn't even realize! Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to cut down on Finn's feedings!
  15. pitbull2299

    Bettas Scales Turning Black?

    Okay, thank you. I'll see what anyone else has to say just to be safe, but I really appreciate your feedback! On the feeding note, I read that it was normal to feed a male betta 3-4 pellets 2-3 times a day; is that too much?
  16. pitbull2299

    Bettas Scales Turning Black?

    Okay, I added the photos again...let's see if that works. My weird thing is, Finn is more orange/pink than anything else, and there was some black when I first got him, but didn't associate that with his natural coloration.
  17. pitbull2299

    Bettas Scales Turning Black?

    I's weird, it looks more like Finn's fins are outlined more than changing colors in patches. It almost looks like someone traced the edges of some of his scales with a black sharpie, not so much a patch of scales turning black. Is that what you saw in your betta? Apologies if I sound...
  18. pitbull2299

    Bettas Scales Turning Black?

    Hello! I'm new to this forum, so excuse my noob-iness, for lack of a better term. I got myself a male VT betta fish, Finn. He's a beautiful baby boy, is very active, and can now swim through a hoop! Finn eats 3-4 betta pellets 3 times a day, has a planted 5 gallon tank with a heater and...

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