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  1. LadyCarissa

    Betta Very Shy And Hides

    I have a 46 gal bowfront. Amongst a few other types that have been compatible with my betta I have a very shy betta fish. He spend all of his time hiding in decor. Weather that is the fake plants or in side rock formations. I really have to search for him to see him. Sometimes he pokes out of...
  2. LadyCarissa

    Is Molly Pregnant? If Yes, How Long Before Babies?

    I have a female Gold Panda Molly that I am pretty sure is pregnant. All three images are her. Sorry for quality as hard to catch her being still. I am wondering if anyone can confirm that she is pregnant? And if she is how long before she has babies do you think? I have two males (a gold panda &...
  3. LadyCarissa

    Nitrogen Cycle Help!!

    I am wondering on average what I can expect for time frames for the nitrogen cycle. Basically when should I start to see changes in numbers. I set up the tank on Jan 12th, 2017 I used Tetra AquaSafe Plus & Tetra SafeStart Plus Here are my numbers: I am doing a fish in cycle with just a few...

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