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    So far so good but afraid to change the filter

    My tank has been running for almost 2 months. It cycled after about a month. I started with 5 platies and added TSS at week 2 or 3. Last week I re-homed 2 of the males and most of the babies that appeared the first week. I added 3 small false julii cories. So now the tank is stocked with...
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    Too many platies!

    I have a 20G tank with 5 grown platies... one had babies and 9 survived in the tank with the adults... they are about a month old now and the adults really don't even chase after them anymore. The 3 grown females all look very pregnant right now, so I think there will be even more babies...
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    Cycling w/ fish + TSS: 0, 0, 40+ x 3 days. Ok to change water?

    Hello, I started a 20G tank on May 3rd with 5 platties. Everyone on this site was super helpful and gave me lots of suggestions for keeping the fish healthy during the cycle. For the first 1.5 week I did daily ~30% water changes + Prime. Ammonia and nitrite were around .25-.50...
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    What (if anything) can I add to a 20G with 5 platties?

    Hello, I have a 20G tank that's about 3 weeks old and appears to be done cycling, so I'm wondering if I might be able to add more fish soon? I would wait until I'm positive the tank is cycled. Right now the tank has 5 platties and 6-10 platy fry (2.5 weeks old). If the babies make it past...
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    Lucky little fry

    Earlier today I observed one of my male platy chase and then eat an 8-day old platy fry. I figured that was the end of the little guy, but a second or two later I saw the platy's mouth open and out swam the fry! The fry appeared unhurt and jetted away! I'd be surprised if he was too big to...
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    I have a 20 gallon tank that's been running for 7 days w/ 2 male and 3 female platy. Now there are also 6+ fry (very tiny, 3 days old). I think there's a photo of my tank in my profile (not sure how all that works yet). I didn't want to cycle with fish, didn't want to pick out fish without...
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    Day #5 = fry!

    Wow, I can't believe one of the platies had babies already! We just started the tank on Monday. I thought I saw the beginning of a gravid spot on one of the girls, but she wasn't very big at all. I thought she was newly pregnant. I went to feed the fish and saw some little guys duck into...
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    What's my tank doing?!? So confused!

    First, I apologize, I posted something similar to this in the Beginner Forum before realizing that this was probably the proper place... I hope the moderators can delete anything that needs to go! I don't know what in the world is going on with the tank and whether to trust the API test...
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    How deep to clean the gravel?

    Wondering if just the surface of the gravel should be vacuumed or if we should clean down the the bottom of the tank? Thanks!
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    Eeek, cycling with fish! Anything I can do to keep them alive?

    My boyfriend and I decided to set up an aquarium together. I did a lot of reading beforehand and was intent on doing a fishless cycle. We both had fish during childhood and he had them in college. It sounds to me like he just added fish... didn't test the water or anything, and somehow...

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