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  1. Reeferxbetta

    Best Plants For Newb?

    I’ve had both salt and freshwater aquariums for a while now, and for some reason I’m just now deciding to give freshwater plants a try! I’ve redone all my betta tanks to have a divided 20 long with 3 bettas, a 5 gallon with one betta, and another 20 with one betta. The 5 gallon and a 20 have...
  2. Reeferxbetta

    Any Ideas On What This Could Be?

    I purchased some inverts about a month ago, three of which were peppermint shrimp, I just recently noticed a bump on the side of one of the peppermint shrimp, and after doing some research, figured out that it could be a parasitic isopode (did I spell that right?). It's also possible that it's...
  3. Reeferxbetta

    Hermit Crab Daily Diet?

    I've been working on making my own dry, staple food for my hermits, I plan to supplement with some fresh stuff, but I like to have an easy, balanced diet available as well. How does this sound: Strawberries, banana, carrot, coconut, oats, unsalted almond, seaweed (the nori type used for sushi...
  4. Reeferxbetta

    Beginning A Planted Tank

    Now that my divided betta tank is in need of some work, I figured I might as well do a full makeover on it, so I've decided to go with a live planted tank. The tank is 10 gallons with a couple sponge filters and a sand substrate, I would love to hear recommendations for easy plants that won't...
  5. Reeferxbetta

    Fragging Zoas?

    I was cleaning off a small coral I have today (was covered in algae) and I somehow managed to pop one of the polyps off of the small piece of live rock that they are on, the coral and part of it that popped off is sitting in a small container with water waiting to be moved back to the tank, and...
  6. Reeferxbetta

    F10 For Reptiles?

    I have both a Russian tortoise and ball python, but I'm mainly inquiring about what people like to use on glass/plastic tanks (tortoise has a homemade wooden tortoise table type tank). I've always used vinegar and dye/scent free plant based soaps (rinsed really well) for all my cleaning, I've...
  7. Reeferxbetta

    White Buildup In Mixing Saltwater?

    About a week ago I went to mix some saltwater and I wound up getting a little lazy and leaving it mixing for a few days, when I went to use it, I noticed a pretty thick white (looked almost grayish against my finger when I touched it to see if it was slimy) buildup. It wasn't really slimy...
  8. Reeferxbetta

    Anyone Kept A Betta In A 2.5 Gallon As A Permanent Tank?

    I had three 2.5 gallon tanks sitting in my closet, I'd like to keep one as a spare/quarantine, and with all my other tanks, I only had space for one more. I've thought about a shrimp tank, but I'm not too interested in shrimp and would prefer a 5 or 10 gallon planted tank for that anyways. I've...
  9. Reeferxbetta

    High Nitrates While Curing Live Rock

    I've been curing about 20 pounds of live rock in 5 gallons of water for about 6 1/2 weeks now, I never noticed any spike in ammonia and the parameters have been stable the entire time, I went to retest everything as I'm hoping to put it in the tank today or tomorrow, so I gave nitrates a test...
  10. Reeferxbetta

    Curing Base Rock

    So after curing the live rock, I decided I would begin "curing" this base rock. It's 10 pounds of the caribsea base rock stuff, just the white manmade rock I believe, I think it's called south seas base rock, has never been "live" before. It's just been sitting in a bin of RODI water for about a...
  11. Reeferxbetta

    Is My Live Rock Cured?

    I know… I've asked this question multiple times, but it's something I can never seem to get an answer to. I've been curing about 20 pounds of live rock (one rock) for about a month now in 5 gallons of water, it's going to be added to an already established tank. I don't know what the phosphates...
  12. Reeferxbetta

    Live Rock Cured?

    So I'm thinking my live rock may finally be cured, but I'd like to get some opinions from others who have cured rock outside of their dt before. It's been curing for about 3 weeks now, and has never really had any ammonia spikes, I bought it from a store, and immediately put it in water, so it...
  13. Reeferxbetta

    Zero Nitrates?

    I have upgraded my 40 gallon tank to a Red Sea max 250, this all happened about a month ago. A few days after I upgraded, I checked my parameters, all read fine and I had about 2-3 nitrates on the API kit. I don't really check my parameters often, but yesterday I did on a Red Sea kit, and...
  14. Reeferxbetta

    Very Strange…

    I noticed my betta fish hiding most of today, and anytime he would come out, he was flashing all over the place, so I thoroughly looked him over and he looks great, and nobody else in the tank seemed any different (he lives in a divided tank with 2 other bettas, have had no issues and they don't...
  15. Reeferxbetta

    Expired Test Kits?

    I bought the Red Sea marine care test kit (I believe that's what it's called) but there was no date printed on the box, so I didn't even notice this until I went to use it, but the tests are expired. I checked my nitrates (that's it so far) and they were reading 2, that's seemed accurate to me...
  16. Reeferxbetta

    Red Sea Max 250 Build

    I have finally decided to do a build thread… after the tank had already been running for a month! But it is nowhere near complete with only 30 pounds of lr and two clowns. I've been having more issues than I would've liked with this tank, so I figured there will probably be more to come, and I...
  17. Reeferxbetta

    Red Sea Pump Died For No Reason?

    I really just need to do a build thread with all the issues I've been having… is it still worth it to do one once the tank has been running for a month? Anyways, I have the Red Sea max 250, bought it used. Long story short, I'm lucky I replaced this pump on Saturday with a Sicce one (I had to...
  18. Reeferxbetta

    What Would You Do With 2.5 Gallons?

    I have 3 2.5 gallon tanks laying around, I would like to use one of them for something because I have an empty space on my dresser by one of my 10 gallons, at first I was thinking I would do a pico reef tank, but I quickly decided no on that idea just because of how much work my large reef tank...
  19. Reeferxbetta

    Any Advice On Curing Live/dry Rock?

    I started my tank off at 40 gallons, but have since upgraded to a 66 gallon tank. I used to only have about 35 pounds of live rock in my tank, which I just added directly to the tank when I set it up new, now I'm adding another 30 pounds, and I'm wondering how some of you cured rock. I have...
  20. Reeferxbetta

    How To Clean Chiller?

    I've been needing a chiller as my tank has been staying at around 83, (enclosed system, so fans aren't really an option and I already run 6 fans that are attached to the hood… unfortunately they don't help much) so yesterday I finally found one and bought it. It's a JBJ artica 1/4 hp I believe...
  21. Reeferxbetta

    Tomini Tang Minimum Tank Size

    I have a 66 gallon tank, and I am just wondering what you guys think the minimum tank size is for tomini tangs and if you think one would do well in 66 gallons. I can never seem to find consistent information on any tangs, I was reading some random threads and someone mentioned a tomini tang...
  22. Reeferxbetta

    Refugium Idea

    My tank is a Red Sea max 250 aio system, and I'm really looking for some cheap ways to add to the filtration/sump in this tank, and I hear a lot of people recommend using HOB filters for refugiums, now I have nowhere with the enclosed system where I could put a HOB, so I immediately thought...
  23. Reeferxbetta

    Coralife T5 Bulbs

    I just got a Red Sea max 250 (used) so I am planning to get new bulbs, happened to notice that petco had coralife 36" bulbs for $15, I am considering buying them and would like to see what you guys think, my hood takes 6 bulbs, I was going to do 3 of the 10,000 daylight (will add pictures so you...
  24. Reeferxbetta

    Stocking 13 Gallon Tank

    I've had this 13 gallon tank for a while, but never really done anything too exciting with it, I'd like to do some sort of freshwater community tank, and I've thought about maybe some neon tetras and a dwarf gourami or something, but I would like to see if anyone else has some more unique...
  25. Reeferxbetta

    Recommendations For Automatic Top Off

    I recently upgraded to a Red Sea max 250, it's very sensitive to the water level, and will not work right if the water level is not perfect, and with the cooling fans running, it evaporates pretty quickly. Can anyone recommend a decent, and affordable automatic top off?
  26. Reeferxbetta

    Feelings On A 10 Gallon Tank Divided Into 3?

    I have 6 betta tanks, 3 of which are 2.5 gallon tanks, heated and filtered of course, 2.5 gallons wasn't ideal in my opinion but I saw 3 dying fish at petco and couldn't leave them… now that they've all made a full recovery, and with this crazy saltwater tank situation I'm currently dealing with...
  27. Reeferxbetta

    Redsea Max 250?

    I just purchased a Redsea Max 250, and am going to be setting it up very soon, I am transferring from a 40 breeder with only a HOB filter, and HOB skimmer, so this is quite a bit different than what I'm used to. I just wanted to get anyone's thoughts on this tank, advice with maintenance, etc.
  28. Reeferxbetta

    New Reef Tank Lighting

    I currently have a 40 gallon fowlr (with one coral) and now that this tank has started leaking, I am most likely going to be getting a 60 gallon rimless cube tomorrow (24x24x24) and basically starting over (with the exception of my lr, sand, etc.) but supplies like lighting, tank, skimmer...
  29. Reeferxbetta

    Seaweed For Clownfish?

    I have two false perc clowns, and I was wondering if I could feed them sea weed. I know they can eat things like this, but would the sushi nori type seaweed be alright? I have some for my hermit crabs that is only organic seaweed, nothing else, would this be safe/healthy for them?
  30. Reeferxbetta

    Undissolved Salt

    I'm mixing up 5 gallons of salt water that I'm going to be using tomorrow for a water change. I noticed a very small amount of undissolved salt on the bottom of the bucket, probably 1/8 of a teaspoon if that. I figured I probably shouldn't worry about it much, but I'd just like to be sure...
  31. Reeferxbetta

    Is It Safe To Treat For Ich If You Are Unsure If Your Fish Has Ich?

    I got a betta on Saturday, and yesterday I noticed what looked like ich on him, after doing some research I decided to go with the method of just raising his tank to 86 degrees for 2 weeks while cleaning the gravel 2-3 a week. Today I noticed only 1 or 2 salt grain looking dots on him, so I...
  32. Reeferxbetta

    Is .75 Gallons Too Small For Betta

    I have a .75 gallon critter keeper, and I was wondering if it'd be too small to keep a betta in as a temporary tank for about 2 months. I wouldn't house it in this tank forever, just for about 2 months at most until I could get a 3-5 gallon tank.
  33. Reeferxbetta

    How To Sanitize Betta Tank

    I had a betta in a 5 gallon tank for about 2 and a half months, he died yesterday after what I thought was swim bladder, he swam sideways the entire time I had him no matter what I did. Yesterday morning he was gray, and by night he had passed. I'm probably going to be getting a new betta...

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