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  1. CBickings

    Question Used Emperor 400

    Hiya, I got two used emperor 400 filters with my 135 gallon second-hand tank. Should I replace the used biowheels or replace them with new ones?
  2. CBickings

    Oscar Tank Mates

    Hello, I was going to wait on this, but I found a deal on a used 135 gallon aquarium. So apparently I am not waiting! I just got an 135 gallon 6ft tank that will be thoroughly cleaned. It has two large emperor hob filters and I plan on buying a canister filter. I absolutely fell in love...
  3. CBickings

    Winter Insulation For 20 Gallon Tank?

    Hello, my house is not insulated well and we have propane heat. Thus we keep our temps low in the winter time. During the day we keep it around 68f but at night it gets down to about 62f. Is there some way that I can insulate my 20g long tank so that the heater is not constantly running? It is...
  4. CBickings

    Is An Oscar Worth It?

    Hiya, I have been toying with the idea of setting up a 75 or 90 gallon aquarium in the future (could be up to a year from now). I recently discovered the Oscar Cichlid and fell in love. Are they really worth all of the water changes/work for one single fish in a tank?
  5. CBickings

    Betta With Swim Bladder Not Getting Better

    Hi everyone, Sorry for the long read! I am new here but not new to fish. I used to keep Bettas (had up to about 5 at one time) and I also used to have a 20g long tank. I got out of the hobby for a few years and am now getting back into it. I impulsively got a Betta from petco about 9 days ago...

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