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  1. chickadee

    New food to replace Atison's betta Pro

    I was out and Ed wandered in to my forum and was so nice and really makes this stuff and sells it to members of his fish club and to other fish hobbyists out of the goodness of his heart. He has branched out and does foods for turtles and other pets and even the bloodworms that he gets from...
  2. chickadee

    Getting worried already

    Sounds like he has had live food like Baby Brine Shrimp that move. You may want to stir the water before you throw the food in. Is his tank filtered or not? If it is not you need to have it filtered. then the water will be moving some all the time. It will at least give some semblance of...
  3. chickadee

    Getting worried already

    he has a low cost shipping method if you call and ask about it where they will ship in an envelope instead of a box You just have to tell them that is what you want. If you can get it anywhere I would always recommend Hikari or Atisons pellets rather than Wardley and anything in the bloodworm...
  4. chickadee

    New food to replace Atison's betta Pro

    I know some of you used Atison's Betta Pro pellets and miss not having them made anymore. I have found a source of natural made pellets that contain salmon as the main ingredient made by a fish hobbyist who will sell them in many sizes of container from 1/2 ounce to almost any size you want up...
  5. chickadee

    Getting worried already

    The trick sometimes amounts to calling the place you got him from and finding out what they fed the fish before you got him but he is such a stunner and you have a right to worry. New parents always do. LOL I found a new place to get food for my bettas since the Atison's betta Pro is no more...
  6. chickadee

    What is wrong with this guy?!?

    I know I had a standing order for a true green crowntail for over 2 years and withdrew it about a year ago and then you slip a true green OHM in there MM YIKES I will hope that maybe sometime in my life to own a true green betta but expect to pay for it as they are rare as hen's teeth But to...
  7. chickadee

    Walmart, what happened?

    Our town had one of the best Walmart Supercenters for having a man running the fish department who actually knew something about how to run a fish department. The betta were kept in lovely little tanks and they were treated hemanely and the fish tanks were cleaned daily and there were never...
  8. chickadee

    Koi betta???

    They do not usually keep that coloring either sad to say. I wanted a koi colored betta so badly and when I got one and paid a fortune for the little guy and he was gorgeous. I brought him home and fed him good quality food and now he is a chocolate through and through. the coloring changes and...
  9. chickadee

    Question Mirrors and Bettas

    It is like watching an invader come into your home. Would you enjoy it? A betta is a solitary creature and does not enjoy the feeling of having their territory invaded whether it be a virtual invasion by the use of a mirror or an actual one with another betta. They do not call them Fighting...
  10. chickadee

    My 1st crowntail spawn results

    Love the one in your is lovely.
  11. chickadee

    My 1st crowntail spawn results

    Isn't that the way it is all the time? When you want a really nice pic, they will not sit still. But they are lovely and you have every right to be very proud ot them both and they had beautfiul can tell them I said so..
  12. chickadee

    My 1st crowntail spawn results

    Thanks Karen, there is plenty of time with the snow flying like crazy here this is not time for betta babies to be flying through the mail to Nebraska so by the time the weather is nice enough you can have your kids ready to think which of theim you may be willing to part with. but I want to be...
  13. chickadee

    My 1st crowntail spawn results

    Gorgeous boy Karen thanks for sharing...I am anxious to see the little ones you will be offering for sale from this spawning. I think the next one in my tanks will be a crownie...and hopefully one of yours. Rose
  14. chickadee

    Treating ich without raising the temperature

    A smaller tank will heat faster or an extra heater or stronger one. BUt then you need to watch close to make sure it does not overheat. I would not go over 83 degrees for the 14 days with the shape he is in. 82 will do it but to go to the full 85 that sometimes are recommended may be too big...
  15. chickadee

    Treating ich without raising the temperature

    You are doing the right thing so far I would hold off on food for a couple days as I am afraid he has some internal infection too. The 45 degree angle indicates that he is not only suffering from ich. He is doing what is called guarding and trying to protect himself by laying at an angle to...
  16. chickadee

    clown loaches and bettas

    I have noted that the loaches were pretty much nocturnal and the betta is sleeping then so they are hardly ever out the same time of day. the loaches swim much faster and are perfectly able to handle themselves if they get a sassy betta. But so far I have had several different betta with them...
  17. chickadee

    clown loaches and bettas

    I have had a LOT of success keeping loaches of all types with betta. They seem to acutally really like each other. I cannot say that I have tried the Clown Loach as my tanks are not that big but loaches are not out of line at all. They have differtnet habits, true but this may be what makes...
  18. chickadee

    Bettas with Kuhlis?

    I actually do have kuhlis in with two of my bettas and they get along okay but they are in BIG tanks where the two types of fish very rarely meet and never get in each others way. It is not something to be done in a 5 or 10 gallon tank for sure. It is not an impossibility in a large tank but I...
  19. chickadee

    Betta in very bad shape, urgent advice needed

    Just a small suggestion to maybe help him a bit. His metabolism will be a bit more active if you raise the temperature a degree or two. Actually I try to keep my guys at a temp between 78 and 80 degrees and it helps to keep them more active and their metabolism and digestive processes more...
  20. chickadee


    Well after looking for a green (actual green) for years, I guess I know where to come to find one when I am looking next time. Karen, you amaze me. (actually not, I never doubted you could do it, just did not realize that they already were there.)
  21. chickadee

    Dividing a tank for and low cost

    Wish I did have it on a video I wish I did have it on a video but I quit dividing my tanks a long time ago and no longer have the tank I divided. I used that method and it works but do not have any bettas in divided tanks anymore. I hope someone can help you though as if you want to do it the...
  22. chickadee

    The fourth Marty Betta

    Don't tell the others but he is the one who is now my BABY. I just cannot resist that FACE. He cost me a fortune to buy but is every bit worth it. I will be getting them into bigger tanks when they get a little older but they have to wait a bit as I have company coming for Thanksgiving and it...
  23. chickadee

    My Tank

    Beautiful tank Lovely tank and beautiful fish. Good going. Rose
  24. chickadee

    My new betta boy, Fathom

    I still have my mug to remember him by and the picture stored for the wallpaper he was a gorgeous betta. Too bad Miami Aquariums is not selling online anymore. They did have nice bettas. BUT now I know where I will be coming for my bettas.....LOL. Rose
  25. chickadee

    The fourth Marty Betta

    Actually was listed as a HMDT in the auction and they would know but the length of the extension on the split section would have made me guess him as a VTDT. But his breeder said no it was HMDT. IF I had been a breeder...but no I am not...I would have been tempted with these boys, but HM...
  26. chickadee

    My new betta boy, Fathom

    He came from Thailand from a breeder who lists under the name of Lucky_farm both of these guys did. This one went off auction an hour after I found him and I begged that he be reinstated as there were no bids on him and he was put back because I asked for him to be. So I got both of these guys...
  27. chickadee

    The fourth Marty Betta

    This little guy is a sweet natured betta, does not flare and act up like Fathom does. He has the cutest face with all those markings. For some reason once I saw them I was hooked and could not take it until I owned a Koi Colored Betta and a Doubletail on top of it made it better...
  28. chickadee

    My new betta boy, Fathom

    I changed the music and it now quite lovely so play one Magee!
  29. chickadee

    Merlin's in bad shape :(

    Good luck with him. Karen has a special touch with fish and since I do not know what it is you are doing for him I will not butt in and offer more advice. I wish you well with him and a speedy recovery. I know he is in good hands. Rose
  30. chickadee

    Question Using Garlic???

    If it had not happened to me and we had HIGH nitrates also (up to 80 and higher) when I lost my fish, I would not have known either. But my fish went swimming around and overnight they were gone and that was the only thing I found that made a difference. Then one day our city water supply was...
  31. chickadee

    Question Using Garlic???

    Sounds like there is a problem with your tap water or your dechlorinator is not working and after the water ages in the tank overnight it is worked out. Can you test the tap water straight out of the tap before you dechlorinate it and again after you put the dechlorinator in it and see if the...
  32. chickadee

    Advice needed

    Good for you! I have thought with some of my boys that they would starve or I would be bankrupt trying to find the right thing to feed them. If you ever have another peckish or stubborn one the easy way is to contact the people you got them from and find out what they were used to eating and...
  33. chickadee

    Help I think Aidan has fin rot

    MARACYN PLUS is my drug of choice for all my fish and I will explain why. It goes to the fish's body and you can almost watch it do this. It is set up in tiny little micro capsules in a liquid, it is easy to dose, 1 cc per gallon of tank size and it attaches itself to the fish instead of just...
  34. chickadee

    How/where does your betta sleep?

    Every one of my boys and several before them have slept in tall plants in their tanks. I am a firm believer that the kindest and best thing you can do for a betta is to provide your sleepy little buddy with a tall plant to sleep in for the night so he does not have to travel far to the surface...
  35. chickadee

    Help Halfmoon Missing piece of tail

    If he has fin rot starting then you need to do the medication thing and I would start with Maracyn 2 or even Triple Sulfa or TriSulfa. The best thing I have found is Maracyn Plus as it attaches itself to the fish and stays there instead of just floating in the water like a bath but it is hard...
  36. chickadee

    RIP Emmett

    I am so sorry for your loss and know that Emmett had the best home possible for the months that you had him. I am sure he is telling all the bettas in heaven what a good and sweet Mother he was blessed with during the time he had. RIP dear little Emmett. Rose
  37. chickadee

    Ranmaru not doing so well

    So sorry for your loss and hope you are okay. Rose
  38. chickadee

    Nightmare ended?

    soaking her food in Garlic juice from the minced garlic or Garlic Guard (I use the juice) will help her heal even faster. Any time you can get it inside of them by soaking their food it will be much more effective and work much faster but having it in the water helps too. Best choice is to do...
  39. chickadee

    Help Halfmoon Missing piece of tail

    You may want to try soaking his food with the garlic juice or giving him minced garlic instead of pea treats for the weekly veggie. It has a healing quality to it. Rose
  40. chickadee

    Lost some babies this week

    The change of seasons is hard on all fragile all health professions whether it be for pets or humans. It is always a hard time on any fish that has a problem known or unknown. Fish tend to be more likely to die at season changes I have found and a lot of times it is very...
  41. chickadee

    Ranmaru not doing so well

    They are drops that are specifically made for use in the anesthetizing fish to the point of death in cases where they are not going to recover from whatever the problem is. They are hard to find, the last time I needed to find some for someone I had to "search" them on
  42. chickadee

    RIP Aragorn

    Yes I had my first little female betta that was like that. She was ordered off of EBay and when I got her she never grew a bit through her body, her fins deepened but the body seemed very tiny always. She did not live long either and I was told that in all probability that the breeder that...
  43. chickadee

    A mystery solved & fat betta

    Are you sure it is not eggs???
  44. chickadee

    Chow time!

    That is so special, Karen. Thank you for sharing it. Four more tanks like that!!! No wonder you are busy. There are a lot of colors in there ... grand and wonderful to see.
  45. chickadee

    Ranmaru not doing so well

    I am so sorry that you are going through this. I have had to euthanize two fish in my fish keeping days and it is hard even though I use the Euthanase drops that basically just put them to sleep. It is hard to do. I can understand your sadness and want you to know that I sympathize. Rose
  46. chickadee

    best filter

    For that money and ease of use and maintenance I love the EHEIM Liberty HOB filter. They have paddles inside for the carbon and for the sponge to grow the biological filter on. I love mine and they are really easy to maintain. For a canister but more expensive, the Marineland C Class cannot...
  47. chickadee

    Lost some babies this week

    I am so sorry for your loss. It is hard. With bettas they become a part of the family and their loss is devastating. It is so sad, you will be in my thoughts. Rose
  48. chickadee

    Sudden Loss

    It would mean that the other fish were probably taking nips of him after his death. He would not have decomposed that quickly. I think it could have been anything. I lost a betta quickly a couple of weeks ago. they sometimes die of old age and sometimes they die of heart failure and...
  49. chickadee

    Cloudy Eyes on Female Betta

    The operative word there is "seemed" remember he is a salesman and the first and foremost thing is a SALE. If the fish dies it generally means another ...shall I say it....SALE. So it is not in their best interests to help you too much to keep the fish alive at all costs. (Just through the...
  50. chickadee

    My baby clayton..

    Just be careful not to overfeed...they are like piggies with fins and can really make themselves very sick with their constant food fixation.

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