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  1. Obie

    Help Adf Not Eating

    So yesterday i went and bought 3 African dwarf frogs, i’ve had some before but they all died for the same reason, they weren’t eating. So this time i decided to try out a tank with only adf, but they still wont eat. I give them Freeze dried bloodworms and ZooMed aquatic frog and tadpole food.
  2. Obie

    Help Random Snail?

    I just found a single baby snail in my tank, have no clue where it came from. I do have a mystery snail in a different tank, pretty far away from this one. And to be honest i could use some more snails for other tanks. It wouldn't hurt my other fish to just let it be would it? Sorry i couldn't...
  3. Obie

    Help Shrimp Only Tank

    I'm probably going to end up buying a tank for just shrimp, Ive decided its gonna be 5-10gal with sand. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated. Feeding and cleaning are what im most concerned about. Also would they need a filter or any type of plug-ins?
  4. Obie

    Help Res Cleaning

    So i put some sand in my turtles tank not too long ago, he digs and kicks it around, seems to like it okay. But his shell is looking pale, and his regular toothbrush scrub doesnt seem do be doing the trick. I dont imagine its bothering him, but hes gotta look good for the ladies. Did i mess up...
  5. Obie

    Help Decorating Habitat

    Any tips on how to decorate my RES tank? Ive had him awhile now and seems to be a pretty happy little dude, but all he's got is his rock and heat lamp, i cant imagine its very fun for him just sitting on a rock basking in a glass box all day. Ive been told they tend to tear up anything extra...
  6. Obie

    Help Big Swite Spots Covering Eye

    Just looked at my black molly, recently had ich but was treated and went away (i thought) . I desperately tried to get a decent picture but it just wouldn't sit still and i gave up, hes got very large white spots covering both eyes, is it Ich?
  7. Obie

    Help Help With Dying Cories

    I had 4 cories, every morning i wake up to another dead fish, wednesday was the red tail shark (which just so happened to be my favorite), yesterday and today were dead cories, im starting to get very irritated at how many cories i have had to replace, the tank is properly cycled, i did a water...
  8. Obie

    Help Need Ich Help

    So some of my fish obviously have ich, my black molly is covered in white spots, and one of my black skirts. I cant see anything on any of the other fish. I have no access to any kind of treatment right now except for maybe my turtle's heat lamp. I just want make sure i wont hurt any of the fish...
  9. Obie

    Question Do I Have Enough?

    I went to the store and picked up 3 more cories, now i have 4, i’ve been told 5-8 would be best for them, but the tank is already a little bit overstocked. Is 4 enough for them to thrive and stay happy?
  10. Obie

    Question New Tankmate?

    I want to get a Dalmatian molly, the tank is 20 gallons, already cycled and has had fish in it for quite some time now. At the moment all i have is 4 black skirt tetra, 1 black molly, 1 corey cat, and a red tail shark. Would one more Dalmatian overstock the tank? If so is there anything else i...
  11. Obie

    Question Stepdads Dying Fish

    My stepfather bought some goldfish a few weeks, he does regular water maintenance and there are 3 other goldies with him in the tank. Its always been lethargic, swimming at the bottom and only coming up to eat, but seemed healthy otherwise, now he’s just floating there on his side, but still...
  12. Obie

    Question Rts Sticking By Filter

    I bought a red tail shark about two weeks ago, and up until yesterday he seemed well enough, lately though hes just sticking himself to the filter vertically and not moving all day , i tried turning the filter off for a minute and he'd swim around it and investigate, then he went off somewhere...

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