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  1. California L33

    Dying Goldfish

    Welcome to Fish Lore. If the first medicine isn't working it's time to try something else. It's nice that they have 'natural' medicines, but I think something like Paraguard might give you better results if you suspect parasites, though I'm hardly a goldfish expert, so others with more...
  2. California L33


    If you're worried about saggy skin and tattoos get a Shar-Pei dog. When you're young it'll look like an old dog without any wrinkles. As you age it will become a wrinkled puppy .
  3. California L33

    Tiny Betta Food

    I'll second Northfin Betta Bits as a good small food. It may help to soak the pellets to make them soft enough to chew, though Betta Bits don't have a long float time, so it's kind of an art to get them soft enough to eat, but still float long enough to make sure they're eaten from the top. You...
  4. California L33

    New Betta Fish Not Moving Around

    Bettas are not active fish. It's not unusual for them to lay on the bottom or float at the top. Sometimes they even lay on their sides or in a nose down attitude in a plant. In nature they come from areas where territory and food are both scarce, so lots of movement doesn't really help them get...
  5. California L33

    Betta Fin Webbing Ballooning (crowntail)

    I've never seen anything like that. If you're convinced it's just webbing I'd say it's better to leave him alone than risk sedation and surgery- especially do-it-yourself surgery. The surgery itself can cause injury and infection, and sedating fish calls for experience. I know some vets will...
  6. California L33

    Does My Betta Have Fin Rot?

    You need to block of the tank so he can't jump into the filter. Bettas are well known 'jumpers,' and you're lucky he landed in the filter instead of on the floor. We routinely read here about poor Bettas dying when they find the one opening in the tank lid just barely big enough to jump through...
  7. California L33

    Anyone Grow Rice?

    Let us know how it works out.
  8. California L33

    Does My Betta Have Fin Rot?

    I didn't see this. If you see any new growth, or if it's not getting worse, you probably don't need medicine. If it's getting worse then an antibiotic would be appropriate.
  9. California L33

    Anyone Grow Rice?

    Wow, I come from a family of rice growers. As a child I remember seeing little fish in the paddies, but never thought about putting rice in an aquarium . The problem may be that rice is an annual and only semi-aquatic. As it grows the fields dry and the rice stays green for some time in just...
  10. California L33

    Lost My Fish :(

    I'm sorry for your loss. It can really hurt to lose a fish, and be devastating to lose a whole tank, even if that whole tank is only two. I'm afraid it will be difficult to say exactly what went wrong. 3 months is a long, long time between water changes, especially in a goldfish tank. It may...
  11. California L33

    Help! Lethargic Betta!

    Well, I've been here long enough to absolutely say, 'everything is OK,' but I'd be surprised if something was really wrong. (It sounds like he's got a great home, and as long as you're looking over your brother's shoulder to keep his water clean then I think you guys will have a happy, if not...
  12. California L33

    Fish Dying After Water Changes

    If you took an hour adding the new water I'd say it's unlikely the changing pH caused your fish to die, HOWEVER- I've never raised your particular fish. If someone comes along with experience and says that they're particularly sensitive to it I won't argue. I will say since it's only the Yellow...
  13. California L33

    Fish Dying After Water Changes

    Last night after the water change your parameters were 0-0-5. Today 0-0-40? And the pH went from 7.6 to 8.2? And your stocking is 6 Red Fin Borleyi and (until today) one Yellow Lab in a 75 gallon tank. Is this correct? That's an incredibly rapid rise in nitrate. What size are the Borleyi?
  14. California L33

    Help! Lethargic Betta!

    If there's no obvious sign of disease there's nothing you really can do other than continue with daily partial water changes and hope he comes around. How big is the tank he's in? Is it filtered and heated? Keep in mind that Bettas are not a terribly active fish to start with. It's natural...
  15. California L33

    My Gosh, How Do Ya'll Keep Up With Them?

    They're often easier to inspect/count at feeding time when everybody is out and up. You can also inspect them after a couple of hours of dark when they're asleep. It takes a few minutes for them to wake up after you turn the light on, or you can use a small flashlight- not so easy to count...
  16. California L33

    Can Fish Become Obese?

    Fish generally don't 'get fat.' It's much more likely that you're seeing bloat, which is different. It can happen when food gets stuck inside them. If you have a fish 'getting bigger by the day' it may be constipated, pregnant, or have a tumor.
  17. California L33

    Nitrite Too High?

    As long as you have ANY ammonia or nitrite the tank is not cycled. The only way to remove nitrate is with water changes. I don't know how much nitrate sea horses can tolerate and be healthy. You'll need to get some advice from experts on their keeping. I believe there are special...
  18. California L33

    Is A 32 Gallon Too Small For A Starter?

    The original idea was a free beat up tank from Craigslist or somewhere similar, but large tubs might be a better idea.
  19. California L33

    Is A 32 Gallon Too Small For A Starter?

    I wasn't saying it was for everyone. The expense of the pump and plumbing is definitely there, but the big benefit of higher water volume is obvious. You could potentially double it or more without the expense of increased lighting for the corals. (Saw a YouTube video of a guy who lived by the...
  20. California L33

    Is A 32 Gallon Too Small For A Starter?

    I certainly understand that expense is a real consideration, and it's nice that nano salt tanks are do-able. For some reason money doesn't come as easily as it should . One option that might not break the bank would be to get a relatively small tank, but attach a relatively large sump. The sump...
  21. California L33

    Sick Betta

    Popeye is generally a bacterial infection and needs antibiotics such as Seachem Kanaplex to treat.
  22. California L33

    Is A 32 Gallon Too Small For A Starter?

    Fresh or salt water, the bigger the tank the slower the water chemistry changes, the easier it is for the fish keeper. Back in the day the advice I always heard was 55 was the smallest practical salt water tank, but that 75 was better for a beginner. However, recently I've seen YouTube videos...
  23. California L33

    Help Identifying Wood Safe For Aquarium

    Generally, so long as the forest is natural- in other words no chemicals are sprayed and there hasn't been any industrial activity that might contaminate the wood, it should be aquarium safe. I'd soak it for a couple of weeks changing the water every few days not only to lessen the tanins, but...
  24. California L33

    Would It Be Possible To Reinforce These Boxes For A Stand?

    They appear to be too roughly made for an aquarium stand. It looks like they're tacked/stapled together. They also don't appear to be terribly even in construction, which means that when you put the plywood on them (hopefully at least 3/4") that it wouldn't be evenly supported. If you were to...
  25. California L33

    Betta With Hole In The Head?

    Monitor his water carefully- a one gallon tank without filtration isn't ideal for a Betta. He'd do far better in a 3 or larger with a sponge filter. Water parameters change so quickly in small and unfiltered tanks that the occupants become more prone to disease. Does he have a heater?
  26. California L33

    Comment by 'California L33' in media 'Rosetail Betta'

    He's got the perfect grumpy Betta face :).
  27. California L33

    My Betta Jumped, And I Don't Know Why.

    I don't think there's an official way of closing a thread, but a 'thank you and good night' like you just did should handle it. That doesn't mean someone else won't reply, but you're not required to read it. I did want to say that I agree that I don't think your chemistry 'caused' your fish to...
  28. California L33

    My Betta Jumped, And I Don't Know Why.

    A 2.6 will be a bit tight with a Betta and shrimp. The bioload shouldn't be a problem, but Bettas are more aggressive towards tank mates in smaller tanks.
  29. California L33

    My Betta Jumped, And I Don't Know Why.

    Sorry for your loss. Fish are more likely to jump if there's something wrong with the water quality- particularly Nitrite for some reason, so test your water before putting another one in. However, Bettas are known to be jumpers. They can jump if they're startled, if they see a juicy bug just...
  30. California L33

    Strange Hole In Betta Tail

    For treatment I'd just do 50% every other day water changes. I would not advise using melafix or any other tree oil treatment on Bettas or any other labyrinth fish.
  31. California L33

    Does My Betta Have Fin Rot?

    Hmmm, OK, so how often are you changing water, and how much?
  32. California L33

    Strange Hole In Betta Tail

    It might just be damage from the driftwood- flicked it against it. It's unusual for fin rot to start there, but watch it, and the rest of his fins, too.
  33. California L33

    Stressed Betta Making Bubble Nest

    Was she dressing like a cat when she fed him?
  34. California L33

    Does My Betta Have Fin Rot?

    He still seems to have mild fin rot. What is your water change schedule? Is there are possibility he's damaging his tail- filter intake, hard plastic plants, etc?
  35. California L33

    Oily Water Surface?

    It's 'protein' for the squeamish, mostly fish waste for the rest of us. As others have said it will dissipate in water if there is surface movement, or you can skim it off with a large spoon. (One way or another it has to come out. If it's in the water it'll be consumed by the BB and end up as...
  36. California L33

    Help! What's Wrong With My Betta??

    You need to get, and keep, the Ammonia level at zero. .5 will stress the fish and leave it vulnerable to opportunistic disease, which yours appears to have developed. Unfortunately, I can't tell what it is. Some 'fungus' infections are actually 'fuzzy bacteria' or fungi that are secondary to...
  37. California L33

    Sick Betta Fish.

    I'm sorry for your loss. It's always tough to lose one of these little guys because we become more emotionally attached to them than we realize sometimes. Bettas are one of only a handful of species of fish that have individual personalities, so losing one isn't losing a specimen, but a little...
  38. California L33

    Sick Betta Fish.

    Yes, test the water. If it's anything other than 0,0,0 then do a water change advised. Like I said, it's not easy to make the call, but I think he needs clean water more than medicine right now. High ammonia or nitrite will kill a fish much faster than most diseases.
  39. California L33

    Sick Betta Fish.

    I'm sorry your Safire is sick. He's probably also quite stressed from the attacks, and he may be injured beyond just his tattered fins. You haven't mentioned anything about water quality or water changes. What are the readings for Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate? Three Bettas in a three gallon...
  40. California L33

    Please Help! 7 Fish Died In 24 Hours!

    I'd get some test strips and double check. The nice thing about test strips is they're pretty fool proof. They're not quite as accurate as a chemical kit, but they're a good way of double checking. I'd also let the tap run for a few minutes before testing the tap water. This way anything that...
  41. California L33

    Comment by 'California L33' in media 'Betta Fish'

    Fabulous color! He looks like lemon sherbet.
  42. California L33

    Penn Plax Cascade 1500 Won't Prime

    If the hoses are really kinked then yes, that could be your problem. Post some pictures before you drill, or position it in a temporary location without the kinks and see if it primes. Also, you've completely filled it with water and closed the cap, right?
  43. California L33

    I Can't Tell If My Mystery Snail Is Dead Or Not.

    Not for long, unless the water is really, really cold eventually the bacteria naturally inside her gut will begin to consume her, then they will produce gas, and she'll expand, coming out of her shell. It could be that she's sick, and may die, but not dead yet. If that's the case there's a...
  44. California L33

    Will Transporting Fish By Plane Hurt Them?

    Airlines are so notorious for saying one thing and doing another make sure you've got a Plan B and Plan C just in case. If they say, 'no trouble, you can carry them on,' be prepared for them to say, 'sorry, they have to fly as baggage,' when you get there, and if they say they can only go as...
  45. California L33

    I Can't Tell If My Mystery Snail Is Dead Or Not.

    Just change the water every day until you know for sure. If she's in a separate container she can't hurt other tank mates. If she's gone it won't be long before you know it- it won't be pretty because she'll kind of explode, but you'll know for sure. Put a piece of spinach out for her and put...
  46. California L33

    Too Many Gravel Vacs A Week?

    It won't affect your cycle as most beneficial bacteria live in the filter, but as alluded to, rooted plants may not grow quite as well without some of the nutrients that are being vacuumed out, but so long as you're not actually damaging the roots it likely won't hurt them. It's probably more...
  47. California L33

    Help! A Worm Thing!

    There's a 99% chance it's nothing to worry about. Most small wrigglers in tanks can't harm fish, but are delicious... if you are a fish. Though it's hard to tell without a pitcture it's likely a detritus worm. Detritus worms appear pretty much spontaneously in tanks that are overfed and/or...
  48. California L33

    Comment by 'California L33' in media 'Nessy and Ponyboy'

    Nessy's thinking if he can open his mouth just a little wider he'll be able to swallow poor Ponyboy whole.
  49. California L33

    Betta Swim Bladder Problem

    I've heard about several Bettas with permanent swim bladder injuries that have lived long and happy lives- both those that couldn't dive, and those that couldn't rise. If they can't float it's important to keep them in a shallow tank so they don't have to exert a lot of energy to get to the...
  50. California L33

    Betta Swim Bladder Problem

    I'm not sure if you should be doing that many Epsom Salt baths. It's not supposed to perk him up. It's supposed to get rid of excess fluid so his swim bladder works correctly, and apparently it's not doing that after multiple attempts. Moving fish stresses them. Sometimes it's necessary, but if...

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