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  1. steveredlakefallsmn

    Healing thoughts, please :-)

    just remember,if you fall off the horse get back wishes and i hope you heal soon.(gotta love thos wild horses).take care.STEVE.
  2. steveredlakefallsmn

    My new pandas

    love the pandas,want to get some my self.gotta love the CORRIES.
  3. steveredlakefallsmn

    Blood Parrot Spawn Video

    the thing is,is most times the male is infertile,and they just might not produce young.ive got a pair of BLOOD RED PARROTS,and they have spawned many times.the odds are rare that they will produce.sorry to be the barrer of bad news.the one to talk to is aquarist48,he has some of the most...
  4. steveredlakefallsmn

    FINALLY my new GBRs

    want to get pics,but have an out dated comp,will see what i can do,cant promise but will definatly try.might have to use the school comp to get them out to you all.have had problems in the past.thanks for your in put.steve.
  5. steveredlakefallsmn

    FINALLY my new GBRs

    Well i finally got my GBRs,been wanting them for a long time..,got a pair from my LFS,wich is the best around,GRAND FORKS,ND.and im watching them right know,they look sooooooo,happy.and im soooooo,proud of them.i just hope that i can keep them alive,i know they say they are hard to keep if you...
  6. steveredlakefallsmn

    My blood parrots spawned!! now what?

    wow you are very fortunant,i really love my parrots and have had them for over a year know,have seen lots of eggs, but with no results,wich i know that it will not happen,even with the emaculante conception,lol,but i do have a male convict and hope for something but........ nothing yet,can...
  7. steveredlakefallsmn

    One of these things is not like the others..... tra la la...

    wow linda,once again you amaze me with your pics.are you a pro pic taker?
  8. steveredlakefallsmn

    Why do I even go in there...? (PetCo)

    thing is they will not change the way they sell these fish,the more you buy the more they will get.the only way to solve this problem is to stop buying and just move on with things.the market out there is just to demanding to even try to stop on line and not from box stores.they wont...
  9. steveredlakefallsmn

    10 Gallon Tank Stocking with a betta?

    i would go with the corys,i have a cory with my betta and they do great to gather,i just added 2 more to my betta tank and sofar so of luck.STEVE.
  10. steveredlakefallsmn

    Question Taboo?

    yah pete seems to do good with the corys,hes got one that has been with him since i got him,i had him(the cory)with a male convict that ripped all his fins off,they havent growen back yet and really dont think they will,but the little guy seems to get along real good,and pete seems to look after...
  11. steveredlakefallsmn

    Gunna e-mail PetCo. Have a quick question.

    just want to put my 2cents in.i have had aprob with walmart and there fish tanks.i did not have to take pics of the filth and lack of care,i was persistant and kept on them on how they miss managed there took a while but know i can go in (and believe me they watch me),and there tanks...
  12. steveredlakefallsmn

    Question Taboo?

    i will definatly head all your advice,i am sitting here watching them and yes they do seem to be abit agresive towards each other.the betta definatly holds his ground.i guess in the am i will have to set up my other 30gal tank,for the guppys.boy will my wife be mad well i have to...
  13. steveredlakefallsmn

    Question Taboo?

    even if the tank is a 30gal?seems like alot of room for these fish?
  14. steveredlakefallsmn

    Question Taboo?

    just wondering if this idea was taboo or not?i just put my freind pete in a 30gal tank,(my betta by the a deformed albino cory cat,they are doing great and have been for quite i went and bought 3 fancie male guppies,and 2 other cory cat.(dont really know what kind...
  15. steveredlakefallsmn

    Room Lights On Dimmers

    ken your new pics look great!love you long little tank.i just talk to our art teacher about taracota clay,and i will be getting some,to make my own pots and things (like branches and hiding spots ,even some flat peices for cichlids)hope to sell them for cheap.will be a while tho,just to give you...
  16. steveredlakefallsmn

    Where do you Browse Fishlore From?

    ya,welcome to small town
  17. steveredlakefallsmn

    Where do you Browse Fishlore From?

    used to do it at work,but now have to at home they put a blocker on so i cant veiw at work,something about a social net work,they do not alowe this in the school i work for(boooo),liked to visit with everyone in the afternoon,lots of fun(hay linda hows it goin)?and everyone else i got to no at...
  18. steveredlakefallsmn

    Some questions and Advice please

    when i did my move i use 5gal pails,seemed to do a great job.didnt lose a fish,thank god.good luck.wish i could be more help.
  19. steveredlakefallsmn

    55 Gallon Tank Pleco-Bello first Photo!!

    great job,love my pleco as well they realy have personality,have mine in my 55,got him/her when it was 3inches,now it is 6,fun to watch it grow,just apretty fish,also loves algea waffers,and dried shrimp,and his driftwood.graet job on the rescue.steve.
  20. steveredlakefallsmn

    Room Lights On Dimmers

    i myself leave my curtanes open in the early am and by the time i get home from work i just flick on the light and wala there is no shock to my fish,natural light i really tank faces east so i get a natureal light source,so far i havent ran into trouble with algea,fingers crossed.great...

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