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  1. DarkRider7th

    Help Otto bleeding?

    I just recently got 4 otto's about a week ago for my 29g & today I noticed one looks like he has internal bleeding around his mouth, so now i'm very worried about him. My readings are fine, all of my other fish are doing well.. What could have caused this? & what should I do? UPDATE...
  2. DarkRider7th

    Thinking of starting a cichlid tank

    Hey guys i'm planning on getting a 40g next spring & I wanted to try having cichlids, But I need alittle help on figuring out what kind I should get & how many. I was thinking either convicts or firemouths.. maybe even kribs if I can find them locally. So what do you guys suggest I get? I...
  3. DarkRider7th

    29 Gallon Tank How many albino cories?

    Hello people of fishlore, I was wondering how many albino cories would be ok to put in my 29g tank?
  4. DarkRider7th

    10 Gallon Tank What Tetras to get?

    Hi everbody I have few questions. I have a 10g tank I want to get up & running again & I thought about getting some tetras to put in it but I'm not sure what kind would fit.. Could you guys help?
  5. DarkRider7th

    Help Alittle help cycling 5g

    So I just got this 5g tank from a friend yesterday & I have few questions about how to cycle it. Right now I have the filter that going to be used for it in my 10g for the bacteria to start growing in it, I'm planning on leaving it in there for about a month. And this is where I need help...
  6. DarkRider7th

    5 Gallon Tank What fish would fit?

    Hi there everbody, I need alittle help figuring out what would fit in a 5g tank? I just got the tank today from a friend & haven't even started its cycling so it will be awhile before I get anything but I have no idea what fish would be good to get for it when its done.. Suggestions?
  7. DarkRider7th

    Green Molly?

    So I just got done feeding my mollies their evening meal when I noticed my marble molly's top half of his body looked green, Whats causing it? He isn't acting sick... Is this something I should be worried about?
  8. DarkRider7th

    10 Gallon Tank What else to get?

    Hi guys, I want to get some more fish but I don't really know what kind. I have 3 mollies & 4 ghost shrimp in my 10 gallon right now, what else would be good to stick in with them? I thought about getting some blue guppys because my mom really likes them & i've thought about some cherry barbs...

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