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  1. ValerieAdams

    Val's Salty Thread

    So, as I haven't had much time for my freshwater tanks, I'm tearing down my 29g freshwater tank and selling everything. Mainly because I'm moving and don't really have a place for it. But I'm thinking I will keep the tank and stand and save if for my future salty tank. That being said, the...
  2. ValerieAdams

    Want To Sell Plant Bundle

    SOLD 3 crypt wendtii 4 crypt spiralis 3 java ferns (not in the best shape) they're attached to lava rock & small rocks 5-10 ludwigia 10-20 dwarf sag 3-4 marimo moss balls Duck weed (covers the top of my 29g) Java moss (probably a gallon bag full) A tiny bit of random buce and subwassertang Not...
  3. ValerieAdams

    Want To Sell Crested Geckos - Ohio

    Hey y’all. I have two female crested geckos I am looking to rehome. They are in the same tank, and always have been. I’ve had them for less than a year and someone else rescued them before that. I really don’t have much info on them. I will not ship but I will meet within a reasonable distance...
  4. ValerieAdams

    Want To Sell Ember Tetras

    Anyone interested in 15-20 ember tetras? Edited to add: I am selling these, not giving them away.
  5. ValerieAdams

    Snails, Supplies, Ferts, Food, Etc.

    Available: 2 nerite snails - $3 a piece or $5 for both Pond snails - $1 for 20 Ramshorn Snails - $1 for 20 MTS - $1 for 20 3 medium/large dragon rocks - $25 for all or $10 a piece Small driftwood (pictures upon request) - $8 for all the pieces SOLD Aqua Tech 20-40 Filter - $10 Aqua Tech 5-15...
  6. ValerieAdams

    547 Alerts Later...

    Hey y’all! I know I’ve been absent for a really long time. I kinda feel like I’m back to being new around here but here I am! I am sorry to everyone who may have tried to tag me in something or get ahold of me. I started a new job at a daycare, and I’m working 10+ hours Monday-Friday. My old...
  7. ValerieAdams

    Just A Little Fyi

    Hey guys, so yesterday I accepted a new job that I will start in two weeks. So I just wanted to hop on here and let y'all know that in two weeks I won't be near as active. I get on Fishlore most of the time during the day at my job now because I don't have much to do, but I won't even really be...
  8. ValerieAdams

    What's Something You Hated As A Kid That You Don't Now?

    For me, it was my hair and naps. I was born with curly hair and it stayed curly until I was about 5, at that point it went completely straight and stayed that way until I was around 10-11 and it started getting curly again. I'm sure some of you have seen just what it looks like. I hated having...
  9. ValerieAdams

    Which Fish Stay At The Top?

    So I'm looking for possible stocking suggestions kind of (not sure if I'll add anything), but also just curious. Which of your fish stay in the top 1/4 - 1/3 of your tank? When I got my ember tetras, I thought they would stay towards the top/middle but they really stay more right in the middle...
  10. ValerieAdams

    Funny Would You Ever Get A Fish Tattoo?

    I'm in a few crested gecko/reptile groups on Facebook, and a lot of them (okay maybe not a lot but I've seen more than 5) have tattoos of geckos or gecko feet on them. So I got to thinking, being part of this hobby, have you seen anyone with a fish tattoo? Would you get one? I personally...
  11. ValerieAdams

    Important Doubledutch & Bryangar Can't Get On

    So @DoubleDutch has contacted me through other means and has let me know that he cannot access FishLore. I believe he has tried the Tapatalk app (his usual), a pc and the app and cannot access threads to comment/react/etc. He has not been able to get on since Thursday I believe, Friday morning...
  12. ValerieAdams

    Val’s Geckos

    Well y’all, the time has come to start a new “build” thread. I’m getting two female geckos tomorrow, complete with all their supplies and enclosure. I do plan on seperating them as right now they are in the same enclosure. I plan on converting their enclosure to a bioactive set up, and then I...
  13. ValerieAdams

    Question Cold Brew Coffee

    Does anyone make cold brew coffee at home? I just got a cold brew pitcher for Christmas & I was just wondering what the best beans are to use. Do you get whole and grind them yourselves? Or buy already ground coffee? Any tips or tricks?
  14. ValerieAdams

    Help Ember Tetra Breathing Rapidly

    I just noticed one of my ember tetras is laying at the bottom of the tank, breathing rapidly and seems to have something coming out of it? (See pictures) Any advice? The tanks been cycled for months, no new additions for over a month, have had the tetras since October. @DoubleDutch do you have...
  15. ValerieAdams

    Location Map

    Maybe this is common knowledge but I just figured it out today. Did y'all know you can click on a members location (if they have it listed) and it will bring a map up of where they are located? I just figured that out and thought it was pretty cool! Thought I'd share in case anyone else didn't know
  16. ValerieAdams

    Want To Sell Exo Terra - Ohio Area

    I doubt there's any interest, but I figured I would put it out there. I have a 24x18x18 Exo Terra that I was told was a different size. It's less than a year old and everything is in working order. Specifically, it is an Exo Terra Natural Terrarium Medium/Wide. I'm in Washington County, Ohio...
  17. ValerieAdams

    My Lfs - Angel Parents

    I thought some of you might like to see this.. I think these angels are beautiful but maybe they're just generic? I don't know lol. Can anyone tell me what exactly they are? @bizaliz3 ? Belpre Aquarium
  18. ValerieAdams

    Question Empty 29 Gallon

    What should I do with this empty 29g I have sitting in my garage? I really have no idea so anything suggested is acceptable. I want to turn it into something other than an aquarium though.
  19. ValerieAdams

    Want To Buy Floating Plants

    Does anyone have any floating plants they want to get off their hands?
  20. ValerieAdams

    Reptile & Frog Forums?

    Does anyone have any reptile or frog forums that you're a part of and enjoy? I'm looking into possibly getting one or some and don't really know where to start so a forum would be a good place for me to look. @CanadianFishFan anything? Note: I asked a mod before posting this so it is allowed...

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