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    *Help with goldfish diagnosis and treatment*

    What is the water volume of the tank? 75 gallons How long has the tank been running? Over a year Does it have a filter? A canister for a 100 gallon tank Does it have a heater? Raising temp to 80 currently What is the water temperature? 76 What is the entire stocking of this tank? 6 fancy...
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    Please help!! Fish lice

    I have a 75 gallon with 6 fancy goldfish and a 100 gallon powered filter underneath. This tank has been established for over a year. I made a mistake by adding new fish and now I have quite a few problems and need major help. My filter does have carbon and I have my parameters. Ammonia: 0ppm...
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    Filter Not Priming

    I have a API XL and it will not prime. I thought that the filter was working a few days ago and lifted the lid of it to find a horrid smell I then cleaned it out and the motor on top was kinda hot and how that I’m trying to set it back up it won’t even prime. If someone could help I’d appreciate...
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    What Is This???

    I have no idea what this is on my fish tank.
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    Goldfish Leaning To One Side

    I got one single goldfish to try to start slow after losing my past fish. I completely tore down the tank and cleaned everything and waited long and hard for a cycle to take place. Then I got one single fantail goldfish that I really like. I’ve had him about 2 months but him just like the others...
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    This Is Crazy! Snails

    theres a baby snail in my tank!!! There has been no form of life in this thing for over 2 months and there’s absolutely nothing new!! I deep cleaned he whole thing! And have only put fish flakes for staring up the fishless cycle! Somehow there’s a snail in this tank... can anyone explain
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    Goldfish White Spot - Should I Be Concerned?

    I got this little guy yesterday and this white spot wasn’t there. He seems super happy though in his quarantine tank but he had a little hole right in the same spot yesterday. Is it healing or is it something else?
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    Need Brackets!

    I bought a second hand light and it didn’t come with brackets can anyone help me on what I could do instead or where I could buy some?? It’s a nicrew...
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    What Product Can I Use With Parazipro?

    My fish has ich and gill fluke. I can’t treat both with one treatment (or not that I know of) and currently have parazipro in the tank. The ick has been off for about a week before I realize flukes but I know it’s still in the water by what others have said
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    Goldfish Gulping For Air

    I have had 2 other fancy goldfish that both died of unknown reasons but it was about a week ago. But I have one left and he seems to be doing okay but I keep finding him gulping at the surface. I dose my tank with prime since my tap has ammonia in it and nitrites are 0. This fish did have ich as...

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