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    Platy fry not growing?

    My platy fry are 4 months old but still, they don't seem to be growing. Maybe they are , very slowly that is. They aren't very active but once I change the water it usually perks them up for a few days. They are still no bigger than 1/2 inch (about 1 1/2 centimeters). They have shown no signs...
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    My guppy has parasites?

    I noticed my less than a year old guppy, has been at the bottom of the tank and has lost her appetite. She has white things hanging off of her specifically her underside, mouth, and tail. She also has tiny tiny little reddish splotches on her. Could these be parasites? I have one male platy and...
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    Why do my fry keep dying off?

    I started off with 21 platy fry and now I have 17. 5 have died in the past week and I want to try to stop it there... I thought it might be my acidic water, but it is fixed and I just lost one today. The fry are so important to me and I don't want to lose more. The water seems cloudy, I did a...
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    How to get rid of acidic water?(URGENT)

    My fry tank pH is acidic. I've had two of my precious baby fish die and I need to make my water less acidic, is there anything I can do? My baby fish are platies, I started off with 22 now I have 20. They are all acting sluggish and are at the top of the tank. Please help
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    Can bettafix be used to treat a guppy with mild fin rot?

    It seems that my guppy has fin rot. At least I think its fin rot... none of the others have been picking on her and the shredded parts have a white outline. All my fish have been acting sluggish so I tried to lower my ammonia and they seem to be happier, accept for the "infected" fish. The...
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    Pregnant or Dropsy?

    I have a platy who I think is pregnant because I did have a male in the tank. I also did find one fry in the tank she was in, but there is a very slight chance it was from my last clutch 2 months ago. But what is concerning me is that she is slightly bigger on one side than the other. She also...
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    Why does my fish tank seem to always have a ammonia of 8.0 ppm?!?

    Every time I test my 10g tank, it always has an amonia of 8.0 ppm... I know this is bad, so I'm trying to fix it... In my tank I have two cory catfish, two platies, and two guppies that I feed once a day at night. After I tested the tank to get a result of 8.0 ppm, I treated it with...
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    Complications with platy fry...

    I have two platy fry I am currently concerned about. One seems to have a bent spine, so her tail goes out to the side inside of lining up with her body. Can this fry make it? What would have caused this to happen? The other fry I am concerned about seems to have missing bits of fin. I am VERY...
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    Help! My platy is definitely not okay!

    I recently posted a thread about my fish swimming slightly sideways but today it has gotten worse and her balance seems very off. A second ago she flipped out of the water and starting swimming in circles like crazy. Then when she stopped she just floated and let the filter push her. I'm not...
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    Is it possible to predict what color a platy fry will be?

    I read somewhere that yellow fry will be pale yellow, black fry will be black, and gray fry will be blue. Is this true?

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