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  1. Tetratamer

    Aquarium dwarf lily

    Hey all. I have an aquarium dwarf lily and I just wanna know if I cut the plant off of the bulb will it continue to live? When doing my research I got very conflicting information.
  2. Tetratamer

    Crypt turning brown

    This crypt. Is turning brownish on me and I don’t get why. I have aquarium co op root tabs in there and I dose easy green. What could be the cause of this?
  3. Tetratamer

    Aquarium dwarf lily

    Quick question. Some of the leaves of my aquarium dwarf lily has holes in it. I don’t think it’s a nutrient deficiency. I use 1 pump aquarium co op easy green once a week. Should I trim the leaves with holes in it or leave it? If you think it is a nutrient deficiency what would it be? I also...
  4. Tetratamer

    Bladder snails in shrimp tank

    hey all, I recently bought java moss and I come to find bladder snails in my tank now. I kinda like the look of a few but I don't want an infestation. Will I end up with hundreds no matter what or will the shrimp keep them in check. I would rather get rid of the few I have now if it will end in...
  5. Tetratamer

    Crypts trimming?

    Hey all, I have a Crypt. Wendtii has a few holes in the edges of some leaves. Other than these two spots it is growing beautifully. Should I trim the leaves with edge holes? If so why? it doesn't make the plant look bad, but I'm wondering if the melt is "contagious" or will harm the health of...
  6. Tetratamer

    Carbon vs. sponges

    Hey all. I have been reading a lot about modifying HOB filters from using carbon to using sponges, I was wondering why? I get that there is more filtering space happening. But I’m confused why would you not want the chemical filtration of the carbon. Can you really get clear water with only...
  7. Tetratamer

    Dr. Tim’s waste away for shrimp?

    Hey all. I been using Dr. Tim’s waste away in my Cichlid tank and I absolutely love the stuff I can see the difference. I was wondering if anyone knows if it’s safe for a shrimp tank as I just started one. I attached a picture of the bottle just so you can see the information
  8. Tetratamer

    What’s worse for shrimp tank??

    I have recently had a nitrate and nitrite spike in my shrimp tank. Ammonia at 0 Nitrites at 1ppm nitrates 30ppm. what would be more harmful for the shrimp, a large water change getting out more or doing a small water change thus leaving more nitrite and nitrate?
  9. Tetratamer

    Vallisneria free floating propagation?

    Hey all, Just wondering if Vallisneria will send off runners if it is free-floating. I got most of mine to attach but for some reason, this one small plant keeps floating to the top. I think my fish are uprooting it. But, if it will propagate free-floating then I will leave it floating.
  10. Tetratamer

    Color as they grow?

    Hey all. So my first batch of RCS are growing up as they are getting bigger I am noticing more color but they are looking more orange than red. Do you think they will turn more red as they grow?

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