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  1. The_fishy

    Opinions On Possibly Sick Boy!

    I believe that he is either not feeling good because of the fin rot or his water is cold. Do you know the temp?
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    Question Betta Fish With Amano Shrimps Together In A 5 Gallon?

    I’ve found them to be good with slower bettas (Long fins). Sometimes the faster bettas will give chase constantly and stress the shrimp into hiding.
  3. The_fishy

    15 Gallon Tank German Blue Rams

  4. The_fishy

    Question Mystery Crayfish

    She’s about 3.5” now and has turned some really pretty colors. I am leaning back towards her being a marbled.
  5. The_fishy

    Betta And Danio Tinwini

    It’s been a few weeks since I added in Danio tinwini (gold ring danios) with my betta. Everything has been going very well, the danios are showing really good color and the betta can care less when they swim right by him. I’m not sure that I would recommend this fish combo to all people though...
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    Help Weird Worms

    Ficopomatus enigmaticus | The Exotics Guide I think it might be a tube worm if you look at the stalk-shaped head and compare it to the worm head in this article. EDIT: I’m pretty sure it is this species, the size and salinity levels are correct and they are attached to the only hard surface in...
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    Help Weird Worms

    Here are some closer head pictures.
  8. The_fishy

    Help Weird Worms

    I do agree that it looks like a Medusa or a feather duster worm. There are a couple of species of brackish feather duster too. I haven’t been able to get a picture of something that looks exactly like it, so I will try to get a closer picture of them to show you all.
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    Help Weird Worms

    They are grass shrimp.
  10. The_fishy

    Help Weird Worms

    The heads are red/brown and tendril-y.
  11. The_fishy

    Help Weird Worms

    They are in a brackish shrimp tank and appeared after the addition of a moss ball.
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    Question What Catfish Is This?

    They are around 2.5” long.
  13. The_fishy

    Any Artists Here?

    Acrylic paint on a saw blade. Polymer clay on rock. Colored pencil on toned paper.
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    Important Tumor On Betta?

    He didn’t make it.
  15. The_fishy

    Important Tumor On Betta?

    Update: The wound has more white tissue in it, but the size of it has remained about the same. He’s become extremely lethargic and mainly hangs out near the surface in his plants. I’ve netted him to apply medication directly to the wound and there is no reaction. I also think that he is...
  16. The_fishy

    Important Tumor On Betta?

    The tissue has seemed to fall out of the hole, I believe this may be bacterial. I’m going to try Furan-2 and maybe E.M. Erythromycin if that doesn’t do anything. There was fungus in the wound, so I did a methylene blue dip and that cleared it all out.
  17. The_fishy

    Important Tumor On Betta?

    Okay, is there anything you recommend to help with it? I’m planning on upping the percentage of water taken out during water changes. The mass itself doesn’t look super solid, the surface of it is almost flakey tissue.
  18. The_fishy

    Important Tumor On Betta?

    It seems like the scales have fallen off in one area and flesh is exposed. Still a tumor, or something else?
  19. The_fishy

    Important Tumor On Betta?

    Okay, thanks. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t the beginning of something fungal. I had a betta before that had a swollen mass on the side and it erupted open to reveal cottony fungus
  20. The_fishy

    Important Tumor On Betta?

    I’m thinking this is a tumor, but I want to double check with you all.
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    Question 3d Backgrounds

    No problem!
  22. The_fishy

    Question 3d Backgrounds

    @loner556 @Sheldon13 So here is everything I did to make this. Materials: -Pink foam boards from Home Depot. Can be found near the lumber or insulation area. -1 gallon Drylok Original. Do NOT get Drylok Extreme, it has anti-mildew properties that can harm your fish. A gallon was more than...
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    Betta Tail Gone

    I’d maybe consider putting some pantyhose over the intake just to make sure he won’t get his fins sucked in.
  24. The_fishy

    Betta Tail Gone

    That looks like aggressive fin melt to me. He may have been injured and then it set in from there. What style filter intake do you have? Do you know your water parameters? I’d do frequent water changes and 8-10 minute salt dips (1 tablespoon per gallon) in a separate container. If it is still...
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    Question 3d Backgrounds

    Background is finished and in! I cut it so close that the board is wedged in super tight and used two N52 magnets just in case.
  26. The_fishy

    Question Mystery Crayfish

    Got the background finished and in!
  27. The_fishy

    Strategies For Netting Fish In A Planted Tank?

    I would try using one hand or a second net to herd them from the plants towards the net. If you trap a fish against the wall, wait for it to turn around to scoop it. Some fish that are extremely food motivated can be coaxed in.
  28. The_fishy

    Help With New Tank

    I think he/she is concerned about how rummy nose tetras and zebra danios are fast schoolers that like the same area (upper) of the tank. The cardinal tetras will roam more of the middle.
  29. The_fishy

    Question Are These Eggs?

    Those may be nerite snail eggs. They won’t hatch in freshwater though and a razor can be used to remove them.
  30. The_fishy

    New Tank. Any Suggestions?

    Bettas can do well in community setups, although some do better than others. If you picked something other than guppies (flashy and betta may see as a rival) and added lot of plants, you would have a fair chance at community tank. If you were set on guppies, dividing should work, but you will...
  31. The_fishy

    Read The Stickies - Anything Else I Should Be Doing?

    Could you provide a picture of the fish and your tank size? Different types of goldfish need different tank sizes in the long run.
  32. The_fishy

    Help This Is Long-swim Bladder Issues

    With the Epsom salt, make sure it is the unscented kind! Just pure MgSO4
  33. The_fishy

    Does A Betta Tail Type Matter?

    The plakats will usually be more active than the bettas with large fins. Rosetails/feathertails are known for being prone to fin rot or tail biting and their water quality should be watched a bit more. They also are more likely to snag their fins on anything sharp in the tank. Crowntails...
  34. The_fishy

    Do I Have Too Many Plants/decorations?

    The tall green ones look similar to hornwort if you are looking for a live plant. That species is incredibly easy to care for and looks great.
  35. The_fishy

    Question Scary Fish Stories

    Back when I still had HOBs on my ten gallon, I would find amano shrimp hanging out inside them. But I’d only ever find them after I went to transport the tank and had the filters all packaged for moving, then went to set them back up again. They would survive a whole three hour and thirty minute...
  36. The_fishy

    Question Betta Fish Losing Color In Fins

    It looks like he has fin rot with a secondary fungal infection. I would recommend daily 50% water changes. If it persists, you can try aquarium salt dips (1 tablespoon per gallon in separate container, dip for 8-15 minutes) or Kanaplex. How long has your tank been set up? What size is it? Do...
  37. The_fishy

    Betta Is Missing A Chunck Of His Tail!

    I would do amano shrimp or ghost shrimp just because those two varieties are mostly clear and get larger, so there is less chance of injury. When introducing them, drip acclimate over the period of an hour or so at up to five drops of tank water per second. They will eat blanched veggies...
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    Question 3d Backgrounds

  39. The_fishy

    Betta Is Missing A Chunck Of His Tail!

    To help discourage fin biting, I would try rearranging decor or adding more plants (especially ones with broad leaves at multiple levels). This gives him more things to explore (keep him occupied), as well as more areas to rest those heavy fins. You could also try adding 5+ shrimp. Those will...
  40. The_fishy

    Question 3d Backgrounds

    Updated look
  41. The_fishy

    Question 3d Backgrounds

    I’ll have to look into that stuff, I’m not sure if I can find it easily in the US, but it would be nice to have something fish safe when applied if I do silicone instead. @bentaz I’m looking into lids now and will wait on installing anything until I have one. I lost a dwarf crayfish in the...
  42. The_fishy

    Question 3d Backgrounds

    I was going to use plastic-sealed N52s and drill out the foam so that the magnets inside the tank sit flush with the back of the foam.
  43. The_fishy

    10 Gallon Tank Ideas With Betta

    I wouldn’t do the cories, they should be in groups of 6+ and the floor plan of a 10 gallon isn’t enough space for that. The danios will depend on the personality of your betta and you may want to have a backup for everyone if it doesn’t work out. Definitely add the danios first though and then...
  44. The_fishy

    Help White Spots On Bettas Head

    He may have scraped himself on something. I would check your decor for anything sharp.
  45. The_fishy

    How To Care For A Betta?

    • what's the minimum size tank for a male betta? Some sources say 2 gallons, some say 5.... The minimum is said to be either 2.5 or 5. Personally, I’d go for a 5 gallon as a minimum because it give plenty of space for the fish to explore. The only time I would make an exception to this...
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    Question Betta Gender/type

    Female, but looks a bit round. I’d try and monitor her food intake a bit at mealtime, their stomachs are only about the size of their eye.
  47. The_fishy

    Should I Work At Petsmart?

    At my petco we were legally allowed to refuse sales. This was in PA though, so it may vary district to district. I also had a really cool manager who let me set up a six gallon as an example betta display.
  48. The_fishy

    Question Betta Gender/type

    Her color could be said to be grizzle/multicolor. Is there a way you could get a side photo where her back is straight? As of now, I am leaning towards female.
  49. The_fishy

    Should I Work At Petsmart?

    If you look at Petco, they hire aquatics specialists if you are looking to mainly work with fish. I agree with what others above said. Personally, I really loved my job at Petco and it was great to be able to make an impact on the store and the community. You should expect a pet job to be...

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