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  1. FiscCyning

    Funny Fish Shaming

    “My name is Aberforth and I just ate a housefly that fell in my tank. It was delicious.” Yeah, so fish shaming is a lot harder than dog shaming. He clearly has no regrets.
  2. FiscCyning

    Important Pollen Help

    Pollen shouldn’t be a problem at all. I’d suggest dosing the pond with Prime just in case since rainwater runoff can have contaminants in it.
  3. FiscCyning

    I’ve Gotten Myself In To A Little Bit Of A Pickle... Help!

    It sounds like the issue is more with the teachers/staff than the hobby, so this might not be the right gymnastics place (sorry, I don’t know the technical term) for you. Do some googling and see if there are any other places near you that offer gymnastics classes. Try a few (or at least go in...
  4. FiscCyning

    Sick Berta

    Your betta is most likely dying from ammonia and/or nitrite poisoning. Please read up on the nitrogen cycle (click the blue link for an article on it), and increase your water changes. Do you have a siphon you can use to clean the gravel? It likely has a lot of waste build up that is producing...
  5. FiscCyning

    40 Or 65 For Fancy Goldfish?

    How much better is a 65 gallon than a 40 breeder for a pair of fancy goldfish, considering they have the same footprint but the 65 is just taller. Is it worth the extra cost to buy the 65 (which isn’t available through the petco dollar per gallon sale like the 40 is) or does the extra height...
  6. FiscCyning

    Micro Bowl Stocking

    You would need a low light plant and probably place it near a window. I keep mason jars on my windowsills to grow duckweed for my goldfish and usually have one or two “pest” snails in each (I find them in my plant quarantine tank sometimes and don’t have the heart to crush them so they get to...
  7. FiscCyning

    How Fast Do Goldfish Grow?

    Is the 20 gallon they’re in now cycled? If not you’ll want to be doing frequent water changes to keep ammonia levels down.
  8. FiscCyning

    How Fast Do Goldfish Grow?

    They will be fine for a week provided the tank is cycled. I always quarantine my new young fancies in a 20 gallon before adding them to the big tank.
  9. FiscCyning

    Question Diy Tests For Nitrogen Compounds

    Yeah I think the only thing that would be easier to get than the test kits themselves is maybe a TDS meter, and that only gives you very little information because it just tells you how much dissolved solids (aka “stuff”) is in the water but not what that stuff actually is. It would give you a...
  10. FiscCyning

    Hello, A Newbie Hobbyist Here!

    Welcome to the hobby and to Fishlore! Cories are a lot of fun to watch so they’ll be a nice addition to your tank.
  11. FiscCyning

    Want To Sell Commissioned Stained Glass

    Beautiful work! It would probably help you get commissions if you give a rough estimate of what you’d charge.
  12. FiscCyning

    Daphnia Live Food Advice

    You can get cultures on eBay or aquabid. Like the previous poster said, it’s best to set up a few cultures to run at the same time in case of crashes in one.
  13. FiscCyning

    Mini Heater Put My 3g Up To 90°!!

    I assume you’ve unplugged or taken out the heater already, right? If not, do that ASAP as it will just keep bringing the temp back up to 90 if you keep it on. I’d rather have guppies in an unheated tank for a night until I could get a reliable heater with a thermostat than keep them in a tank...
  14. FiscCyning

    Help Identify Moss

    Even without dyes bleeding, it still is just dead plant matter so it will decompose and increase your nitrates (or ammonia if the tank isn’t cycled yet). Not a good idea. It is intended for terrestrial use. You should be able to get live java moss from most lfs and that will be far better for...
  15. FiscCyning

    Question Breeding For Profit In 10 Gallon

    Profitability will also depend on your market. Will you be selling online and shipping them, or are you limited to local sales? Figure out where you’ll be selling and research what species are in high demand and then research if they can be bred in your setup. To be honest, you probably won’t...
  16. FiscCyning

    Question Need Ideas Or Recommendations For Potential Solitary Bottom Feeder Addition

    I’d suggest a nerite snail. They are great algae eaters and can’t reproduce in freshwater (though they may lay eggs, they just won’t hatch). It’s best to have a lid of some sort on your tank, or they may sometimes go wandering outside the tank.
  17. FiscCyning

    Strange Stem-like Things On Anacharis

    They’re just roots. Nothing to worry about.
  18. FiscCyning

    What The Heck Are These Bubbles

    Some filters will build up bubbles like this from when they return the water to the tank. I’ve had it happen with a few different HOB filters over the years. You can play around with the filter output and the baffle if it bothers you, but if that’s all it is then it won’t actually cause any...
  19. FiscCyning

    Iridiscent Shark Chasing

    In such a small tank they have no room to establish their own territories so there will be fighting over the limited space. I know you don’t want to talk about the tank size, but that is the problem so we can’t ignore it. If you can’t give them a bigger tank, then the kindest thing you can do...
  20. FiscCyning

    Question Goldfish In Warmer Waters

    Black moors are a fancy and would work. The only problem would be eyesight problems because of the telescope eyes, but shouldn’t be an issue unless you’re adding predator fish to your tank or wanting to put them in a pond eventually.
  21. FiscCyning

    Fish For 1 Gallon?

    You could do a shrimp tank with cherry or ghost shrimp, or a snail tank with a nerite snail or two.
  22. FiscCyning

    Goldfish Food Options

    A gel food like Repashy’s “Soilent Green” or “Dandy Oranda” is great for goldfish since it is already moist when you feed it. Edit: my guys also love Fluval Bug Bites, but it is a dry food so similar to what you’re feeding now (but with less fillers so a bit better).
  23. FiscCyning

    Help What To Feed, Try New Things??

    If you want an easy veggie supplement, I grow duckweed in jars for my goldfish and they love it. It’s super easy too. I just leave a couple jars on the windowsills with a few pieces of duckweed in each and water from the aquarium when I do water changes and they multiply on their own. I’ve never...
  24. FiscCyning

    Question Tank Divider

    If you’re open to DIY, just buy a sheet of plastic mesh canvas from a craft store, cut it to size, and silicone the edges in place.
  25. FiscCyning

    Question Fish Flashing

    What are the actual parameters? That will help us at least rule out water quality as a cause. Also, since his symptoms flared when you moved him to the 75 gallon tank, I just want to check if the tank was already cycled (or at least that you moved the filter media over from his own tank to keep...
  26. FiscCyning

    I Need Help Cloudy Water

    It’s normal for new tanks to get cloudy and they do clear up over time. My concern would be more towards whether or not your tank is actually cycling. Have you been adding ammonia to keep the bacteria alive? And when you say you took the media out and washed it, did you wash it in dechlorinated...
  27. FiscCyning

    Fish For 29 Gallon

  28. FiscCyning

    Illegal Plants Help!

    Have you checked with your state’s Fish Wildlife and Parks department? For Montana the FWP website lists plants that are invasive and restricted, so California may have something similar. If not, they might be able to tell you who would know. Edit: also check with your county’s weed extension...
  29. FiscCyning

    Can I Make A Aquarium With Plastic Container

    For a betta I would just buy a 10 gallon tank. When Petco has their dollar per gallon sale a few times a year, you can get it for just $10. Even Walmart has a 10 gallon for like $12-$15 if I recall correctly, which is honestly about what you’d pay for a food safe tub anyway and comes with the...
  30. FiscCyning

    Question Angelfish

    Pearlscale means the scales have a sort of bumpy appearance rather than looking smooth.
  31. FiscCyning

    Question Mesh Scoop For Removing Dead Snail Shells

    Get a slotted spoon for cooking that has the right size holes and that should work.
  32. FiscCyning

    Help Goldfish Swimming Weird

    What staple food is he on? Fancy goldfish, due to their modified shorter bodies, are definitely more prone to swim bladder problems. With chronic swim bladder problems, it’s best to avoid dry foods like flakes, pellets, and granules. Have you tried a gel food like repashy? Both their Dandy...
  33. FiscCyning

    Emerald Cory Colors

    Also, depending on what you mean by “just added” they could just be pale because of the stress of the journey from the lfs and acclimating to a new tank.
  34. FiscCyning

    Question Dog Hair In Tank?

    Nets work well for scooping it out. Unless you’re spraying doggy perfume or some other weird chemical on your dog’s coat, then the hair won’t cause any problems. My dogs’ hair gets in the tanks all the time and has never caused any problem.
  35. FiscCyning

    How Do I Make Christmas Moss Grow Faster

    Yeah the white fuzz is normal and shouldn’t affect anything (plants or fish). Moss does tend to be a slow grower when it’s first getting established.
  36. FiscCyning

    Question Tanked Vs Fish Tank Kings??!!

    I haven’t seen Fish Tank Kings (I don’t have cable) but I’ve seen several episodes of Tanked and it just made me angry. The emphasis is obviously placed on the dramatic big reveal and making the humans happy at the expense of the fish. Overstocked tanks, incompatible species, decorations and...
  37. FiscCyning

    Goldfish Tank

    I wouldn’t recommend getting one if you can only have a 20 gallon. Orandas are one of the largest of the fancy goldfish and would be very cramped in a 20. Also, you’re correct that they are a social fish, so having one alone wouldn’t be a great quality of life for the fish.
  38. FiscCyning

    Tadpole Questions

    Please do not put the tadpole in the pond! The tadpoles that come in with feeders are bullfrogs, which are an invasive in many places. And frogs, unlike fish, have legs. Once it turns into a frog, it may leave your pond and wreak havoc on the local ecosystem. Even if you live where bullfrogs...
  39. FiscCyning

    Help! Female Bettas With Clamped Fins

    Before dosing with meds, do a 50% water change. You want to try to get those ammonia and nitrite levels down because that’s just going to stress your fish even further and make it harder for their bodies to fight off whatever is attacking them.
  40. FiscCyning

    Tank Weight Limit?

    Looks great! Since you placed the rocks on top of the sand, just don’t add any burrowing fish to your tank. They can burrow into the sand under the rock and destabilize the rock, accidentally crushing themselves.
  41. FiscCyning

    Aqueon Pro 50w Heater Not Working Well

    It definitely sounds like a defective heater. I would suggest trying to get a replacement from the vendor first rather than contacting aqueon directly, because last I checked the aqueon “lifetime warranty” only covered one replacement. If you bought it within the past month or so you should be...
  42. FiscCyning

    Fin Rot Or Fin Groth?

    That’s good news for the temperature of the tank, but he still needs more room and a filter. You can find some more information on betta needs here: Betta Care Sheet
  43. FiscCyning

    Fin Rot Or Fin Groth?

    I’d suggest trying to get the 2 gallon tank working again so you can move him into it. It will be very difficult for him to heal in an unfiltered, uncycled bowl, and he will be prone to health problems and a very shortened lifespan in a bowl. Since you just bought the bowl, I’d suggest returning...
  44. FiscCyning

    Fin Rot Or Fin Groth?

    Delta tail refers to how far the fins spread out (so the height of the tail fin, not the length) but shouldn’t have any chunks missing. Plastic plants can tear betta fins, so I’d recommend taking out that little one (since it’s not like such a tiny plant is offering him much cover anyway) and...
  45. FiscCyning

    Fin Rot Or Fin Groth?

    The white tips are nothing to be concerned about, but it does look like he has fin rot on his other fins. See how there are jaggedy chunks out of his tail fin? That’s either from fin rot, tail biting, or tearing his fins on decor (less likely on the tail than the lower fin). Treat like fin rot...
  46. FiscCyning

    Question Brown Alage??

    Especially if this is a newly-established tank, diatoms are very common and not harmful at all. They’ll also go away on their own in time.
  47. FiscCyning

    This Looks Disgusting!

    Definitely cut back on the lighting. For the algae that has already grown and is on hard to clean surfaces, maybe try dropping a few pest/feeder snails in after the lights are out for the night and hope they get some cleaning done before the puffers find them? If you’re already feeding snails...
  48. FiscCyning

    Help Wildly Variable Test Results

    How long have you had the test kit? It’s possible it’s expired. Also, are you shaking the bottle extremely well before doing the tests? That can affect it too.
  49. FiscCyning

    Help Guppy Problems, Again

    Create a post on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace to give them away. Honestly, the tank you have is too small for guppies anyway, so it might be better to rehome them all and do a shrimp tank or a betta tank, or else look into getting a bigger tank.
  50. FiscCyning

    150 Gallon Stocking Ideas?

    Personally I’d do 7-8 fancy goldfish (but then I love goldies so I’m biased). They’re very personable and will grow to full size in a 150 so they’ll be big and impressive.

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