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  1. aquariumlover1

    Scarlet Badis Alone?

    Quick question: can I keep a Scarlet Badis alone, or does it need to be kept in at least a pair?
  2. aquariumlover1

    SICK of Melting, Crabby Aquatic Plants. How Can I Improve?

    Hi all- I have a 29 gallon freshwater planted tank. I've just recently redone it completely, as I wanted to change my gravel substrate for something better. I'm now using dirt (garden/potting soil), Flourite, and black sand in a three-layer configuration. My lighting is a 65 watt Coralife...
  3. aquariumlover1

    Mystery Tag-along Crab... Help!

    When I purchased my live rock, I noticed that I had a tag-along crab, about a half inch to an inch. I've left him in the tank for a while, and now I'm getting just a bit concerned. He's dull in color, but I've been examining him and I've noticed black tips on the claws. Also had a peppermint...
  4. aquariumlover1

    What Fish for the 20 Reef?

    What Fish for the Reef? I'm currently stocking my reef tank. In the plans are: two black ocellaris clowns, one PJ Cardinal, one flasher wrasse (likely a Carpenter's), one Rainsford Goby, and one Green Clown Goby, along with the assorted inverts. Now, I already have the PJ and clowns. As you can...
  5. aquariumlover1

    Mixing Skunk Cleaner and Peppermint Shrimp

    What's the feeling about mixing shrimp in a 20 gallon reef tank? I LOVE the skunk cleaners... just a wild look about them. But, the peppermints call my name because of their use to control aiptasia. SO... the grand question: can I mix? And if so, how many of each? I know not too many, given the...

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