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  1. Chard56

    Red Sakura Shrimp

    Yes, I have been a fan of Fish Lore for some time now. I've been selling my Bettas on Aquabid for going on 5 years and add different things as I aquire and breed them. I've purchased 4 different kinds of shrimp from 6 or 7 different people and locations but these Fire Red Sakuras are the only...
  2. Chard56

    Frogbit sale!!!

    I got plants from here last week and they are very nice. Very well packaged and a great assortment of strong healthy plants. Thank you so much!
  3. Chard56

    Red Sakura Shrimp

    6 Red Sakura shrimp with your choice of a handful of Subwassertang, Java or Christmas moss or Riccia flattens. $25 priority shipping included, and USPS express shipping add $20 to anywhere in the US.
  4. Chard56

    ferret ages?

    I had two ferrets once before and they lived to be 10 and 11 years old. The one I have now is around 3. I lost his "Blonde" sister last year. I believe she was much older than I was told. She was losing her hair and then grew it all back the same color as the males so I can only assume someone...
  5. Chard56

    First Fried Betta Sent to Show

    That is a good looking Crowntail. I was the IBC New Breeder Grand Champion in the 2011/2012 show season. Group B Champion NB3 Crowntail male Award for that year and Group C Champion Iredescent/Metallic STM Crowntail Award in the 2012/2013 season in regular class. I also have two reserve best of...
  6. Chard56

    please tell me what you think about this male

    Their "1 to 3" day priority has been 4 to 6 day a lot lately. I got my Bettas back from the show in California today and their water was 64 degrees. That was only a three day trip but someone used a 40 hour heat pack and put the 72 hour one I sent back in the box with the Bettas without even...
  7. Chard56

    Want To Buy Guppies

    If you want quality show Guppies let me know and I can make you a better deal than $50 a pair plus shipping!!! For that price I'd give you a pair of every strain in my fishrooms. I normally get $10 to $15 a pair on AB. It's ridiculus what they get for the same thing I sell at that price. $35 to...
  8. Chard56

    For Sale or Trade

    I have lots of Bettas to choose from in all tailtypes and many color varieties. Several strains of Guppies and Endlers and a large spawn of Angelfish needing to be sold or traded. I will trade for other fish, plants and inverts.
  9. Chard56

    If bettas were an animal you could take any where I do it

    I took my Betta to school in a small bottle a couple times to show my friends. Then one day one of my friends accidently knocked the bottle over. I filled the bottle back up out of the drinking fountain. The Betta developed pop eye from the episode which took 10 days to clear up. I never took...
  10. Chard56

    Want To Sell or Trade: Red Cherry Shrimp and Plants

    I have loads of Bettas in Traditional, Halfmoon Plakat, Halfmoon; a few Crowntails and some Doubletails growing out too. Full Red Guppies, Medusa Galaxies, Blue Moscow and Half Black Yellow. Would you be interested in some trading for your shrimp and plants? I keep Angels, Kribs and Cories as well.
  11. Chard56

    Question Fancy guppy ID

    If you look on youtube, there will be videos of different strains of Guppies. That will give you a better idea of what you have and what they are supposed to look like.
  12. Chard56

    Question Fancy guppy ID

    That looks more like a Red Mosaic.
  13. Chard56

    Question Fancy guppy ID

    The first pictures look more like Red Cobras.
  14. Chard56

    Featherfin catfish needing advice

    Catfish and crawdads (ie. shrimp) mix well. In the catfishes stomach! I wouldn't trust my Featherfins with anything smaller than a full grown Velifera Molly.
  15. Chard56

    Check out this sexy little beast ;)

    The third picture really looks like a Black Orchid. I think the first two pics have too much light reflecting off the iredescent Purple/Blue coloration. I've been breeding Black Orchid Crowntails for a couple years now but haven't found a Halfmoon BO that I wanted yet. That is one of my most...
  16. Chard56

    Sexing a betta - the beard?

    I'm going to say male with the longer ventrals and absence of a visable ovipositor (egg tube). I'll post a male and female Drgaon Plakat for reference. You can see the White spot on the under side right behind the two ventral fins and the shorter analfin. Where the male's vent is much less...
  17. Chard56

    What kind of Betta boy is this cutie?

    I believe he is Black Copper with some Dragon influence in the scaling. One of my favorite colors. Very Handsome! You'd have to wait until he heals up and get a look at his tail in full flare to see whether it goes a full 180 degrees to be a halfmoon or not. Here are some Black Copper Betta...
  18. Chard56

    1/2 "King" (Giant) Betta

    That incident was 5 years ago and I haven't had anything like it since. I do have an occassional female chew up a Halfmoon males finnage to the point that he looks like a bad Crowntail before getting down to business but most of the time it's either they spawn nicely within 2 or 3 days of...
  19. Chard56

    1/2 "King" (Giant) Betta

    My Purple line was started with a King Betta and a Chocolate regular female Betta. They were not a problem and he seemed to be very gentle. The Chocolate female was rougher. The one King female I found accidently sent as a male (at that time I couldn't order one) after searching for a year and a...
  20. Chard56

    1/2 "King" (Giant) Betta

    It will be 4 months or more before they are grown out enough to be able to tell if they are keepable or (sellable) so when that time comes I'll mention B/S/T in the proper thread. It's flattering and exciting too that you all would want them. This is a big step for me since it's taken so much...
  21. Chard56

    1/2 "King" (Giant) Betta

    12 days after spawning I have about 25 fry swimming around their 10 gallon. Not a big spawn but more than enough to work with. I'm going to put his siblings together again and see if I can get them to spawn. His brother is way more aggressive so I'll have to keep an eye on things.
  22. Chard56

    Pet Co baby bettas

    I remember buying unsexed Bettas as a young boy. I'd pick one that I thought could be a male from a tank of 30 or 40. Feeding a whole tank of them is one thing but once they get them in the little cups the adult Bettas are lucky if they get fed or a water change let alone a young still growing...
  23. Chard56

    Orange Betta?

    I have lucked out a couple times at Petco with an Orange Crossray CT I have a couple dozen 2 week old fry from and an Orange finned Gold HMPK that I'm currently working on third generation from. image...
  24. Chard56

    1/2 "King" (Giant) Betta

    The ratio is supposed to be Giant X Regular = 1/3 Giant, 1/3 HalfGiant and 1/3 Regular. HalfGiant X HalfGiant = 1/4 Giant, 1/2 HalfGiant and 1/4 Regular. Something to that effect anyway. In theory that is. Reading a story from the two men in Thailand who claim to have developed Giants they only...
  25. Chard56

    1/2 "King" (Giant) Betta

    I spawned a Petco "King" HMPK to a regular sized Pastel Green HM female. I only got three fry due to a velvet outbreak from too many people leaving the door open!!! All three are HalfGiant size. 3 to 4 inch from mouth to caudal peduncle. Add another inch to an inch and a half for their caudal...
  26. Chard56

    1/2 "King" (Giant) Betta

    I finally got him to spawn with a Gold HM female with Orange fins the 20th of this month but he ate the eggs. This evening I came home to see them spawing again so I grabbed my turkey baster and sucked up about 40 or 50 eggs and have them in a container with methylene blue in the water. Please...
  27. Chard56

    Green tea in betta tank?

    I make a spawning "tea" in the coffee maker out of ground oak leaves and add it the Bettas breeding tank water at an ounce of tea per gallon of water. It is the key to my success. I have well over 200 successful spawns to my credit and I swear by the stuff. But Green Tea?? IAL, oak leaves...
  28. Chard56

    FS: Ramshorn snails and Guppies

    I don't see any pm.
  29. Chard56

    FS: Ramshorn snails and Guppies

    Do you still have the Guppies? If so would you consider a trade for some Black Moscows? image
  30. Chard56

    Your opinion?

    I think a Betta by itself without the stimulation of a mirror or other Betta to flare at is one of the most boring things I can imagine. Never being able to see them in a full flare to see them with all their glorious finnage and vibrant colors is missing the main reason of keeping them in the...
  31. Chard56

    1/2 "King" (Giant) Betta

    He's in the spawning tank with the sibling female now. So far he's not being very aggressive. The father was very passive and gentle. I'm hoping they'll spawn soon so I can have some of their offspring for the spring shows.
  32. Chard56

    1/2 "King" (Giant) Betta

    Here is one of only three offspring I got out of a spawning between a Petco "King" male and a female from my Platinum Green HM line. He's the biggest Betta in the fishroom by far. image
  33. Chard56

    Betta fasting

    The whole purpose of fasting is just that. To fast them. Feeding deskined peas on the day you fast them isn't fasting them. If you want to feed them pea on one day a week that's up to you but you can still skip a day of feeding to still fast them. I used to have an occasional Betta with a...
  34. Chard56

    Bettas 4 Sale

    Lots of males being jarred from the growout tanks. image image image...
  35. Chard56

    Male or Female.

    I vote male as well. A scrawny looking male. He needs to be fattened up some and he's not pink, just say he's Salamander colored. That way it won't hurt his feelings. LOL!
  36. Chard56

    Silver striped male?

    I think that's a neat coloring. I've have some males with clear Black areas in their tails that looked like tinted windows but never a stripe running from top to bottom like that. image...
  37. Chard56

    I have a Veiltail...right?

    The top photo is a Gold Crowntail female. image The bottom one is a Pink Veiltail female...
  38. Chard56

    5 Gallon Tank Help!

    Two teaspoons per gallon of Aquarium salt, 82 degrees and a picture so we can determine what the infection is and how bad it is.
  39. Chard56

    Betta Photos

    I have a few coloring up like this in my Red Gold Dragon spawn. He looks like he's on fire. image
  40. Chard56

    What type of Betta?

    If you can take a closeup clear picture so we can see his scaling, that would help in identifying his type.
  41. Chard56

    Betta Change Sex

    There are several scientific articles on sex reversals in female Bettas but I personally have never seen it. I have thought I had a female that later turned out to be a male but I think that the majority of the time it's a case of late maturity. I have some of my lines that develop at 2 to 3...
  42. Chard56

    My New Male For A Breeding Project

    Just take it as a compliment and leave it at that then.
  43. Chard56

    I would like some input

    Only if you are doing several water changes a week. With 100 in a ten at 3 months old you are way overcrowded. At one month old a hundred in a ten is too much for most people to keep alive without overfeeding and fouling the water and killing off half of them or more. A 30 gallon would be a much...
  44. Chard56

    5 Gallon Tank 3 New Females!

    Probably Veiltails from the looks of them. All Wal-mart gets in for females and males for that matter is Veiltails and the occassional Crowntail.
  45. Chard56

    My New Male For A Breeding Project

    Like a stud horse. When referring to a man one would say, "He's such a stud". Or, "He thinks he's a stud" if you were making fun of them. Stud service is when a male horse, or stud; is rented for the purpose of impregnating a female horse. With dogs the owner of the male dog usually has the...
  46. Chard56

    I would like some input

    I use 10 gallon tanks for spawning tanks and the fry grow out in them until they are too big or if there are more than 50 or 60 I'll have to divide the spawn or move them to a bigger tank. At three weeks they won't be big enough to be overcrowded. You have 2 months before planning a spawn and if...
  47. Chard56

    My New Male For A Breeding Project

    He was complimenting the studliness of your Betta.
  48. Chard56

    Prepare to meet - Mr Angry Eyes!

    He is a Marble and has some Dragon influence. The deposits of pigment over the eyes will most likely get worse as he ages and can impair their vision causing blindness. I have a Red Dragon HM strain and an Orange HM Plakat strain. I don't have any with that extent of pigment displacement...
  49. Chard56

    Betta and what else?

    You need to be posting this in the Betta section with the rest of us Bettaholics. I'm in Harrison, AR and I have over 2,000 Bettas and two Quetzal Cichlds. I keep the Bettas to themselves but used to have them in my community tanks. Stay away from barbs and anything flashy like male Guppies or...

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