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  1. JAMarlow

    Question Coming Home To A New Guppy

    He has lovely coloring and patterns! I don't know what type he is, either, but it should be interesting to see if the other males turn out as pretty as him.
  2. JAMarlow

    Platinum Panda Guppy Blonde

    Very nice! I hadn't heard of the Lutino Panda before, just the regular ones with the dark bodies. I would love for someone to breed a red panda with the same small bodies of the regular pandas.
  3. JAMarlow

    Working On Female Colors

    Very nice! If I had the room to set up more than one tank I would be doing that, too. I love good looking colorful female guppies. I have a gorgeous red tuxedo koi with a lovely solid red tail that would be great for it. Alas, no room.
  4. JAMarlow

    How Long Can Guppies Go Without Feeding?

    Just a couple weeks ago I had to go out of town. I fed my guppies Thursday morning, and then they didn't get fed again until Monday night. They all did just fine. I might have lost a few babies from the last female drop, but to be honest, I already have too many babies. LOL. The strong ones...
  5. JAMarlow

    Teaching Her Young’

    Aww, that is so adorable!
  6. JAMarlow

    Guppy Mouths And Nibbles

    Have you tried boiling any veggies, mushing them up, and putting the results on a small glass tray? It can be fun to experiment on things they like to eat. There are plenty of suggestions here in the forum on veggies to try.
  7. JAMarlow

    Floating Plants

    Red Root Floaters, like many floaters, are sensitive to water movement and having moisture on their leaves. Just an FYI. A great way to help them along is to make a floating corral with a length of air tubing. My Red Root Floaters flourished once I did that. As for soaking up nitrates, they...
  8. JAMarlow

    Guppy Mouths And Nibbles

    I don't know how to help your choking guppy. That must be so hard to watch. My guppies don't like cucumbers, either, but I keep trying. I'm going to try pureeing them and then freezing them into pellets that I can then drop into the tank next. They do like pealed grapes and mushed up boiled...
  9. JAMarlow

    Airstone Too Much For A 2gallon?

    I leave my airstone going 24//7, but I don't have it going full blast. I have a valve that I use to adjust the flow. Haven't had any issues with the aquarium denizens.
  10. JAMarlow

    Airstone Too Much For A 2gallon?

    I have an airstone in my 2.5 gallon and the one guppy and a few shrimp seem just fine in it. I like that it keeps the water circulating, especially when I'm fertilizing the plants.
  11. JAMarlow

    Too Pregnant...

    Wow, she really does look like she's about to explode! Let us know when the babies arrive.
  12. JAMarlow

    Red Root Floaters

    The issue will be if they get any moisture on top of the leaves. They will die off pretty quick if they do. They do like quiet corners. I have a sponge filter and they did well when I created a corral using air line, which helped to create a calm spot in the middle of the tank just under the...
  13. JAMarlow

    Java Fern Dieing

    Java ferns often melt when put into a new tank. So long as the rhizome is not buried, and is still green and healthy, it should put out new leaves that are adapted to your water conditions. Keep doing your fertilizer dosing regimen and keep an eye on them. Also watch the leaves that are...
  14. JAMarlow

    Natural Fertilization Of Regular Soil?

    I second the advice of getting up to 50 posts and then start to haunt the “Buy, Sell, Trade, Free” section. You can get a wider variety of plants at good prices this way, and most of them have been grown submerged. Submerged do better in my aquariums as they are already acclimatized to growing...
  15. JAMarlow

    Walstad Method Questions

    Shrimp such as a hardy variety of dwarf neocaridina would work well in the bowl. They are fun to watch and they are excellent cleaners and will help keep the algae under control. Plus, they don't harm the plants. I have a three gallon nano tank. I chose to go the way of plants that use water...
  16. JAMarlow

    Where Does Everyone Get Their Aquarium Rocks?

    I use wild rocks (heh) and then I also make my own rocks using polymer clay (Once properly baked it's essentially the same as the PVC pipes and fittings that make up a bunch of aquarium equipment. The bonus is that it's not as heavy as some wild rock varieties). I love to sculpt, so making...
  17. JAMarlow

    3 Guppies In 5g Tank - Adding Helper Snail?

    Dwarf neocaradina shrimp would work well in a 5 gallon. And they typically get along just fine with guppies. If there are plenty of places to hide, you might even get a few baby shrimp surviving to adulthood.
  18. JAMarlow

    1 Gallon Tank What Plants?

    Some type of Anubias nana petite and/or Anubias Nana Pangolino would look nice, and they don't need a lot of light. What comes through the window should be just fine. They stay nice and small, so they would be perfect for the foreground. A few dwarf neocardina shrimp would find it a really nice...
  19. JAMarlow

    Low Light Plants

    Anubias, Java ferns, bucephalandra, mosses, marimo moss balls, subwassertang are a few. You also have the option of all kinds of floaters.
  20. JAMarlow

    Bulletproof Plants

    I would add Anubias to that list. Mine have been pretty much bulletproof, even at lower temps. It's a slow grower, but I really like the look of the various types. I think I have at least 4 kinds. Meanwhile, I can kill Java Fern so easily. Which is too bad. I loved the look of the Trident. I...
  21. JAMarlow

    Important Help!!! Is My White Anubis Nana Petite Dying?

    Yay! May you soon see a new leaf!
  22. JAMarlow

    Important Help!!! Is My White Anubis Nana Petite Dying?

    Is the rhizome green?
  23. JAMarlow

    Question Glue For Java Moss

    I've used Gorilla Gel super glue many times, and it's worked great. There are other brands you can use, as well, just make sure the active ingredient is Cyanoacrylates.
  24. JAMarlow

    Important Help!!! Is My White Anubis Nana Petite Dying?

    Ramshorn will sometimes snack on living plants, but it hasn't happened so far in my tank (maybe it happens if there isn't enough other food in the tank?). From what I've read, Mystery snails don't eat living plants. Bladder and pond snails only go for the algae and decaying matter.
  25. JAMarlow

    Important Help!!! Is My White Anubis Nana Petite Dying?

    Anubias will often 'melt' when introduced to new water/aquarium, or if being switched to submerged growth. I have a bunch that have had both changes including several small White Anubias Nana Petite. But, the rhizomes are still green and look good, so I'm expecting them to put on new leaves like...
  26. JAMarlow

    Buying Plants Online

    I've been very happy with the orders I've made from Buce Plants, Flip Aquatics, Aquarium Co-op, Wetplants, and bioAquatiX (plus the buy/trade section of this site and
  27. JAMarlow

    Reasons For White Poop

    I'm curious about how this ended? Did the other guppies survive?
  28. JAMarlow

    Buying Online

    I've used different sources for plants and they all arrived fine even in winter. I've found that the companies with good reputations know how to pack well, including using heat packs when necessary. I haven't ordered from the one you mentioned, but I have from Buce Plants, Flip Aquatics...
  29. JAMarlow

    Feederguppies' Tanks And Fish

    To outrun all the cannibalistic mouths, Speedy probably well earned that name!
  30. JAMarlow

    29 Gallon Tank Brown Hairs Growing Out Of The Leaves Of My Java Ferns

    Congrats You now have Java Fern plantlets! (babies) This is one of the ways the Java Fern reproduces.
  31. JAMarlow

    Question Is It Normal For Guppy To Rest Near Surface

    You have a guppy with a quirky habit!
  32. JAMarlow

    High Ph Floaters

    Some report that Riccia Fluitans can do well at a pH of 8, although I see some care sheets that say a max of 7.5. It might be an option.
  33. JAMarlow

    Am I The Only Person Who Likes Algea?

    I love the look of green algae on rocks and decorations. Brown, not so much. Depends on the shade of brown. Meanwhile, the shrimp and snails love it. They are always snacking away.
  34. JAMarlow

    I Must Be The Only Person To Kill Floating Plants

    You aren't the only one. I had Red Root Floaters, and loved them. They lasted about 7 months and I had to baby them the entire way. The are incredibly touchy to any moisture on them, which is a common problem among floaters. My tank does need floaters (for plants and shrimp), so I'm thinking of...
  35. JAMarlow

    Shrimp Plants

    I have about the same size nano tank with low tech and low to medium lighting. I have Amano and Bloody Mary shrimp. They really like a not only plants at the bottom, but also at the top. For the top, I've had Red Rood Floaters and floated Bacopa Australis. The shrimp love them, and it's fun to...
  36. JAMarlow

    Just Wanted To Show Off Guppy Baby

    He's coloring up very nicely!
  37. JAMarlow

    So This Is Dead, Not Healthy, Red Root Floater, Correct?

    Having a floating corral will greatly improve the chances of them surviving. They like calmer water, so the corral will break up any surface waves and give them the environment they like. I use one made of extra air tubing myself.
  38. JAMarlow

    So This Is Dead, Not Healthy, Red Root Floater, Correct?

    Definitely dead. They should have arrived at the very least with green leaves. They are really touchy to getting water on top of the leaves. I had to buy two batches before I got a few to survive and reproduce. The good news is that once they start reproducing they are very prolific. I used to...
  39. JAMarlow

    Question Houseplants In The Fish Tank ??

    You could always try Pothos! I haven't tried it but it sounds like it would be great for soaking up nitrates.
  40. JAMarlow

    Help Bacopa Caroliniana Help? No Clue What I'm Doing

    You can also let it grow as a floating surface plant, which is what I'm currently doing. I like the look of it, and my shrimp love it.
  41. JAMarlow

    Want To Sell Low-tech Low-light Plant Package

    Hard to describe. The plants fill one 3 gallon nano tank (heavily planted) and part of another 2.5 gallon nano tank. I'm actually a little concerned about fitting everything into the square Priority box I have for it.
  42. JAMarlow

    Bucephalandra Colours

    When I see my leaves getting light green, then I know it's time for a dose of Thrive. Usually happens when I've been distracted and have forgotten to regularly dose.
  43. JAMarlow

    Want To Sell Low-tech Low-light Plant Package

    Low Light - Low Tech Plant Package I trimmed my tank a while ago and just threw it all into a spare 2.5 gallon tank. Well, the plants took off in there, too. I need to do another trim, so the plants from the previous trim (and this one!) need to find a new home! $40 for the entire package...
  44. JAMarlow

    Anubias Growing Above Water Line

    And hope you don't have any tank denizens who like to jump or crawl out of the water.
  45. JAMarlow

    Good Low Tech Plants

    Red root floaters might be an option. But thy don't turn red unless they have iron and plenty of light.But mine have shown red edges even on medium to low-medium lighting.
  46. JAMarlow

    Which Is Better? Superglue Or String?

    String always comes untied for me (usually accidentally by shrimp nibbling at it). So I've since used super glue gel or Gorilla Glue gel. Both have worked great!
  47. JAMarlow

    Which Is Better? Superglue Or String?

    String always comes untied for me (usually accidentally by shrimp nibbling at it). So I've since used super glue gel or Gorilla Glue gel. Both have worked great!
  48. JAMarlow

    Letting Stem Plants Float

    I have Bacopa Australis, a stem plant that is usually planted in the substrate floating at the top of my nano tank. It grows really well (and in fact now ned to get rid of a bunch of it) and the shrimp love hanging out in it. I've had no issues at all using it as a floating plant, and rather...
  49. JAMarlow

    What Would Look Good In Here?

    I also have a 5 gallon currently occupied by Amano, Bloody Mary shrimp, and a nerite snail. Because of the small tank size I didn't want to go with a deep substrate, so I chose to go with rhizome plants. Heck, with the plants I have I could go easily with a bare bottom (don't like the look of...

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