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  1. MoeTetrasMoeProblemz

    Question Should I remove stems and leaves???

    Hello, I did a post earlier on my plants having shriveled, stunted, black/brown/yellowing leaves. Today just came my order of thrive and I’m going to dose it 2x a week. I have a lot of hope because of the thrive and the api CO2 booster. I use them together hopefully my low tech tank and it’s...
  2. MoeTetrasMoeProblemz

    My aquarium plant seeds sprouted!!

    I bought a large variety of aquarium plant seeds off eBay. Some of smallest seeds I’ve ever seen! I put them in some coconut fiber in an ice cube tray and had water barely touching the top of the ice cube tray in another container. With 18 hours of light a day and a 2L soda bottle DIY CO2...
  3. MoeTetrasMoeProblemz

    Help My plants aren’t doing so well :/

    Hello, I’ve been having some trouble to keep my plants growing healthy in my 75 gallon tank. I have a about 3 java ferns, 1 java trident, 2 Brazilian swords, 3 Ammania Gracilis plants, a couple large wads of Java moss on my drift wood, 2 green cabomba plants, 1 Italian vallisneria, and one other...
  4. MoeTetrasMoeProblemz

    Here are some of my fish! Guide me!

    Hello, I have some questions about my African Mbuna cichlids and my cuckoo catfish. Here are some pictures of them i took. Can anyone let me know the quality of their health/species/possibly genders too? Thanks! my one female Demasoni. (Should I get more?) my one male Demasoni. My one female...
  5. MoeTetrasMoeProblemz

    Question How Do I Grow Aquarium Plants From Seeds??

    Hello, today cake my order from eBay of 20 packets of pretty aquarium plants that I want to grow and plant in my 75 gallon tank. They’re seeds, and I am curious to how to grow them from these seeds? I tried to look online for ways but I trust in the FishLore community to help give me great...
  6. MoeTetrasMoeProblemz

    Question I Want To Plant Creeping Jenny Inside My Aquarium, How Do I Do It?

    Hello, I want to plant some creeping Jenny in my fish tank, but when I bury them in the substrate the bottom portion turns very green and melts away. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong with these creeping Jenny plants, they seem so easy to grow but they’re actually hard, does anybody have any...
  7. MoeTetrasMoeProblemz

    75 Gallon Tank Plant Propagation Screw Up :/

    I must have made a huge mistake and now it has me feeling like trash... I have a Cabomba plant and I know it’s a stem plant, it’s pretty healthy, it grows vertically every single day! So I decided to propagate it buy cutting the stem and replanting the other portion. But I kinda cut it in half...
  8. MoeTetrasMoeProblemz

    Help My Plants Are Not Doing So Well What Am I Doing Wrong?

    Hello, my hornwort I bought about 1-2 weeks ago grows every day, but the leaves just turn yellow/brown. I’m not sure why. Also new leaves grow on my other plants, but usually they come shriveled, I’m not sure on why. Also my moneywort/creeping Jenny grows nicely but from the bottom where I have...
  9. MoeTetrasMoeProblemz

    Help I Need Help! What’s This???

    My discus as a little white spot on its belly!! I hope he’s not sick!!!! Please help me!!!!!
  10. MoeTetrasMoeProblemz

    Question Do Fresh Water Aquarium Plants Need A Lot Of Substrate To Thrive?

    My tank has about an inch of substrate all over and I have all my plants anchored in there, will they do well? I’m just wondering if I need to buy more substrate for them. Can I add new fluval/seachem substrate while the fish are in the tank? Thanks for the help!
  11. MoeTetrasMoeProblemz

    Question I Just Got 3 Discus And They’re Not Active Too Much :(

    I just got 3 discus from the fish store, and I let them acclimate in my tank, after releasing them in 15 minutes, they are all 3 bunched up in the corner. Is something wrong with them?? They did eat a few bloodworms as the weekly treat. I am nervous they’ll die.
  12. MoeTetrasMoeProblemz

    Is My Co2 Too Much Or Too Little For My 75g?

    Hello, I have always had a bad history with plants in my tank. So one day I decided to put add some CO2, to my planted tank. I looked up on YouTube and found out I can use a 2 Liter bottle so I made 3 of them for my 75 gallon tank. I used a mix of: 7 table spoons of sugar. 1 teaspoon of Baking...
  13. MoeTetrasMoeProblemz

    Important My German Blue Ram Is Sickly

    Hello, I have a problem with my male and female German Blue Rams. They were very healthy and active for a few months when I first bought them. Since this last week, the both of them are lethargic and not active as they once were! The female is very thin and pale, she breathes rapidly and stays...

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