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  1. Jon25

    Free java fern (NSW, Aus)

    Do you know what the shipping to US would be?
  2. Jon25

    algae eater

    On this tank I have a 24 in dual t5 ho fixture. I have dosed with flourish about every 3rd day. I didn't think about not having it heavily planted? I currently have 5 stem of wisteria, 2 amazon swords, 2 anubis, and 3 sprite plants in there along with a small bit of java moss.
  3. Jon25

    algae eater

    It is brown algae on my plants and a little on the glass. I think it is my lighting. I thought I had low lights but according to hoppy's I have high light and low light plants
  4. Jon25

    algae eater

    I have a 30 gallon planned tank, what would be a good algae?
  5. Jon25

    Would this tank be overstocked?

    I have a DG in my 10 but you wouldn't be able to put much with it. I would consider some smaller fish like neons or cardinals.
  6. Jon25

    Cory Catfish and Gravel

    i have had a school of cories in my 30g for several months now, in which i use eco-complete gravel, with no problems.
  7. Jon25

    Clay pots for caves

    Thanks everyone, i now feel safe to use mine and have placed it in tonight. Instead of filling the hole i buried it in the substrate to cove the hole.
  8. Jon25

    Clay pots for caves

    I have seen many tanks with clay pots in them for caves. My question is do you have to do anything special to them to make them tank safe (besides scrub them)?
  9. Jon25


    If I my schools are 6 along with the others aqadvisor calls it 74%. I would like a small schools so I can get another small but colorful schooling fish.
  10. Jon25


    I will be increasing my schools also. I did have 6 barbs, but one got stuck behind the filter. I also had 5 otos to help destroy my brown algae, but i have not had good luck with them and only my original 2 have survived. So i have decided against any more of those as i hate to keep seeing them...
  11. Jon25


    I currently have a planted 30 gallon tank with 4 bronze cories, 5 cherry barbs, 2 otocinclus, and a dwarf gourami. I am considering getting a pair of GBR's not that my LFS's carry them. Would this be an ok pairing or does anyone see any conflicting issues?
  12. Jon25

    Are these juvi piranhas?

    To me they look like juvenile red bellies
  13. Jon25

    Aquarium plant fertilizers

    I use Seachem Flourish
  14. Jon25

    Top Fin filter? (Newbie mistakes?)

    I upgraded my filter to an aquatech 20-30 filter and it stays much clearer now. I also put in a bubble curtain to help with circulation. I did have to modify my hood a little bit to make the filter fit. I don't think you will find much of anything compatable with the pre made hole in the hood...
  15. Jon25

    What kind of Pleco do I have here?

    Looks like a gold spot Plecostomus to me, but I'm not real familiar with plecos.
  16. Jon25

    Dwarf gouramis and tiger barbs?

    I would not suggest gouramis with tigers as the ventral fin of the gourami would look awfully tasteful to the nippy tigers.
  17. Jon25

    Dwarf Gouramis

    I am currently stocking my 30, so far i have 5 cherry barbs, 4 bronze cories, and 5 otocinclus. I really would like to have my current Dwarf Blue and maybe a Dwarf Red as centerpieces. My avatar is my current blue who is awaiting transfer to his bigger home.
  18. Jon25

    Dwarf Gouramis

    I have read and heard a lot of things about keeping multiple male dwarf gouramis together. Has anyone had success keeping 2 males together? I currently have one male Dwarf Blue Gourami and would really like another to add to my 30 gallon tank.
  19. Jon25

    platy agression

    I have 3 male platies in my 10 gallon and they all get along fine. Although when i added my last 2 my bumble bee platy declared its dominance for about a week, then they begain to get along. IME its like most, there has to be an order of dominance with them, and once it is established it becomes...
  20. Jon25

    2 platies, 2 guppies, 4 Endler's, and a mollie in a 10 gallon tank?

    I currently have 3 Platy and a dwarf gourami in a 10 gallon tank and they are healthy and happy as ever( although the gourami will be leaving to his new 30 gal home soon). As stated above they produce massive amounts of waste so it does need a lot of attention to water quality. IMO when it comes...
  21. Jon25

    5 Gallon Tank Planting?

    Ferns and anubis are great low light plants, and hard to kill. No it doesn't matter if you tank is cycled or not. In fact having live plants in during the cycling process actually helps to speed up the cycle. As for test kits i'm not aware of one specifically for plants. I only use an API master...
  22. Jon25

    is it ok to use t5 and t8 bulbs at the same time

    I would say it all depends on whats in the tank. There is a lighting chart that i can't find the link for now maybe someone else will post it for you.
  23. Jon25

    Will meaty foods hurt otos

    It took mine a long time to develop the taste for algae wafers, but they now have them cleared up not long after the light goes out. Mine won't touch the wafers with lights on. Haven't ever seen mine touch the shrimp pellets or blood worms i feed my other fish.
  24. Jon25

    Live plants

    Anubis is great for low light. I also like amazon swords and wisteria. I would be real careful with moss, its difficult to get out of you tank completly if you decide you don't like it.
  25. Jon25

    White specks on my driftwood?

    I also have this problem on my driftwood. Not sure what it is. I just scrub mine off every couple weeks.
  26. Jon25

    white strings on plants

    I was thinking they were roots. I tried to get a picture but you couldn't really see the strings. Thinking they are roots, is it possible to trim them from the stem and re-plant them?
  27. Jon25

    white strings on plants

    I currently have what looks like white pieces of string coming out on my wisteria and a little on my sprite. Any ideas as to what it could be?
  28. Jon25

    Cory cats and Algae wafers

    My two green cories love algae wafers. They will chase them all over the bottom of the tank and nibble until they get soft enough for them to devour.
  29. Jon25

    what kind of lights to get

    I have several plants like java fern, amazon sword, and anubis (along with a few others). I use a 6500k 24 watt double fixture(t5NO bulbs) on my 30 gallon and they seem to be doing amazing.
  30. Jon25

    New here and a complete Aquarium Newbie

    Welcome to Fishlore! This is a great place to find out whatever you need to know. I have learned so much from here.
  31. Jon25

    starting a 20g aquarium! nitrogen cycle HELP

    I am not familiar with these products... I did a fishless cycle using ammonia which is found in this thread My tank cycled in just a few weeks doing this. I have also heard that atm's colony...
  32. Jon25

    30 gallon stocking

    Thanks for the help. I have decided against tiger barbs in this tank, right now I have added 3 cherry barbs( which I will increase to 6+) and 2 green cories ( which I will increase to 5+). I plain to add a dwarf gourami, some plates , and maybe a couple guppies later.
  33. Jon25

    Brown on plants

    Yes it did wipe off just some brown algae. Didn't think of that...thanks for the help!
  34. Jon25

    30 gallon stocking

    Can i keep a school of peppered cory cats with tiger barbs? Also can i keep Cherry barbs with tigers? I would like to have 5 cory cats, 9 or more tigers ( different colors), and a small school of cherry barbs.
  35. Jon25

    Brown on plants

    My plants are starting to turn brown on the leaves on my sprite and a little on my wisteria, which is planted not floating. My anubis looks really good though. I have dosed with seachem flourish twice this week, and i used eco complete substrate. My lighting is 24w doubles that sit 4+ inches...
  36. Jon25

    parameters during cycling

    I wanted to try this ammonia method and my 10 is just now really getting established so I don't want to do much to it. On a brighter note this morning I tested again (added 4ml ammonia 12 hours ago to raise ppm) and its dropped to .5ppm ammonia, 5ppm nitrites , and 0 nitrates. Sounds better but...
  37. Jon25

    parameters during cycling

    Hopefully though all is good, I checked my other tank and tap water to make sure it wasn't my kit going bad and they all read as normal. As you said time will tell. Will update with changes as they come. Thanks for all the help, maybe this is my miracle tank ( unlike my pain in the butt 10 was)!!!
  38. Jon25

    parameters during cycling

    It Wowed me too! I was thinking it was going to be weeks. When I tested nitrates this morning it read almost 100 ppm. So I'm still thinking something isn't right here. Could having 5 live plants and two filters be speeding this up? Or maybe the bacteria in the Eco complete substrate?
  39. Jon25

    parameters during cycling

    My ammonia has now fell to zero (after just 4 days) and I my nitrites are off the chart. So I added more ammonia to feed the bacteria. Does this sound right? I just wait for nitrites to hit zero and keep ammonia around 4 ppm until it processes in 12 hours, right?
  40. Jon25

    parameters during cycling

    I'm using an API master kit. That's what shocked me. I check the ammonia everyday, and just decided to run a full test yesterday and got those readings. I wasn't expecting to see anything but ammonia for at least a week. Then working with the nitrites for another two weeks before my big water...
  41. Jon25

    parameters during cycling

    I have a newly setup and cycling 30 gallon that has been going for 3 days. I am doing a fishless cycle using ammonia. Today i did a test on all parameters and got ammonia- 3ppm, nitrite-5ppm, nitrite-5ppm. Does this sound right? It just seems this cycle is going really fast.
  42. Jon25

    How do I cycle a new 10 gallon tank! Easiest way!

    I used TSS on my 10 gallon and it worked great. On my 30, i am doing the ammonia method which sounds a lot faster and easier.
  43. Jon25

    Gravel to tank size

    I used eco complete in my 30 gallon and its recommended that you use 2 pounds per gallon. I have a about a 3.5 in bed of substrate in it. That route is not as cheap as sand, eco complete will cost around $18 for 20 pounds if you order it online from Petco.
  44. Jon25

    Two questions: Filters and Water Conditioner.

    I have an Aqua Tech 20-30 on my 10 and i love it. My fish seem to like it more as well. It has kept my water clearer than the 5-15 that came with the tank. I use prime with every water change it has worked wonders, and kept my fish safe during the mini cycle my tank went through about a month ago.
  45. Jon25

    WATER CHANGES --- How Much and How Often?

    I do a 25-30% WC every couple of weeks. I check my parameters around twice a week and if nitrates are a little high i will do about a 30% weekly change until fixed. My bioload is pretty substantial and i have double the filtration required.
  46. Jon25

    Petition for Petsmart

    PetSmart needs some education badly, i have argued with them so much and overheard them telling other people some horrid advice that i don't even go there anymore. The last time the salesman told someone they could buy the tank, 5 fancy goldfish, and 3 guppies all in one day. To top it off the...
  47. Jon25

    What can I stock my 10 gallon tank with? DIfferent options please!

    I currently have 4 Platy and 2 otocinclus in my 10 and they are perfectly happy.
  48. Jon25

    what can/should i add with current fish?

    Have you tried using It will allow you to try all the possibilities you want and tell you how your filtration is, whether the species get along, and various other warning and water parameters for the stock you want.
  49. Jon25

    30 gallon project

    Its an Odessea 24w double light fixture. I'm running it for around 12-14 hours a day.

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