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  1. Kenzie Corson

    Tiny White Worms On Snail

    Boy, this has not been my week. After the passing of my other mystery Gary, I noticed that Leonard has long white worm looking things on him... they move around and are quite creepy D: Does anyone happen to know what these are and how I could get rid of them?! Leonard is his usual zoomie...
  2. Kenzie Corson

    (sad And Possibly Disturbing) Passing Of Mystery Snail - No Body

    Hi everyone, It is with sadness that I say my sweet wild mystery snail, Gary Davis, has passed away. He had been doing perfectly fine save for some mild deterioration on his old shell growth and was zooming around the tank until yesterday when he only floated and could hardly hang on to the...
  3. Kenzie Corson

    Mystery Snail Deterioration On Old Shell Growth

    Hi everyone, I've been a lurker on here for the last few months after having fully cycled my mystery snail tank, and both of our little buddies have settled in great! Unfortunately however, Mr. Gary has been having some shell deterioration on his old shell growth (picture below for reference)...

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