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  1. CodyJ

    Wet Pets By Steve - Oklahoma

    I went to wet pets by Steve and I was in fish heaven there was big show tanks with a huge bloody parrot and a cool reef tank there was no tank under 20g that they held fish in except for shrimp there staff were very knowledgeable and I'm pretty sure they have pirahnas in the if u want...
  2. CodyJ

    Important Halp i red wag platy sick

    Halo my favorite red wag platy has no upper lip and has white stuff around his face should I euthinise him and do a full WC or what please help
  3. CodyJ

    Question Which 55-75 gallon tank

    I'm thinking of getting a tank when I get a job and that stuff and I'm wanting a 55-75 or maybe 100g I just need the links and suggestions Thanks, Cody
  4. CodyJ

    angelfish gender

    Hi yes I saved 2 Angelfish from a friends 10g and I was wondering if u can tell the gender of them. image
  5. CodyJ

    look at this fish

    Look at this puffer fish at my lfs image
  6. CodyJ

    how many can i add

    Ok so I'm going to a lfs tomorrow and I'm gonna take some pics of it if its cool I was wondering how many fish I could put in my 26g I have 4 tetras 1 female crowntail Betta sweet as could be and 1 albino Cory cat and 2 platys.
  7. CodyJ

    my DIY driftwood (inspired by Matt B)

    I spent half an hour looking for this and my dad spent another half an hour cutting and drilling it.. image
  8. CodyJ

    HELP (phone photo uploading problems)

    I want to upload pictures of my beautiful tank and fish but my android (HUAWEI) phone wont upload them..any advice?
  9. CodyJ

    can i breed my red wag and mickey mouse platy together

    Hellurrr can I breed my red wag platy and Mickey mouse platy together and if I can can u put a courting video or something along those lines
  10. CodyJ

    I rescued a Betta today

    Today I went to petsmart with my grandpa and I showed him the fish I got for my 26g tank...and he was so nice he bought me a crowntail female Betta I'm so happy I still need to name it and place it in the tank (planted) and my grandpa's dog started barking at it it is dark blue and some red...
  11. CodyJ

    Should i get a better filter for my 26g tank

    Alright I have some live plants and a 30g filter will my plants need more filtration Thanks Cody
  12. CodyJ

    Im trying to breed red wag platys

    Alright tell me if I can my fish can breed..alright one of the red wag platys has a 7 shaped analfin and its transparent sorta and the other as a matter fact is a females have 7 shaped analfins
  13. CodyJ

    is it ok for my bolivian ram to eat algae thins

    My Bolivian ram is swimming around eating the algae thins I put out for my rubber lip Pleco ....second question my rubber lip pleco is not eating the algae thins...I'm worried ...and is the rubberlip Pleco nocturnal
  14. CodyJ

    Is my Red Wag Platy pregnant

    Hi I went to petsmart today and got a couple of redwag platys and one of them has a bulge on the bottom of its belly could it possibly be eggs
  15. CodyJ

    good fish and plant ideas

    I need help with fish ideas and plant ideas for a 26 gallon bow front tank so if u have any good Ideas tell me
  16. CodyJ

    free the bettas and walmart fish!!!

    So who is with me free the bettas and Walmart fish
  17. CodyJ

    memorable moments for fish keeping

    What's ur favorite fish keeping moment or experience
  18. CodyJ

    26 gallon aquascaping and fish

    Hi yes Im gonna get a 26 gallon bow front for xmas and i need help aquascaping and what fish im gonna put in it and if possible please post a pic of ur tank for inspiration

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