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  1. qchris87

    Finished Planting New 55 Gallon...critique

    Looks great! Only thing that I can see that may be a problem is your jungle val taking all the light from the plant in front of it (rotala?) once it starts growing. If it's the plant I think it is, it will need to be in a heavy light area and a low light plant will do better in it's spot.
  2. qchris87

    Leaving Co2 Off For Vacation

    What kind of solenoid work for the fluval brand CO2 regulators?
  3. qchris87

    Nitrate Got To 20

    Doesn't have to be slowly. 0-20 ppm (IMO 0-40) doesn't have much affect on fish when doing water changes. I wouldn't worry about it. How long did it take for your nitrates to get to 20 ppm?
  4. qchris87

    Trumpet Invasion

    Put the sand through a strainer? I'm not sure if you can bake that kind of sand to sterilize but maybe someone can chime in about it.
  5. qchris87

    What Is This Weird Looking White Stuff

    Do you feed betta pellets? Kinda looks like old food with fungus growing on it.
  6. qchris87

    How Much To Feed Betta

    I feed 3 twice a day. There stomach is only as big as their eye. I’d let four of your bio gold pellets soak in water and see how much they expand. Makes it a little easier to see if you’re over feeding. Three times a day seems like a lot.
  7. qchris87

    Leaving Co2 Off For Vacation

    Ok I’ll try that out, thanks!
  8. qchris87

    Back To Basics: So, Can Dwarf Sag. Be-

    I just cut the runner in half then plant the new dwarf sag. I don't plant them in clumps.
  9. qchris87

    Leaving Co2 Off For Vacation

    Monte Carlo and dwarf Hairgrass
  10. qchris87

    Leaving Co2 Off For Vacation

    I will be visiting my sister in a couple weeks for about two weeks. I have someone coming on the weekends to feed and top off my tanks. The only problem I have is that she will not be able to run the co2 when she's there. I don't have a solenoid for either tank. I'm probably most worried about...
  11. qchris87

    Zebra Danios

    Yeah I think 8 would be fine then.
  12. qchris87

    Zebra Danios

    How many ppl of ammonia are you dosing at once? I think 8 would be fine.
  13. qchris87

    Best/good Flake/pellet Foods

    My go to brand is Omega One and Hikari. Omega One actually lists their ingredients instead of listing as fish meal. I recently started getting Bug Bites small pellets.
  14. qchris87

    More Filteration?

    I mean it's really up to you. If it were me, I would go with the sponge filter that takes up less space.
  15. qchris87

    Anacharis Melting :/

    As @varmint stated, try halving the dosage of excel. Excel tends to melt anacharis. The tips still look okay. That about how much green left I had in the ones in my profile pic and they grew after about a two weeks.
  16. qchris87

    Anacharis Melting :/

    If you're willing you can give it some time. They can take some time to acclimate. Using any ferts and/or CO2 Ludwigia repens, bacopa, Rotala Indica
  17. qchris87

    More Filteration?

    With a heavy bioload I would add another filter. The penguin 200 has only 200 gph giving you almost 7x the volume of the tank per hour. For HOBs you want to aim for 8-10x. For goldfish and plecos, I would go extra. You can add a sponge filter or an internal filter, they're on the cheaper size.
  18. qchris87

    Anacharis Melting :/

    How long have you had them? Pretty sensitive plant IMO
  19. qchris87

    Hardy Betta Tank Mates

    Wouldn't recommend a community tank for a 10 gal with a betta. While there are a few options for tank mates, including snails and shrimp, I would wait until your tank has cycled to add them. They are sensitive to poor water quality so I'd cycle the tank with just your betta.
  20. qchris87

    Air Line To Tank

    I use clear suction cups the come with brackets for tubes and cords. Pretty cheap at Petco
  21. qchris87

    Ph Buffer

    Sorry I have no idea about African Cichlids. Maybe @TexasDomer can help
  22. qchris87

    Ph Buffer

    I use crushed coral in all my tanks. My water doesn't even register on the pH test kit so I assume it's six or lower. Only problem I find with crushed coral is that in order to buffer it dissolves so eventually you have to add more and adding the appropriate amount is hard and can cause a spike...
  23. qchris87

    Is Liquid Iron Enough?

    What type of plants do you have?
  24. qchris87

    Automatic Feeder

    There are auto dosers. I've only seen them from watching youtube vids, I'm not sure how great they are. They all seem very expensive.
  25. qchris87

    Api Leaf Zone As Potassium Supplement.

    Ok, thanks for explaining! Makes sense now.
  26. qchris87

    Api Leaf Zone As Potassium Supplement.

    I mean, I understand what you're saying about needing more nutrients for higher light, I just didn't understand why you need three brands that dose all the same thing (since Thrive and Easy Green are both macros and micros fertilizers just different composition percentages).
  27. qchris87

    Api Leaf Zone As Potassium Supplement.

    Oh, ok. I was just thinking it might be a bit excessive to have all of those. I just stuck to the seachem line.
  28. qchris87

    Is The 1 Inch Per Gallon Rule Any Good

    Research, honestly. Seriously Fish is a great website that can help determine what a fishes requirements are including tank size, temperature range, food requirements, etc. You can also post on here in the stocking section. There are quite a few stocking lists on this website For example...
  29. qchris87

    Is The 1 Inch Per Gallon Rule Any Good

    There are a lot more factors to think about than the 1 inch per gallon rule. It's simply outdated
  30. qchris87

    How Much Do You Feed Your Bettas?

    I do 2-3 pellets twice a day. Haven't had bloating problems with any of my bettas. I've recently switched to Bug Bites and the pellets are smaller so I'm still trying to see how much is enough for them.
  31. qchris87

    5 Neon Tetras

    What's your tank size? If you can do more, I suggest adding more. They become more comfortable and will hide a lot less in a larger school.
  32. qchris87

    Api Leaf Zone As Potassium Supplement.

    Isn't it a bit excessive to be dosing two all-in-one fert and and extra micro fert?
  33. qchris87

    Flourish And Flourish Excel

    You could try halving the dosage for them. They also do better in lower temps. I had them melt at 78 degrees but do fine at 72 Well excel is a CO2 liquid supplement compared thrive and green bottle which are macro and micro ferts
  34. qchris87

    Flourish And Flourish Excel

    Jungle val, anacharis are some plants I know. Moss balls can’t tolerate excel well. I have had dwarf sag melt with excel but they grew to tolerate it.
  35. qchris87


    5.5 gal tank would probably suffice. Unless it gets extremely cold where you live, you won't need a heater but they do grow faster the warmer the water is. You can usually get the snails for free from petco or petsmart or an lfs. I feed my colony zucchini slices, carrots, bottom feeder pellets...
  36. qchris87


    Don't have a puffer bigger than an inch but you could start a colony of pest snails (bladder, pond, ramshorn) These breed the fastest and grow pretty fast.
  37. qchris87


    Do you plan stocking anything else in this tank? Congo puffers get to about 6 inches but they're pretty aggressive
  38. qchris87

    Api Leaf Zone As Potassium Supplement.

    Iron and phosphorous are opposite charges and will react and precipitate out of solution. Once this happens, they can't be used by plants Edit: Meant to say don't use on the same day
  39. qchris87

    Api Leaf Zone As Potassium Supplement.

    Nope, I use all three together. Just don't dose phosphorous with the leaf zone if you ever get some.
  40. qchris87

    Dwarf Puffer In 180 Gallon Community Tank?

    Pretty nippy fish. Especially if they've gone and marked their territory. I suggest species only for dwarf puffers. They don't typically play nicely with others.
  41. qchris87

    Favorite Floating Plants?

    Red Root Floaters are cool
  42. qchris87

    What's Wrong With My Plants?

    Photos didn't attach, could you repost them?
  43. qchris87

    Are These Ramshorns Or Something Else?

    Yup, those are ramshorns
  44. qchris87

    Finnex Fugeray Planted+ And Red Plants

    Thanks for the info! this clip on has 4 moonlights so I wasn't sure if that was enough or if it was even the right wavelength for growth.
  45. qchris87

    Finnex Fugeray Planted+ And Red Plants

    I was wondering how the Finnex Fugeray Planted+ Clip on light would work for red plants. I have AR mini in a 2.5 that I planted a couple days ago from tissue culture. Dosing Iron and have CO2 injection.
  46. qchris87

    Bug Bites Tropical

    Love Bug Bites! Great product and small enough in size for even my chili rasboras. Not such a fan of Tetra fish food though, I'd choose Omega One over them.
  47. qchris87

    200gal Over Pop Fear

    A Gourami will eat fry as long as it fits in its mouth.
  48. qchris87

    Betta Is Eating My Ghost Shrimp! Help!!!!

    Buy a new 2.5 gal and start a new colony, at least that's what I would want to do!
  49. qchris87

    Betta Is Eating My Ghost Shrimp! Help!!!!

    Not much you can do if your betta decides shrimp are food or are in his territory
  50. qchris87

    Petco Assorted Plant Id

    Cool, thanks guys!

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