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  1. psalm18.2

    Wtb Shrimp Culls

    Looking for a few RCS or other neo cull shipped to NH 03811.
  2. psalm18.2

    Pond/ramshorn Or Mts?

    I get them on here all the time, usually for just shipping. I also keep a separate tank just for the snails.
  3. psalm18.2

    Any Bottom Feeders That Can Be Alone

    A mystery snail would keep the bottom clean.
  4. psalm18.2

    Help Me Price My Tank...

    Update. Sold the tank for $35 locally with craigslist. Someone got a good deal
  5. psalm18.2

    Pond Snails

    PM sent
  6. psalm18.2

    Fluval Spec 3

    SOLD. please close thread
  7. psalm18.2

    Free Betta Girl In Nh

    She went to her new home today with her tank.
  8. psalm18.2

    Swimming With Koi?

    I wouldn't expose a child to fish poop and ammonia like that. Just my opinion.
  9. psalm18.2

    Free Betta Girl In Nh

    May have found her a home. Should be picked up Thursday.
  10. psalm18.2

    Plants And Snails

    PM sent for snails
  11. psalm18.2

    Keep Plants Alive In Bucket For A Week?

    As long as you have a light source the plants will be fine.
  12. psalm18.2

    Nilocg Thrive S?

    I use it and it works good.
  13. psalm18.2

    Sunrise/sunset Photo Thread

    Subset on the river
  14. psalm18.2

    When Is Acclimation Not Required?

    I plop and drop without any problems whatsoever.
  15. psalm18.2

    Fluval Spec 3

    It would cost too much, sorry. I am willing to drive and meet within 50 miles or so of NH, MA, or ME.
  16. psalm18.2

    Fluval Spec 3

    Also have unopened bag of black sand and wood decoration. Can through in heater as well.
  17. psalm18.2

    Fluval Mini Co2 Kit

    Free to someone who can pick up in NH. Unable to ship CO2.
  18. psalm18.2

    Show Me Your Puffer Setups Please?

    I have a pea puffer in a filtered, heated tank. I keep snails in 2.50g filtered tank as feeders. I also feed frozen blood worms daily using tongs. Here's a photo of the planted puffer tank and the snail tank. (Ignore the large snail, that was before the puffer moved in)
  19. psalm18.2

    Free Betta Girl In Nh

    Not comfortable shipping. Please local pick up in NH. I can meet in MA, NH, or ME.
  20. psalm18.2

    Anubis Not Looking So Good

    Took the plant out of the tank and scrubbed it with a good brush. It did come off. My plant is green again.
  21. psalm18.2

    Free Betta Girl In Nh

    Still looking for a home. I also have her tank up for sale.
  22. psalm18.2

    Anubis Not Looking So Good

    Any ideas? The black does not rub off so probably not algae.
  23. psalm18.2

    Fluval Mini Co2 Kit

    Comes with 2 brand new canisters of CO2. $10 pick up in Atkinson, NH.
  24. psalm18.2

    I Really Want This... Fluval Spec

    And plants all dead. Tank is empty as I'm trying to sell. Tank has come to an end.
  25. psalm18.2

    Free Betta Girl In Nh

    My betta needs a good home. Located in Atkinson NH.
  26. psalm18.2

    Fluval Spec 3

    Tank comes with cycled bio media, built in filter, light, and Fluval mini CO2 kit. Tank in Atkinson, NH. Asking $40. Tank is only a few months old. Great condition. PM me if interested. Forgot pics
  27. psalm18.2

    Help Me Price My Tank...

    I'm thinking of listing the tank for $40 all cleaned out including the CO2.
  28. psalm18.2

    Ambers Tanks

    I like what you did with the two little islands surrounded by rocks.
  29. psalm18.2

    Does Petco Price Match?

    I know they will for other sites like Amazon, I asked. Should honor they're own price.
  30. psalm18.2

    Help Goldfish Swim Bladder Problems *urgent*

    Fish need to swim. That's just cruel keeping it in that little space.
  31. psalm18.2

    Do All Plants Need Soil

    They will grow fine in sand or gravel substrate.
  32. psalm18.2

    Ramshorn Snails

    Last ones gone now. Thanks everyone for looking. Mods close please.
  33. psalm18.2

    Wanted Small Snails

    I could wait till then for bladder snails. The rams are just too big for my puffer to eat.
  34. psalm18.2

    Questions About Using Cuttlebone For Snails.

    I boil mine for a few minutes, let cool, and place a piece in the tank. Boiling helps it to sink. Snails will graze on it occasionally.
  35. psalm18.2

    Ramshorn Snails

    Still available.
  36. psalm18.2

    Help Me Price My Tank...

    Yes. Even a CO2 mini tank if the person wants it. The tank goes for $79.99 at the Petco. I got it for $59.99 on sale.
  37. psalm18.2

    Help Me Price My Tank...

    It's labeled as a 2.6 gallon tank, but it hold 3g of water.
  38. psalm18.2

    Help Me Price My Tank...

    H 11.50" L front to back 10 1/4" W front 8.50" Built in cycled filter. Stock light.
  39. psalm18.2

    Help Me Price My Tank...

    Forgot pics
  40. psalm18.2

    Help Me Price My Tank...

    I'm in a situation where I may have to sell my tank. I've put so much into it, CO2, plants, cycled media, sand, and the betta. To me it's priceless, but in reality how much could I sell this set up for?
  41. psalm18.2

    I Really Want This... Fluval Spec

    Got my s.repens.
  42. psalm18.2

    Green Hair Algae In Fluval Spec 3

    I get hair algae in my Spec 3 as well. I've had the lights off for a few days now to try and kill it. I find removing it works well. I even run CO2 to help combat all algae.
  43. psalm18.2

    I Really Want This... Fluval Spec

    That's what I ordered, s repens. It's coming today.
  44. psalm18.2

    Car Guys/girls?

    I'm a muscle car girl! Hubs always has a muscle car to play in. Even bought me a little toy to play with.
  45. psalm18.2

    Dwarf (pea) Puffer Gone Insane?

    Glad to hear.
  46. psalm18.2

    Any Semi-humane Way To Mass Euthanize Ramshorn Snails?

    I believe they would survive freezing. I'd go with the salt.
  47. psalm18.2

    Ramshorn Snails

    Wait, that's the name. Rams horn snail, all one word.
  48. psalm18.2

    I Really Want This... Fluval Spec

    Changed the wood placement. Getting carpeting plants tomorrow.
  49. psalm18.2

    2.50g Snail Tank Build

    Added some gravel

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