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  1. Carmen79

    Sleepy Betta... What Is Wrong?

    I did read your description but, it didn't specify how much. It only said "tiny bit".
  2. Carmen79

    Sick Betta?

    In the store he was white...? This means he has coloured up under your care. This is actually good news. Don't worry too much. He has multiple colorations. There's blue, green and black. On his body there are traces of black. Most of the black is right now on his face. Bettas can change...
  3. Carmen79

    Sleepy Betta... What Is Wrong?

    By looking at the pictures I have the feeling he could be underfed. How much do you feed him?
  4. Carmen79

    Sick Betta?

    He doesn't look sick to me but, as he's new, you always want to monitor new fish for any complication, and avoid any sickness or parasites from the store to be brought to your tanks. He will also be still adjusting to his new enviroment. Give him some time, he should perk up and start eating...
  5. Carmen79

    Random Thoughts

  6. Carmen79

    Random Thoughts

    Do you guys post in other forums..?
  7. Carmen79

    Some Positivity :)

    Let's see, I think I have a story I can share I have a small sorority, four girls in a planted 70 liter tank. In the beginning they were 5. Mary jane was being bullied by the alpha, so heavily, that I had to separate them. I placed her in a community tank, with friendly fish who welcomed her...
  8. Carmen79

    Who Wants To Be Interviewed?

    How fun
  9. Carmen79

    Where Are My Shrimp?

    Omg.. This could just be recipy for disaster.. for the shrimps. I had 5 little blue shrimps in my sorority tank when I started it. Wish I had known better. The shrimp lasted a week or 2 maybe. I saw my betta hunt them one by one. My tank is heavily planted. Your tank is gorgeous btw...
  10. Carmen79

    Help Wound On Betta Fish, Acting Lethargic

    Hi Laschai, I feel very sorry for your betta. He looks very malnourished and in bad shape. I also believe his symptoms are of toxins poisoning. The first you'd need to do is to upgrade his tank to a bigger one, with a filter. A filter holds house for the beneficial bacteria that you need to...
  11. Carmen79

    Beginner Mistakes

    My first betta in a tank together with guppies! He was being harrased by them. Fortunately I came across a forum and learned many do's en don't's. I separated them eventually.
  12. Carmen79

    Psst, If I Don’t Move D’ya Think She Can See Me?

    How Adorable!:cat:
  13. Carmen79

    Question Betta Very Curious About Mystery Snail, Is This Aggression Or Curiosity?

    That's so cute, wish my betta was so forgiving. How big is your tank? And how long since you have them?
  14. Carmen79

    I Think My Betta May Be Getting Sick..

    Unfortunately the damage is permanent.. We can only hope she will be alright. Unless she starts developing any type of infection, yes water changes is the one way to go now. If she has internal infections then antibiotics would be needed. But her belly is not inflamated so I don't think...
  15. Carmen79

    I Think My Betta May Be Getting Sick..

    It looks to me that your tank was not cycled before you added your fish unfortunately. This means they were exposed to their own daily toxins for as long as the fish-in-cycle process lasted. This could have been the reason why you lost already 2 fish. The symptoms you mention now for your betta...
  16. Carmen79

    Help Betta Not Eating And Staying On The Bottom, Please Help

    Hi Cherie, Has he always been in the 5 gallon? Before that, how big was his tank?
  17. Carmen79

    Help! Newbie To A Planted Tank. What Am I Doing Wrong?

    New plants will need some time to settle in the tank. Some leaves can even die, when the plant was grown not totally submerged. Until it gets used to being under water, and new leaves grow, you'll have to wait a bit and trim the dead ones.
  18. Carmen79

    Never Ending Fin Rot?!

    Hi Frostmystique, For fin damage, I'm afraid you need to do daily partial water changes, for 2 weeks.. Any less than that will not have a noticeable effect, as you have already seen.
  19. Carmen79

    Betta Bite?

    Hi there, I'm not sure if that's fin nipping or fin rot.. but I have read that the best medicine for fin damage is clean water, meaning daily partial water changes, for around 2 weeks. It does sound like a lot. But I assume the intention is to keep it clear from ammonia and any kind of toxin...
  20. Carmen79

    Cycle Complete

    Oh, never change your filter media! By the time it will be breaking apart of old age, you will want to have a second filter as backup running in the tank. No, never change it, don't try to replace it, as most of the beneficial bacteria will be living there. Whenever you need to clean it, just...
  21. Carmen79

    Can I Keep Two Female Betta Fish Together In A Large Tank?

    Yes. Very important to keep a close eye on them. Given their shared past, this attempt could work out, or, it could as well so easily fail. Look for the typical signs of agression. Continuous chasing, nipping, fin damage. When it gets too far, you need to separate them. Have a cycled 5 gallon...
  22. Carmen79

    Remove Betta For Tank Remodel?

    Yes just work around him. Never take him out except if it's an emergency, like your tank is leaking, or you are moving him to a bigger tank for example..
  23. Carmen79

    Help New Betta Got Sick At The Second Day

    Sorry for your loss :-(
  24. Carmen79

    Betta Tank Temperature

    I'm not sure they can tolerate it. I would do a partial water change, to lower the temperature
  25. Carmen79

    Question Ideas To Cut Down Maintenance?

    Hi Craig in Wales, I'm not experienced in Severums nor Acaras but, is your tank planted? Specially floating plants, they can absorb nitrates. I'd think this would be helping with your vacuum..?
  26. Carmen79

    Help New Betta Got Sick At The Second Day

    Hi Agabey, Do you know the water parameters of the tank? Ph, gh, kh..? When you first added him in the tank, how did you do it? Did you acclimate him? For how long..? Also, what's the tank's temperature..?
  27. Carmen79

    Betta Problems

    Hi Denho, The minimum size for a betta tank would be of 2.5 gallons. And this is still so small. I wonder if your tanks were properly cycled before buying the fish? I mean if they were set up to build up the beneficial bacteria before the fish went in. These beneficial bacteria colonies, when...
  28. Carmen79

    Question Planted Tank First Timer

    Hi bettalover, I also have a planted tank, with nutritious soil + gravel. I also add fertilizers, once per week. I think the grow process can be slow, so patience is required. Depends on which plants you have. Some might need a dosis of c02 to flourish properly. I would add more plants already...
  29. Carmen79

    Micranthemum 'monte Carlo On Amazon Soil Or Gravel

    Hmm I have 2 micranthemum montecarlo, and the one touching the soil directly seems to be doing better than the one less in contact with my soil.. The difference is not very large but it is noticeable. But I use liquid c02 and fertilizers weekly.
  30. Carmen79

    Chinese Food

    Is that her birthday present, or will you be giving her a present at the restaurant....??
  31. Carmen79

    Plakat Betta Photos (ft. Gbr Buddy)

    Wow that's so spacious! He must be so happy. Cool pictures!
  32. Carmen79

    Question Baby Fish Isn’t Growing

    I looks more like a platy to me. I have currently a baby platy :-)
  33. Carmen79

    Do I Have To Feed Amano Shimp?

    Hi Hydrosolic, Boiled green vegetables are certainly a great option, especially because there is no other bioload they can consume. A blanched spinach e.g. is something they love. Depending on how big the spinach is, it could take them 2 days to finish it completely. Shrimps certainly have a...
  34. Carmen79

    Important Please Help! Sick Balloon Belly Molly- Clamped Fins, Strange Swimming, And Localized Spotty Growth

    Hi Aluabela, I think that if your tank is overcrowded, only once per week water changes won't be enough. This will bring stress to your fish, such as is happening now. The best I would do is, to higher up the frequency of those water changes, to ensure there is no water quality issue. This...
  35. Carmen79

    Gbr & Danio Photos

    Beautiful fish!
  36. Carmen79

    Stocking Advice Needed, Corys, Betta Sorority, Synodontis...

    Thank you very much e Watson! Hmm I'm not that enthusiastic about the tetras, but I can think about it. Okay a new scenario, what about if I o my have the sorority? Would that work..?
  37. Carmen79

    Stocking Advice Needed, Corys, Betta Sorority, Synodontis...

    Ohhh wow... Well this makes me think a lot about it now... I don't want any of my fish to be bullied! :-( I can certainly consider rehoming one type of Cory and getting more of the other type. My tank has plants and a couple of hiding places.... Please could you give a look at it and tell me...
  38. Carmen79

    Stocking Advice Needed, Corys, Betta Sorority, Synodontis...

    Ohhh that honey gourami is so cute! Well, this is bad news for me still, cause I really wanted the betta girls. What about 3 Bettas..? Wait I will check it on the aqadvisor just 1 sec Okay I inserted my 3 skunk corys and my 3 sterbai corys and 5 female Bettas!! And it says it's okay!!!!!!???
  39. Carmen79

    Stocking Advice Needed, Corys, Betta Sorority, Synodontis...

    Sorry I forgot to mention it! 70 liters, with 2 filters, aquaflow 200 and JBL i60 Oh :-( I already have the 3 skunk corys and the 3 sterbai corydoras waiting for a tank upgrade, how about I only get a couple of female Bettas..? How many would be okay...? My tank is very planted...
  40. Carmen79

    Too Much Light For My Fish?

    Wow thank you guys for your replies. Okay so I won't be too worried about it. Feeding them before leaving, of course, I can keep this in mind. And I need to get those timers asap.
  41. Carmen79

    Stocking Advice Needed, Corys, Betta Sorority, Synodontis...

    Hi everyone, I have this lovely new planted tank cycling and I'm very much looking forward to move there my beloved corydoras. It's 3 skunk corys and 3 sterbai corys. I do know they need to be in a school of 4 minimum. But circumstances brought them to me and they have been together in one...
  42. Carmen79

    Too Much Light For My Fish?

    I'm planning on stocking my new 70 litter planted tank with my corydoras and probably a betta sorority, and a couple of synodontis. (Stocking advice needed too, but, first this question about the light..) Sometimes I'm out of the city and until I get a couple of light timers, I need to manually...
  43. Carmen79

    Question Light Scarcity For A Few Days..

    I see! No, I use this liquid cO2, only type of c02 the store had. Alright I won't worry too much then
  44. Carmen79

    Question Light Scarcity For A Few Days..

    Hi everyone, I'm cycling this new tank, 70 litter volume, I have planted it with many lovely plants, and, I've been adding c02 and fertilizer so far (been maybe 3 weeks) But I'm out of the city now, for a few days. I haven't got my light timer yet. So I turned off the light when leaving. How...
  45. Carmen79

    Hello Everyone!

    Ow I see. I just discovered the 2 babies in my tank this week, I am wondering indeed what I will do with them..!
  46. Carmen79

    Hello Everyone!

    Thank you! Why are you staying away from live breeders..?
  47. Carmen79

    Hello Everyone!

    Thanks :-)
  48. Carmen79

    New Snail Guy Introduction

    Yess I agree. Snails can be super cute. I love the tiny ones. I also got a couple of hitchhikers that came along with my plants. Love their tiny antennas
  49. Carmen79

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi everyone, I'm Carmen, I live in Antwerp, a small city in Belgium. I got my first tank in April with a bunch of fish in it. Back then I had no idea about the nitrogen cycle! Mistakes were made.. and hard lessons learned.. Unfortunately my lovely betta succumbed to dropsy in high nitrite...

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