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  1. _IceFyre_

    Stocking Q's

    I’ve had success with a betta and 6 celestial pearl danios
  2. _IceFyre_

    5 Gallon Tank Stocking

    I wouldn’t recommend getting either of those species with a betta; frogs are easily picked on (think toes getting bitten off) and outcompeted for food, and all types of corydoras are too active and large for a 5 gallon in my opinion. How about a tiny schooling species like celestial pearl danios?
  3. _IceFyre_

    Lizard Hatchling Id

    Hi everyone! I found a baby lizard on the floor a few days ago. I originally thought that it was the baby of my two green anoles, but I discovered it quite far away from their terrarium and its head shape seems different from my two other lizards, so I’m beginning to doubt my first guess. I...
  4. _IceFyre_

    20 Gallon Tank Would This Stock Work?

    That’s fine, the fish will appreciate having more places to hide.
  5. _IceFyre_

    Are Plants Crowding The Fish In This Tank?

    Yep, looks totally fine to me. You could even add more plants if you like.
  6. _IceFyre_

    Old Betta Help

    As long as he’s acting fine he should be alright in a bigger tank. It’d probably be best to move him to the 75 as long as there’s nothing in there that would bother him too much and there's places for him to rest near the surface so he doesn’t need to expend much effort to breathe. If not, I’d...
  7. _IceFyre_

    Old Betta Help

    It’s probably not fungus then but an actual growth, which meds won’t really do anything for. Don’t add any salt and move him to a bigger tank asap. The stuff on the rocks is likely due to poor water quality. In a 1 gallon, you should be changing 100% of the water every 3 days or so. If he’s...
  8. _IceFyre_

    Old Betta Help

    Is the spot fuzzy at all? Has it grown since you’ve noticed it?
  9. _IceFyre_

    Impossibility Of Meaningful Discourse

    I agree. As long as people aren’t personally attacking others I don’t really see a reason for censoring debate. Disagreement is necessary for progress, and while people might not always respond well to hearing the opinions of others that contradict their own, I believe that having more access to...
  10. _IceFyre_

    My Dwarf Gourami Is Being Aggresive

    That could be the source of your problem. Dwarf gouramis need 20 gallon minimum in my experience and mollies need 30. In a tank that small, the molly won’t have room to get away from the gourami. I recommend upgrading your tank asap.
  11. _IceFyre_

    My Dwarf Gourami Is Being Aggresive

    How big is your tank? Having lots of plants and decorations should help to diffuse the aggression.
  12. _IceFyre_

    Question Could I Have A Dwarf Gourami In A 4 Gallon?

    I wouldn’t do a DG in anything smaller than a 20 gallon personally.
  13. _IceFyre_

    Question Tank Size For Oscar Fish 55 Or 75

    I don’t think this is against popular opinion lol OP, I’d advise a tank of at least 100 gallons, with 125 being preferable.
  14. _IceFyre_

    Question Good Parents, Maybe?

    Wouldn’t advise German Blue Rams, I’ve never had a pair go more than a day without eating their eggs and I’ve read about professional breeders with hundreds of spawns who have observed the same thing.
  15. _IceFyre_

    60 Gallon Tank Koi Sick But No Others?

    I’m sorry for your loss
  16. _IceFyre_

    60 Gallon Tank Koi Sick But No Others?

    Sorry that your fish isn’t doing well. This does look like saprolegniasis to me - though I’m not experienced enough with different types of fungi to make a definite diagnosis. Keep him in the hospital tank and stop dosing Melafix; it’s virtually useless as a medication even for mild issues...
  17. _IceFyre_

    Question Do Guppies School? Are They Compatible With Pea Puffers Or Angelfish?

    Guppies do not school, but they do interact with other guppies and it’s best to have more than one. I definitely wouldn’t put them with a pea puffer and keeping them with an angelfish would be risky.
  18. _IceFyre_

    Dont Use Flourish Excel!!

    Just wanted to add that I’ve never had any issues with excel, even in tanks with super sensitive German blue ram fry, scaleless fish, and inverts.
  19. _IceFyre_

    German Blue Rams With Female Bettas??

    I’d do GBRs; Bolivians prefer cooler water than bettas.
  20. _IceFyre_

    German Blue Rams With Female Bettas??

    I’d give it a shot, just have a back up plan. IME, rams are good community fish in that they don’t bother any other fish, but will stand their ground if provoked and won’t let themselves get pushed around. I keep and breed my rams in 26 degree water; they seem to behave exactly the same as they...
  21. _IceFyre_

    Question Not Sure If My Betta Has Ich

    Can you add a picture?
  22. _IceFyre_

    29 Gallon Tank Are These Fish Good For My Tank?

    Sounds fine to me. Aqadvisor is generally decent as a guideline so I wouldn’t call it terrible, but it’s always good to get a second opinion after using it.
  23. _IceFyre_

    Question Rehoming Fish-should I Expect Water Params To Spazz?

    Agreed. You won’t have any issues as long as there are some fish to keep the cycle going.
  24. _IceFyre_

    Best Substrate For Goldfish?

    I highly recommend pool filter sand. It has very little dust and has granules that are heavy enough that they can’t be sucked up by a gravel vac. I use the brand Aqua Quartz, but I assume that other brands would be similar.
  25. _IceFyre_

    Help Brine Shrimp In Betta Tank

    I think it’s a bad idea for the reasons listed above. I know from raising them as fry food that they can be extremely messy. If I remember correctly, they also need a lot of aeration/water movement, which bettas generally don’t like. They are so tiny that you wouldn’t see much of difference, if...
  26. _IceFyre_

    Tried To Take Better Care Of Kid's Betta Fish, Killed It Instead

    Sorry to hear that your fish died. I’d say it’s bad luck. 3 days in an uncycled tank without water changes will certainly not kill a healthy betta if everything else is in check, which it sounds like it was. Could be a combination of things like an underlying illness, the stress from the move...
  27. _IceFyre_

    Advice For Switching To Healthier Food

    Tetra products aren’t the best quality stuff; lots of fillers and byproducts. From checking the ingredients of the flakes you have online, it looks like the first ingredient is fish meal, which is mainly composed of byproducts like bones and bits of fish that weren’t deemed suitable for human...
  28. _IceFyre_

    Big Fish Of Small Fish

    Smaller ones. I’m not a fan of putting a singular large fish in a tank that is close to the barest minimum size for it, sounds like a pretty boring life.
  29. _IceFyre_

    Important Betta Fin Rot/melt?

    Yes, that looks like finrot to me. It’s generally nothing serious. Your parameters are already good, but upping the number of water changes to maybe twice a week will help him to fight it off. Best of luck!
  30. _IceFyre_

    Help In Stocking Community Tank

    I agree with the above. Unfortunately, all of the fish you want get far too large for your tank size; you’d need something like a 100 gallon to properly house even a clown loach, which stay smaller than balas and iridescent sharks. Stunting, which occurs when fish are put in a small tank, is...
  31. _IceFyre_

    1 Big Fish For 20 Gallon High?

    Your best bet is probably dwarf cichlids like German blue rams or apistogramma as mentioned above. I wouldn’t keep any kind of cichlid alone as they are pretty social fish, so I’d recommend getting at least a pair.
  32. _IceFyre_

    Fishlore Countries?

    We’d like to see you try! Don’t forget the war of 1812
  33. _IceFyre_

    Dwarf Gourami Iridovirus?

    I’m so sorry, I’ve been through the same thing and know it can be really tough to watch a fish struggling like that
  34. _IceFyre_

    Gender Identity

    Unfortunately it’s pretty much impossible to tell the gender of angelfish unless they are spawning.
  35. _IceFyre_

    What Species Of Snail Is This?

    Keep in mind that assasain snails can multiply quite rapidly themselves. I’d suggest feeding as little as possible while not starving your fish and taking them out whenever you see them.
  36. _IceFyre_

    Important Is This A Male Or Female?

    Unfortunately, angelfish are nearly impossible to sex without seeing them actually spawn.
  37. _IceFyre_

    Why Cant Bettas Feel Their Fins Ripping (my Betta Is Fine Im Just Curious)

    That’s debatable though, many credible ichthyologists have argued that they do.
  38. _IceFyre_

    Dwarf Gourami Iridovirus?

    That unfortunately sounds like iridovirus to me. There’s not much you can do; but try putting him in a floating box or lowering the water level to a few inches if possible to make it easier for him to reach the surface.
  39. _IceFyre_

    Question Unpopular Fish Opinions

    I’m not sure if that’s an unpopular opinion though, especially on this site.
  40. _IceFyre_

    How Many Of You Actually Quarantine?

    I never have; I know I should but I don’t have the patience or resources to have a proper QT running all the time. Also, I’d be worried that the stress of QT might cause more problems than it’s worth. I’ve been lucky so far, even with Petsmart fish.
  41. _IceFyre_

    Sexing German Blue Rams

    Looks like two males to me, but I could be wrong. The lower one definitely looks like it has a male body shape and no pink stomach area.
  42. _IceFyre_

    To Get A Betta Or Not To Get A Betta

    Keep in mind that females can be just as aggressive as males. There’s a fairly good chance that this will not work out, so I recommend having a backup plan, whether that is having a different tank set up or being able to return the betta.
  43. _IceFyre_

    Question Breeding Invertebrates For Profit

    Rarer varieties of mystery snails such as purple ones might be a good bet. I’ve also heard that crystal red cherry shrimp can be quite profitable, but I’ve never tried them myself.
  44. _IceFyre_

    Betta Fish With Dwarf Puffer?

    No problem. They’re both definitely neat fish to keep, and as mentioned above, you could try dividing a tank if it’s large enough or get 2 separate tanks if you want to keep both species. Best of luck with whatever you decide on!
  45. _IceFyre_

    Betta Fish With Dwarf Puffer?

    I agree with all of the above.
  46. _IceFyre_

    Is Rescuing Fish From An Lfs The Right Way?

    @Mazeus Well said!
  47. _IceFyre_

    Should I Clean Or Not Clean?

    A little bit of algae or dirt is unlikely to be harmful, but if it bothers you, by all means clean it. Edit: As for the Nerite snail, try putting a lid on the tank. It’s pretty common for snails to try to go on adventures outside no matter what the water conditions are IME.
  48. _IceFyre_

    Is Rescuing Fish From An Lfs The Right Way?

    I agree as well, the only reason why bettas are in cups in the first place is because people will buy them in that state. If you really want to make a difference for the bettas in a store, talk to the manager and say that you won’t be buying anything from them until their fish are kept in better...
  49. _IceFyre_

    Baby Boy Betta Type ?

    Welcome to the forum! He looks like a delta with a chunk missing from his tail to me.

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