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  1. i2cute4words

    Free Java Moss

    where bouts in brissy are you macca?
  2. i2cute4words

    How to cultivate microworms

    EricV is right. They do just fine in containers without air holes! I have a few cultures and it's actually easier to scrape them off the lid as they're cleaner and won't escape through the holes.
  3. i2cute4words

    Keeping up with the fry

    Very cute. I usually see more cories with the curved spines than guppies. I only got a handful of fry too this time from my guppies. I do have a few baby mollies too
  4. i2cute4words

    Important Slimy the booger visits my aerator

    Sounds like algae to me. And fish poop. Just the usual stuff you find when you clean your filter. And if you're referring to an air pump remember to use a check valve or have the main unit a over water level.
  5. i2cute4words

    Any ideas for DIY baby cowry snail trap.

    take away/tuppaware container with holes drilled/soldering iron poked in it apparently can do the trick with bait inside?
  6. i2cute4words

    Make-Shift Veggie Clip

    or maybe modify a plastic peg?
  7. i2cute4words

    Ich and bristlenose?

    It's actually a Blue Planet product called Multi Cure. Contains Malachite Green, Methylene Blue and Acriflavine. Supposed to treat white spot (ich) and velvet something and other fungal infections. So yeh, pretty standard but doesn't contain formaldehyde which I would imagine is not very nice...
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    Ich and bristlenose?

    Thanks for the heads up regarding the API Pima and Melafix. I thought it was a bit too vague in the description to be an effective ich treatment, but always worth asking about
  9. i2cute4words

    Brine shrimp hatchery

    You get the tom one from Amazon if that helps. Fairly reasonably priced too. I ended up getting the NT one and seems to work ok. Big plus being not needing additional heat source.
  10. i2cute4words

    Ich and bristlenose?

    Yeh thanks for the info. Will have to stick with medication then as that is what I've started with. Plus I read somewhere bristle nose can't take the heat. Anyone know if the Pimafix and Melafix by API are any good? Not for this time, but next time I might try it if any good. Apparently made...
  11. i2cute4words

    well, cories done it again.

    My betta wouldn't play nice with my guppies - kept nipping their tails. So he's on his lonesome in a rather small and plain looking betta tank. He's survived over 2 years now so I guess he really doesn't need company. Plus I don't think he'd get any food if he had to share with my livebearers...
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    Corydoras Breeding. Thought I might share my video!

    Successfully raising at least 30 fry from this mummy cory.
  13. i2cute4words

    well, cories done it again.

    Mine are in a community tank with a bunch of guppies, mollies, neon tetras... The best way to breed is to make sure they're fed (algae wafers do the trick for mine), and wait for rain then do a cold water change. I've got a video up on youtube of my randy cories...
  14. i2cute4words

    Platy Photos

    Red Wagtail Platies (and some neon tetras, guppies and an albino corydoras...)
  15. i2cute4words

    How old is your guppy?

    I'm pretty sure all my original guppies died from just over 2 years ago. But their fry or grandfry and greatgrandfry are going strong!
  16. i2cute4words

    well, cories done it again.

    My bronze cories bred not too long ago. I have heaps of fry! At least 30. Impossible to count until they're bigger. Currently have them in a breeding HOB box with some cherry shrimp and guppy and molly fry. They seem to do ok eating microworms and finely crushed flake.
  17. i2cute4words

    fry picture gallery

    Here's an itty bitty corydoras fry
  18. i2cute4words

    Cherry Shrimp Laying Eggs, What Do I Do?

    The eggs should be yellow to green in colour and she should have them tucked under her tail. They take about a month to hatch and if she drops them, they probably won't hatch.
  19. i2cute4words

    Ich and bristlenose?

    So I have ich in my 165L (roughly 40G I presume?) and I have bristlenose as well as mollies, guppies, platies, neon tetras and corydora, So should I just stick to medication (multi-cure) or should I raise the temp a little to help it along?
  20. i2cute4words

    Important Slimy the booger visits my aerator

    Definitely sounds overstocked. You'll be forever changing water trying to keep it clean.
  21. i2cute4words

    Live Daphnia Brisbane North stockist?

    Lol... Yeh I only spotted this forum because I was looking for java moss and your post came up but I couldn't reply cos I was new! Now I have java moss but this forum is still pretty good for finding out other information. I've already checked Gumtree and only found one on the southside which...
  22. i2cute4words

    Live Daphnia Brisbane North stockist?

    Hi, Wondering if anyone knows where I can find a Daphnia culture/live daphnia around Brisbane northside. willing to travel as far north as caboolture and as far south as stafford roughly. Also how much can I expect to pay for how much?
  23. i2cute4words

    What to do with sinking wafers?

    That's not a bad idea. Totally wondering why I didn't think of that? lol... will try it tonight.
  24. i2cute4words

    Live Brine Shrimp in Australia?

    Yeh I've done a browse around and seen all the usual. Do the in tank hatcheries work ok? I'm hesitant to spend $40 on a hatchery for BBS.
  25. i2cute4words

    What's the fastest way to clean drift wood?

    soak in hot water? or do you add something else?
  26. i2cute4words

    Help don't know how to calibrate new heater

    I had no idea you needed to calibrate too! Off I go to see whether mine are reading correctly
  27. i2cute4words

    can I use normal sealant

    Thanks for the info. I was wondering whether regular silicon sealant was safe too
  28. i2cute4words

    Brine shrimp hatchery

    I think she's talking about the Tom one. I was wondering the same thing. Also wondering about the effectiveness of the NT ones that sit inside the aquarium to use the heat and lighting and air tubing.
  29. i2cute4words

    Live Brine Shrimp in Australia?

    So I'm pretty useless at hatching brine shrimp eggs let alone trying to see if I can grow them to adulthood, just wondering if anyone knows where I can get live adult brine shrimp? Or even better where to find one of those brine shrimp hatchery dish things that don't require aeration as we...
  30. i2cute4words

    What to do with sinking wafers?

    Yeh they do prefer the algae wafers a lot more but thought I'd try the red ones and now I have food that they don't like and I'd hate to throw it out if I can find a way for them to eat it! :*(
  31. i2cute4words

    How to cultivate microworms

    If you use Gumtree in Australia, you can often find microworm starter cultures. I bought one the other day Now I'm going to start my own cultures off the initial one. I find a bit of cotton wool in the hole keeps other things out and some of the smell in.
  32. i2cute4words

    I want some Cory's, advice please

    I have gravel and they do fine. I prefer small pebble gravel in general though.
  33. i2cute4words

    What to do with sinking wafers?

    I started feeding them fairly recently but they didn't seem to notice it. I guess I'll throw a few in each day at a time I'm not feeding them algae wafers and see if they figure it out. I can't remember what they're made of but guessing it has the usual fish meal etc.
  34. i2cute4words

    Creatures You Can Keep With Red Cherry Shrimp

    mine all died. Pretty sure I was overstocked and either the guppies or cories ate mine
  35. i2cute4words

    Anti-fungal safe for invertebrates?

    Hi, I just had a corydoras spawn and was wondering if there's any anti-fungal treatment available in Australia that is safe for cherry shrimp too?
  36. i2cute4words

    I want some Cory's, advice please

    Yeh they like to have at least 5 friends (plus you get the added bonus of babies if you have at least one female).
  37. i2cute4words

    Early sign of pregnancy?

    Sell them! I like to sell my guppy fry when they're still just getting their colours or sometimes when they're small adults and just figuring out what gender they are. I separate my fry until they are big enough to not get eaten by all the other fish.
  38. i2cute4words

    breeding neon tetras

    How do you determine sex in neon tetras? They all look the same to me. And will they breed in a community tank?
  39. i2cute4words

    New Tetra owner, please help

    +1 to junebug's post. Definitely overstocked.
  40. i2cute4words

    Anything to help my guppies give birth?

    I swear my female guppies (around 5 of them) have been pregnant for months now but aren't dropping their fry. I separated them from all but one male guppy and couple of small bronze cories who evaded capture when I moved the rest to the big tank. Should I move the last male out or leave him...
  41. i2cute4words

    Molly Fish Photos

    Here are my 3 Balloon Mollies! An orange male with awesome fin, a black female (with some white on her), and a white female. Aren't they cute! Hopefully they'll breed and I'll have some baby mollies too!
  42. i2cute4words

    What to do with sinking wafers?

    I bought some redish brown coloured sinking wafers roughly 5mm in diameter and my fish won't eat them! I have cories, guppies, bristlenose, neon tetras and a couple of mollies and somehow none of them like them Any ideas as to what to do with them to make them more enticing? I feed my fish...
  43. i2cute4words

    Good clean up crew?

    Do bristlenose catfish make good clean up crews?
  44. i2cute4words

    10 Gallon Tank Three new Mollies in too soon

    Thanks for the tip. Any ideas on cheap plants in Australia? Around Brisbane.
  45. i2cute4words

    My three little troublemakers (Mollies)

    I would say the orange and black ones are definitely male and couldn't tell with the dalmation one.
  46. i2cute4words

    Can't find any information on air pumps!

    I bought myself a Bubbilo TW400 because it has two outlets and adjustable airflow. I don't know about durability as I've only had it a few weeks but it is very quiet compared to the cheapy Aqua One 2500 that I bought. I bought it from City Farmers for around $35 I think. As for how big a pump...
  47. i2cute4words

    is my fish pregnant?

    Congrats! I'm hoping my balloon mollies are pregnant too. I have a black female, a white female and an orange male.
  48. i2cute4words

    Corydora Babies!

    Yay! Congrats. My bronze cories just spawned today. I'm hoping the eggs are fertile this time.

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