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  1. monkeypie102

    Stock List Advice needed!

    If you like your peppermint shrimp avoid the pistol shrimp... Firefish either have to be single, mated pair, or in groups larger than 6+ or else the strongest will kill everyone... The rest of your stock looks good imo... Btw love that you've got an emerald crab!!! I love my Emmet haha
  2. monkeypie102

    75 Gallon Tank Can't decide

    I'd do a pair of angels, a pair of rams, 8-10 minor tetras, 12 cardinals (never liked neons), 12 cories (could divide in half for 2 sets of 6 different cory species), 1 male bn or 2 female BNs... This is how'd I'd do it... I'm not one for aggression so tiger barbs and kribs are on my anti list...
  3. monkeypie102

    Worm in Quarantine Tank

    Looks like a wax worm to me...
  4. monkeypie102

    Converting Guppies to saltwater

    Alright they all made it the 24 hour mark and are eating like wolves! So next Sunday I will start will making them saltwater by adding about 5-10% saltwater with every water change... So should take between 5-10 weeks to have them fully salt!
  5. monkeypie102

    How many members here have one breed of fish?

    1g rcs only 1g ramshorn snails 2.5g betta only 5g blue jelly shrimp 40g red ear slider only
  6. monkeypie102

    This Or That?

    But the earth hold that water... Action... I can't watch horror
  7. monkeypie102

    Overcrowded Tank?

    I'd do 6 rainbowfish, 6 tetras, 3 mollies and 3 platies...
  8. monkeypie102

    75 Gallon Tank Sawbwa resplendens

    I think they are eating the eggs... The striking they seem to be doing looks like that to me...
  9. monkeypie102

    Mystery snails eating banana plant

    Hmmm anything new been done to the tank? You said you was treating for ich right? Could the meds have made a negative impact on the plants?
  10. monkeypie102

    75 Gallon Tank Sawbwa resplendens

    Maybe see if a chiller is a possible for your budget...
  11. monkeypie102

    My future crs tank

    I like it! What did you use for substrate? I'm about to set up a 10g for some and I'm wanting to do it right... Do you plan to use indian almond leaves as well or just the cones? What about those mineral rocks? What type of water are you using? Sorry for all the.questions... I normally know...
  12. monkeypie102

    75 Gallon Tank Sawbwa resplendens

    So far what I'm seeing if they like water temps between 20-24*c (68-75*f) seems to me your on their higher end... Maybe try to drop it some if possible
  13. monkeypie102

    75 Gallon Tank Sawbwa resplendens

    What are your current tank parameters (temp and such) and can you get a video of what your seeing if possible? I'll search as well as I find this species interesting... Maybe I'll find something... Who knows.
  14. monkeypie102

    This Or That?

    But the sky has no fish... The earth should for that reason only lol
  15. monkeypie102

    Converting Guppies to saltwater

    Ahhh thanks haha Yeah I'm hoping the tank is full of color... I know their are tons of colorful saltwater fish but they are so sensitive to waterchange it isn't funny... Not to mention the cost alone... I'd hate to get q colorful fish and kill it and lose 30-50 dollars...
  16. monkeypie102

    Mystery snails eating banana plant

    How long have you had it? I know a change it lighting or nutrients can cause the plant to die back some until it can get use to the new environment
  17. monkeypie102

    Help White Cloud Mountain Minnow has bump on side

    It appears to he a parasite... I'm not overly good with fish illnesses though... The redeeming of the gills makes me bacteria infection... Let me pm Amazon I'm sure he may have answers...
  18. monkeypie102

    How to know when fish have eaten enough?

    I feed 3x a day and feed 2 pinches each time...
  19. monkeypie102

    Mystery snails eating banana plant

    I agree the plant is likely sick... I have 20+ mystery snails in all sizes in a planted 40g and no a one ate a single plant... But yes as well feed fresh veggies high in calcium like spinach, squashes, and cucumbers...
  20. monkeypie102

    This Or That?

    Any higher than 2 stories and I freak... Earth...
  21. monkeypie102

    RIP ghost shrimp colony

    You can also pull a filter cartridge out of your main tank and shake it some in your tank and it should instant cycle... That's what I can done then my plants kept the tank filtered
  22. monkeypie102

    Converting Guppies to saltwater

    Oh lol I ment like color wise what their breeds could be... But those links got me wondering if.swordtails are a breed of guppy... And yeah shocked first... My saltwater tank managed to get mts in it so I decided may as well do a unique tank with a combo of saltwater fish and.inverts...
  23. monkeypie102

    Converting Guppies to saltwater

    There is a lot of debate on how fast to do this so I decided between 1-3 months should be a decent qt time and allow me to get their systems use to the high salinity... I'm starting with 6 guppies but plan to add more for color and such... I believe I selected 2 males and 4 females but I could...
  24. monkeypie102

    RIP ghost shrimp colony

    Was the bowl cycled? I've got 3 in a half gallon container myself, planted. Their could have been a spike or something?
  25. monkeypie102

    Better substrate for planted shrimp bowl

    I have miracle grow organic potting soil with a 2 inch cap of sand... So far no damage to my shrimp in a 1g vase
  26. monkeypie102

    This Or That?

    Ohhh tough... gravel is easier to clean IMO but sand is so much more natural...... sand it is!
  27. monkeypie102

    blood parrots with cherry shrimp?

    Craigslist is a gods send for issues like this.... I've found a few deals for 55g before.... Not to be overly nosy but you cant afford to upgrade the turtles your have now but you want to get shrimp when that money can go towards upgrading... I feel bad for those turtles...
  28. monkeypie102

    blood parrots with cherry shrimp?

    Should have guessed you never upgraded those turtles tank yet... thought you also told me you planned to get rid of them... and no the shrimp AND moss will get eaten by the turtles...
  29. monkeypie102

    RIP ghost shrimp colony

    What type of tank were they in? And I'm sorry for your losses
  30. monkeypie102

    blood parrots with cherry shrimp?

    Yes the shrimp could I have 7 in a 1g vase in my kitchen
  31. monkeypie102

    This Or That?

    Seafood is still meat lol... And yes seafood all day long haha!
  32. monkeypie102

    Any Gardeners Out There?

    Finally started buying herbs So far I have rosemary, basil, and oregano! image I'm going to move these guys to a 10g later tonight though
  33. monkeypie102

    Question Heterandria formosa

    So cool! I'd make a biotope for them myself... I'd vote get them!
  34. monkeypie102

    This Or That?

    1 sprite 2 mystery snail 3 ghost shrimp dont get enough credits 4 cats all the way! Though I do love my jack russell...
  35. monkeypie102

    milkweed assassin bugs!

    was at my moms the other day and i ought myself a couple milkweed assassin bugs! These guys are awesome i breed a pair of wheel bug assassins a few years ago so the chance to do it again I'm taking! I found a 10g tank at petsmart with screen lid for $12 in the clearance isle :-) today im...
  36. monkeypie102

    Question Petition

    Just signed it... I don't understand why people just don't go more organic... of use other bugs to control pests... like right now I'm raising milkweed assassin bugs... they are ambush preditor that are happy to eat anything from mosquitoes to June bugs... as young nymphs they love aphids...
  37. monkeypie102

    First saltwater aquarium

    Oh that's so pretty!
  38. monkeypie102

    Who has the Worst Case of MTS? ;)

    image They made it to my saltwater tank... I win period... Lol image On a 6 inch cucumber slice haha... Lol edit miss read post... Oh well I still win that... But I have 9 tanks and adding a bunch more 2.5g for shrimp breeding
  39. monkeypie102

    First saltwater aquarium

    An angler... Lol cool... I'm still new to saltwater (started January my first tank) still to scared to but a fish for the sake of my epic emerald.crab lol... I always thought anglers were nasty deep sea fish... Any pics of him/her
  40. monkeypie102

    First saltwater aquarium

    Ohh so pretty lol... Is that a fox face(name?) I see? And yeah you defiantly have plenty of filtration... The rocks in the tank are suppose to be the filtration... Your tank looks good to me so far!
  41. monkeypie102

    First saltwater aquarium

    For saltwater you want 10-15x turn over rate... So 550-850 combined... But you also need to take into account dead spots... If you have any red cyano (aweful stuff) will appear and hard to get rid of... Be sure to read all the sticked threads in the saltwater beginners area to learn way more...
  42. monkeypie102

    snail eggs

    Haha a person of my own heart! I hatch "pest" snails for fun! On average about 2-3 weeks then maybe a month to get to assassin snail size... So about 2.5 month process... As for assassins my guys when out of snails love krill! Frozen of corse... I've actually caught my cories sharing with a...
  43. monkeypie102

    can red eared turtle survive a 9day shipping ??

    Let me answer your question with a question... would you? IMO that would be super cruel and most likely it wouldnt... specially depending in size... not to mention the legal hoops to jump through... overnighting reptiles is really the safest thing...
  44. monkeypie102

    Hawaiin feather duster

    Be warned though that the dusters will shed at times but I believe they grow back... You'll have to research more on the part...
  45. monkeypie102

    Is it ok to feed my fish earth worms?

    You could but I'd be worried about possible parasites... Maybe raising your own would be better...
  46. monkeypie102

    is 50 watts enough for a 10 gallon planted tank?

    Im with lunas... to much light will burn your plants that don't require so much light... And what featherblue said... what light are you think king of getting?
  47. monkeypie102

    Tank and fish help, too many fish?

    Take the crab back... they need completely different water conditions that your tank has... you literally need a half land half water for it and the water must be brackish (sg of 1.05-1.08 is best) in freshwater the crab will slowly die in maybe 3 months and without access to land will sufficate...
  48. monkeypie102

    Question apple snail or mystery

    Okay now I'm confused...
  49. monkeypie102

    Cherry shrimp throw back maybe?

    The stripe down the back is incredibly normal for most neocardinias... most of mine have them... with sime shrimps its called neon (ie a neon yellow has the stripe where a regular yellow doesn't)
  50. monkeypie102

    Saying good bye to duckweed.

    Haha your the plant verion of my snail obsession!

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