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  1. Blaze

    African Cichlid Fry

    Since video files can’t be uploaded on this site from my phone I had to post a 12 second video to YouTube just to be able to share it on here Enjoy.
  2. Blaze

    Can Ich Only Be On The Fins At Times?

    Ok so I just noticed my Oscar has white specks on his pectoral fins but nothing anywhere else on his body, could it be ich? I’ll try getting a clear pic of the fins
  3. Blaze

    Some Shots Of The Hexagonal

    The Hexagonal Planted Aquarium
  4. Blaze

    The African Cichlid Community Tank

    just a few pics.
  5. Blaze

    The Little Crayfish

    Caught him a few weeks back, he didn’t have any claws when I caught him and expected him to be eaten right away lol but he managed to survive.. I’m surprised he hasn’t grown his claws yet though..
  6. Blaze

    Overpopulation Of Snails..

    I’ve recently noticed My Hexagonal Planted Aquarium has become overpopulated with snails, so my question now is can I wipe them out with Aquarium salt without killing any of my plants or fish in the process? My LFS doesn’t carry assassin snails and to have them special order them isn’t worth...
  7. Blaze

    The Bullhead Catfish

    Had him for a few weeks now and he has been doing great eating everyday until it’s belly looks like a grape lol.
  8. Blaze

    How To Get Mudpuppys To Eat

    Ok so my little brother hand caught a bunch of Mudpuppies with his friends and gave me two, so my questions being how do I get them to start eating and stop hiding? I even keep the lights off and they don’t wanna move from their hiding spot under a log very often.
  9. Blaze

    I.d Because I’m Not Too Sure

    Any idea what species?
  10. Blaze

    What Do You Feed Your Fish?

    So I feed my fish a variety of different foods, From pellets to frozen to live foods they get it all lol. And as I asked above, what do You feed your fish?
  11. Blaze

    Mudpuppy Has Hole In Face, Help Please

    Ok I just noticed the Mudpuppy now has a hole decaying right on the side of his face/jaw idk what happened it looked healthy other than a small scratch that was on his face/jaw but why did it eat away his flesh?? I’ll post picks if needed but I didn’t want to handle it Incase it hurts it. I...
  12. Blaze

    Mudpuppy Pics

    so I took the filters out and swapped them for new ones and that’s why it’s a little murky lol.
  13. Blaze

    Would A Mudpuppy Kill My Fish?

    Ok so I tried finding an amphibian part to post this but couldn’t find one... So anyways I’ve been asked by a friend who has a 6inch mudpuppy that he wants to rehome I told I would gladly take it lol but that I would either need a day or two to setup a new tank or place it in my hexagonal...
  14. Blaze

    The Hexagonal Planted Aquarium

    I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything on here and I’m hoping this is the right place for this as I have bad memory haha. But in reference to the Title here is the Hex Aquarium fully planted and alive.
  15. Blaze

    Help Need Help With Severe Case Of Ich

    Long story short my fiancé and I bought some I think they were labeled diamond tetras and blk diamond tetras she picked out 3 of each, we have had them for about 3 weeks now and just at the end of last week we noticed the black diamond tetras developed ich which severely grew. The picture...
  16. Blaze

    Need Help Raising Ph..

    Ok so I have a 10 gallon setup with mystery snails and ghost Shrimp. The pH has stayed at basically neutral both high range and low range were barely showing up as the lowest ppm.. I bought API pH booster a few days ago with no results. I did some research and found that using crushed Coral and...
  17. Blaze

    African Cichlid I.d Help

    So we got the 3 unidentified cichlids that we bought from our LFS labeled plainly as "African Cichlids" I tried doing some googling but couldn't find a definitive answer to what they are specifically.. The two smaller ones are a pair of about an inch the big striped guy is about 2.5 maybe 3in...
  18. Blaze

    Do Ghost Shrimp Have Claws?

    Ok so I'm sure this is a dumb question lol but I was doing some research on my ghost shrimp I just bought last week and I came across an article talking about how a certain type of Prawn is often times mistaken when small as ghost shrimp.. and after looking at various different pictures of those...
  19. Blaze

    I Screwed Up..

    Ok so to start this off, I decided without much actual thinking and also some of me being full of myself I decided to remove and single out my OB Peacock Cichlid pair into *sigh*... A ten gallon breeder SMH I know I'm an idiot. So a few days go by and I only see subtle aggression from the male...
  20. Blaze

    Questions On Trout Fishing

    Ps. Please remove if not I'm correct area. Ok so I've called dnr and tried asking around but no straight answers have been given. My question is, if I catch a trout that had swallowed my hook to the point where removing the hook will definitely end it's life am I legally allowed to keep that...

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