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  1. Elle2128

    Has Anyone Ever...silver Tip With Ember Tetras

    Has anyone here ever put silver tip tetras with ember tetras? My silvers have been really good so far, they play rough with eachother but seem to leave my corys, and now my dwarf gourami alone. But both those fish are either similar in size or bigger. I want to get some more color in my tank...
  2. Elle2128

    20 Gallon Tank Possible Tank Mates For Betta In This Set Up

    Hey everyone. So I couldn't resist getting a 20 gallon long at the recent Petco dollar per gallon sale. I've been wanting to upgrade my current 5 gallon betta tank, and I figured I'd just go for what I've been wanting. My intention is to set it up with sand on one side leading into river...
  3. Elle2128

    Re-portioning Frozen Fish Food?

    Hey everyone. So I've decided to start feeding frozen food, especially now that I am going to have more fish than just a single betta in my smaller tanks. After buying some at the store, I was trying to cut off pieces of the "gum drop", and it was slipping and sliding, and just being a pain...
  4. Elle2128

    Cycle Done! Initial Stocking Question.

    So, I say my cycle is done but one last test to go. I just dosed back up to 4 ppm ammonia, and if its back down to 0 with 0 nitrites again tomorrow I am officially done!!! My question is, how many tetras, specifically Silvertips, should I put in for initial stocking? It's a 40 gallon tank btw...
  5. Elle2128

    40 Gallon Tank Silvertip Tetras, How Many?

    So I've gone round and round on my stocking options and ideas and the one thing I kept coming back to is that I'd really like to have a school in my 40g breeder, and I think I've finally found a fish that would work. Silvertip Tetras!! I've read a lot about them and their behavior and I am...
  6. Elle2128

    40 Gallon Tank Subtropical Stocking Idea, Need Help With Numbers

    Hey everyone, so I am currently considering stocking my 40 gallon breeder with subtropical fish. My current thoughts are as follows: A school of white cloud mtn minnows a weather loach (can they be kept alone? seen conflicting info), or pepper corys and some combination of the following...
  7. Elle2128

    Can I Use A Turtle Filter In An Aquarium?

    Hey everyone. So I picked up a 40 gallon breeder tank and stand I got for free, and it also came with a ZooMed TC-50 turtle canister filter. I am not too sure what makes a turtle filter different, and have no idea if I can use this filter for a regular aquarium. Anyone with more experience...
  8. Elle2128

    40 Gallon Breeder Stocking

    Hi again everyone! So my initial plan was to get a 20 long, but when I put out a post on FB asking if anyone had one for a decent price someone offered me a free 40 gallon! I refused at first, saying it wouldn't fit on my stand, but apparently they had a stand as well! So that changes my...
  9. Elle2128

    20 Gallon Tank Stocking Ideas For 20 Long

    Hey everyone. So I intent to start a 20 gallon long tank sometime in the future. I am wondering if you guys have some ideas, based from personal experience preferably, on a good schooling fish to put in it that would potentially be compatible with a Betta. I am not 100% set on having a Betta...
  10. Elle2128

    Seeding Biomax Question

    Not sure how to change title, but I meant Matrix, not Biomax! Same idea though, lol. Hey everyone. So I plan to start a 20 gallon long tank sometime soon. I have some Matrix left over in the bottle that I didn't have room for in my other two tanks. What I want to do is put the Matrix in a media...
  11. Elle2128

    Major Fin Deterioration, Help!

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 5 gallons How long has the tank been running? almost 3 months Does it have a filter? yes Does it have a heater? yes What is the water temperature? 81 What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.) 1 Betta fish...
  12. Elle2128

    New Nls Naturox Formula Vs Northfin - Thoughts?

    Hey everyone! I've been following along with a recent thread about what everyone feeds their Betta's, and was concerned with the info about the preservatives in the Omega One food causing tumors and such. I had already been planning to switch foods, but now I am not going to wait till I run out...
  13. Elle2128

    Before And After Photo

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to share a before and after photo of my betta Shouto! Its been about 6 weeks since I got him and he looks great so I wanted to share! Feel free to share your own before and after pics! I love to see them!
  14. Elle2128

    Want To Buy Aquaclear 20

    Hey, does anyone have an Aquaclear 20 filter that still works well they no longer need? My old aqueon filter had been making terrible noises and despite taking it apart and cleaning everything, I can't figure out why. Currently using an old backup filter, but I've been wanting to get an...
  15. Elle2128

    Just Needed To Share This Java Fern

    I just bought the most gorgeous java fern for a local seller. Like, seriously. I like java fern well enough but never been THAT impressed with it, but this is the most gorgeous plant, I just had to share it with you.
  16. Elle2128

    How Do I Post In Buy/sell/trade Forum?

    Hey everyone. I just got over 50 posts so I thought I would head over to the buy/sell/trade area and check things out. After clicking on a thread, when I got to the bottom it said I didn't have permission to post. As far as I understand the only requirement is having over 50 posts? Is there...
  17. Elle2128

    Found A Snail In My Tank, Is It A Pest Snail?

    Hey everyone. So I found a single snail in my tank today. Haven't seen any others as of yet. I am not against having some snails, I had actually been considering getting a Nerite or two. But I hear a lot about pest snails, and I am not sure if this one qualifies? Just from a quick search it...
  18. Elle2128

    Betta That Prefers Cooler Temp?

    Hey everyone! So when I got my Betta, my heater stopped working literally the day I got him, so he ended up going into a tank that was around 69 degrees. I'm sure the cup he was in at the store wasn't all that warm, and I acclimated him in the bag for a while, and he had no problems at all...
  19. Elle2128

    Question Is There A Balanced Diet For A Betta Who Has Trouble With Pellets?

    Hello everyone. I've been lurking here for a little while, but haven't quite been able to find a post already addressing this exactly. I just got back into having Betta's again. I have my Betta, Shouto, in a 10 gallon planted tank for anyone wondering. So, first let me say, he eat very well...
  20. Elle2128

    Just Saying Hi, And Thank For Having Me.

    Hello everyone. Been lurking here a bit and I finally have a question I haven't found a complete answer to, so I finally decided to join in. Had Bettas when I was younger, but haven't had one in about 10 years so I'm just getting back into it again, and actually doing real research as...

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